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Telix script file to logon to many types of BBSs. Includes script to put name of BBS on the status line.
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Telix script file to logon to many types of BBSs. Includes script to put name of BBS on the status line.
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Contents of the LOGIN4D.DOC file

Login4d.slt -- A "Smart" Telix SALT Auto-Logon Script File

By DJ Chuang and Duane Brown

The following is a Telix SALT script file that automatically logs
you into PCBoards, RBBS v16 and 17, and QuickBBSes (with or without
FrontDoor), SearchLight, Genesis Deluxe 1.1, Novaboards, and possibly
others. Additions from the original (written by DJ Chuang, Sysop of
Extraordinare, 301-737-0342) include the following:

- Recognition of Genesis, Searchlight, and FrontDoor systems.

- If the BBS is a PcBoard system, you can automatically be switched
into ProDoor.

- If the BBS is a PcBoard, you can turn the scan for new mail on or

Here's what needs to be done to set it up:

- Enter your name in the first "str name[] =" in the SLT file
(replace where my name is.. first and last, case doesn't matter)

- Enter the last 4 digits of the your phone number (for Genesis users)
in the "str phone_number =" line.

- Enter true after the "do_prodoor = " if you want to automatically
open ProDoor if you are on a PcBoard, or false if you don't.

- Enter true after the "scan_new_mail =" if you want to scan for new
mail on a PcBoard, or false if you don't want to scan for new mail.

- Enter the number of the ProDoor door in the quotes after
"str prodoor_num[] =".

- CS LOGIN4d to compile the script

- Enter LOGIN4d at the "script" file field in each dialing directory
entry you wish automated

- Enter your password at the dialing directory entry password field
(NOT in the script file!)

* This allows ONE script file to work on many BBSes, and still
allow you to maintain unique passwords on each BBS

Revision History:

Login1.slt (1-23-88)
Added code for QuickBBS, Searchlight, and FrontDoor.

Login2.slt (1-28-88)
Added code for Genesis, Searchlight doesn't work.

Login3.slt (1-30-88)
Fixes Searchlight Problems.

Login4.slt (2-13-89)
Added PcBoard ProDoor and Scan mail code.

Login4a.slt (3-1-89)
Added code to prevent re-sending of PcBoard 'Y Q' when finding
'Graphics' in Main Menu.

Login4b.slt (6-5-89)
Made change to send "N" and CR upon receipt of (H)elp, More? prompt
on some PcBoards.

Login4c.slt (7-4-89)
Added code to send two carriage returns if no characters are received
within one second (for faster entry on FrontDoor systems). Also included
BBS2.slt (puts BBS name into the status line, wherever it is located).

Login4d.slt (12-21-89)

Minor change. Send two escapes when the word 'Escape' is found. This is
for compatibility with Front-end mailers such as Frontdoor, D'Bridge and
other such programs.

Legal Stuff:

This program is Shareware. Permission is granted to post this file on
Bulletin Board systems. You are encouraged to give this file to
friends, users groups, etc. even if you don't continue using it. If you
do use it, and find it of use, any monetary contributions are welcome.

Questions, comments, donations, etc. should be directed to:

Duane Brown
100 Pewter Lane
Stafford, Virginia 22554

(703) 659-6302

or to the
End of the Line QuickBBS (703)720-1624
FidoNet Node 1:265/16

Or I can be reached at any of the following BBSes in the Fredericksburg,
Virginia area:

FPCUG (703)899-9076
Vixen (703)899-6424
Bit's n PC's (703)786-2803
ThunderBolt (703)373-9289

Thank you for your time.

Happy Logins!

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