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Will generate passwords for BBS based on BBS phone number.
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Will generate passwords for BBS based on BBS phone number.
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Contents of the SCRMBL!2.DOC file

Scramble! creates a unique password for every bulletin board you call.
The password is determined by the board's phone number, but don't be fooled.
Everyone will NOT have the same password since you enter your own secret
7 digit (numerical or alphabetical) code to scramble the pattern even more.

The reason I like it so much is

1 > Creates a unique password for every board which makes it almost impossible
for ANYONE to discover what your password is.

2 > If you should forget your password to a given BBS, all you have to do
is enter the BBS' phone number in Scramble! and your scramble pass
and it will spit out the password for you!

Operation is simple. Just enter SCRMBL!2.EXE at the DOS prompt and the
file will execute. First enter a 7 digit phone number...obviously this
does NOT include area code. Next, enter a 1-7 digit (numerical OR
alphabetical scramble code of your choice. Write it down! Do not forget
this code, especially if you decide to get extra sneaky and make a
different code for each BBS (but why would you? Scramble was invented so
you don't have to.) Lastly, Scramble will ask if you want to add the
board's information to a text file. This is highly convenient in the
long run since you can print it out and use the list for quick reference
when logging into systems (that is, if you don't use script files.)
After your ascii list has been created, you can use a standard text
sorter to alphabetize the list for your convenience.


1 > Exploding window comes shooting at you inches from your nose.

2 > More beeps, colors, and whistles have been added.

3 > The output ascii text is just a bunch of nonsense. It writes the
text to the FONEPASS.LST is a neatly, comprehendible format.

4 > Not only does v2 do more, but it is also smaller! You save 5k.

This is the hairy part. I know many of you hate supporting shareware
authors, but it's part of how some of us break even. This program is
mine, I'm just letting you use it at your convenience. You may copy
and distribute unlimited UNMODIFIED copies as you wish. In return
I ask for a $5-$10 donation if you use this program on a regular basis.

If you mail me a donation, your phone number, and address, I will let
you know by mail or voice about new products released from HPS. Later
version of Scramble will be REGISTERED in your name and mailed to your
doorstep - and you will receive a heartwarming thank you note.

Please support Scramble so that I may have the volition to continue
upgrading the program and other products from HPS. Your contributions
*DO* make a difference - so please be kind and help.

Mail to : John Sneeringer
627 Yale Drive
Mansfield, OH 44907

Thanks for using Scramble!

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