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Autodial, a Crosstalk for Windows script. Logins to BBS's automatically.
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Autodial, a Crosstalk for Windows script. Logins to BBS’s automatically.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

by Steven Kieffer
CIS [72027,2532]


This is my new version of Autodial, a Crosstalk for Windows script.
It has many new improvements over the origonal Autodial. To use the
autodial.xws script, just copy it to your script directory. For my
machine it's, c:\comm\xws. Yours may be different. To use the script,
select the Actions.Script menu. Choose Autodial from the different
scripts and the program will start. A better way to call the Autodial
script is to put it under each of your phone entries as a function key.
To do this, select setup.function keys and enter the script name
preceeded by a @. Like this: @autodial. Now when you want to call
the autodial script, you can just select the function key or User menu.


This autodial script is very straight-forward. Their are only a few key
points you might need to know about using Autodial III. When you first
start Autodial II, the program will ask you to run Config. The script
requires a file called autodial.dat, and it doesn't exist since the program
is being started for the first time. Autodial.dat will be created in the
directory that contains your Xtalk scripts.

You select Config from the main menu of the program. It then will display
the configuration menu. From here, select the first check-box and then
move down to New phone entry. Type in the name of a phone book entry,
and press the OK button with the mouse or just press Enter. If the phone
book entry you typed in does not actually exist, you will get an error
message. From there, you can try again. Repeat the process by checking
another check-box and entering the new phone book entry at the bottom.
You my find using the speed key ALT-N to be faster than reaching for the
mouse each time you make an entry. When you are finished, select the
Exit button to return to the main menu. To delete any entries, return
to the Configuration menu and select the entries you wish to remove.
Press the OK button and the entries will be deleted.

Autodial III will start log-on scripts, if one does exist for the BBS you
are calling. You will also notice that the autodialer gives a little
beep when it connects to a BBS. This should get your attention if you
are using another program in Windows. Also, their is a little counter
in the message window to keep track of how many times you have autodialed.
That's about it for the program. Please send me E-mail if you find
any bugs in the script, or want some feature put into the Autodialer.


P.S. Version III has only added a few new features. Most of the changes
were internal to the script so it would run more reliable. You will
probably find that the script doesn't "crash" as easily anymore. If you hit
a key while the script is trying to connect to a BBS, the script will simply
cancel that try and go to the next BBS instead of crashing.

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