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Bar menu for Zcomm comm progam.
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Bar menu for Zcomm comm progam.
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Contents of the ZCOMMBAR.DOC file


Documentation for using the PC Magazine Slashbar program (Vol.6, No.10) to
ease use and learning of ZCOMM, the powerful User Supported Communications
Program from Omen Technology Inc.

I admit that the great advantages in speed and power of ZCOMM are a bit
more than I can handle. Command driven is great, once you've learned the
commands. To make the use and learning easier, Slashbar has been modified
to give a Lotus like bar menu structure to ZCOMM.

This ARC contains:
SLASHBAR.COM - To invoke the ZCOMM.BAR menus
NOTE the hot key is the ` that's on the same key with
the ~.
ZCOMM.BAR - The menus
ZCOMM.BDF - The menu definitions which you can modify
MAKEBAR.COM - To convert your modified menu into ZCOMM.BAR
PHODIR.T - ZCOMM's phone file set up for Slashbar, modify
as needed
PURSUIT.T - Phone file for using Slashbar with PC-Pursuit
???.T - Phone files for each PC-Pursuit city (as 201.T)

What to do -
On the default drive or in the same directory have ZCOMM.EXE, SLASHBAR.COM,
ZCOMM.BAR, PHODIR.T, PURSUIT.T(optional for PCP), ???.T(optional for PCP),
ZMANH.HLP(optional for help),and YHP.EXE(optional for help). To start
type at the dos prompt:
When you get to the ZCOMM main prompt (+++c:) press the " ` " key and the
menu should pop up. Use like a Lotus menu with arrow keys or the first
letter of each choice.

NOTE - Call the menu only from the main prompt! Results from the terminal
function are iffy at best. Also, notice that the commands are typed into
the prompt line. With this help you may find you don't need all this after

Comments and suggestions to
John Huffman
925 Tomahawk Lane
Niles, MI 49120
CIS 75366,1525

Good Luck!

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