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Minal Package required to access YALEBBSes which use the new YES protocol for incredibly fast screens even at 2400 baud. Standalone package with its own dialing directory containing some YALEBBSes that you can try.
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Minal Package required to access YALEBBSes which use the new YES protocol for incredibly fast screens even at 2400 baud. Standalone package with its own dialing directory containing some YALEBBSes that you can try.
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Contents of the YESTERM.DOC file

YESterm v1.09 / The YES compatible terminal for YaleBBS

Released: Tuesday, November 17th, 1992.

Copyright (c) 1991-1992 Ernest Yale

Ernest Yale, Author of YaleBBS / YESterm and utilities.

Call MicroMania! YaleBBS World H.Q. -=[ 514-844-2746 ]=- HST 14.4 Dual

Fidonet: 1:167/125

Introduction to YESterm

First of all I would like to thank you for reading these docs.
This is a short introduction to YESterm. YESterm is a YES compatible
terminal. YES is a poweful and new emulation protocol (such as ANSI
but much more powerful and faster).

With the YES protocol you can play music, make sound effects, make
windows, draw rectangles, boxes, lines, fill areas of the screen,
draw bitmaps, scroll areas of the screen, make animations, use fast
pull-box and pull-down menus, store the entire screen in a buffer and
then call it back later instantaneously, etc. All this and more new
amazing features are available with YESterm when you call a BBS running
with the YaleBBS software.

You can use YESterm in Ascii mode (ANSI will be available soon for
registered users) and in YES mode. To use it in YES mode you must call
a BBS running on YaleBBS. YaleBBS is a BBS with innovative features
such as using your own text editor ONLINE to write and reply to
messages. It was designed in the first place to FULLY use the YES
protocol. It has internal pop-up menus and auto-handshaking with the
terminal. This way you don't even have to enter your name and user
record, YESterm sends it automatically.

It's up to 16 times faster than ANSI and sometimes more. You can
create a box which is almost as big as the screen with less than 8 bytes
A typical FULL SCREEN menu is less than 450 bytes and takes less than
2 seconds to be displayed at 2400 Bps. In 1 second (at 2400 Bps) you can
display more than 34 different boxes, each one of them in a different
color, filled with a different Ascii character and almost as big as the
entire screen. You can make fast animations by using scrolling in
windows. Mouse support is available for registered users.

The easiest way to understand the power of the YES protocol is to
call a board running on YaleBBS with YESterm. You can even use music
and sound effects in YaleBBS menus. Please, try it!... If you like it,
please register the terminal to support further work on it, such as
full ANSI/Avatar support, Graphic mode support, etc.


It's easy to install YESterm, simply create a "YESTERM" directory
and copy all the files of the archive in it. Then type:

C:> YESTERM ; Loads YESterm -> ALT-Z for HELP!

If you already used the older versions of YESterm you'll wonder
about the scripts and the fossil driver, etc. With the new version
of YESterm you don't need any scripts or the fossil driver for high
speed modems.

Once YESterm is loaded the first time, you'll have to enter your
user record. This record is sent automatically each time you call a
board running on YaleBBS. Here's what the user record configuration
screen looks like:

User Record Setup Menu

Real Name: Your Real Name

Handle: Your Alias

Address: 1000 Main Street

Location: City, State, Country.

Zipcode: 00000

Birthdate: Month: 01 Day: 01 Year: 70 Date: Jan 01, 1970

Voice Phone: 000-000-0000 Area Code: 000

Data Phone: 000-000-0000 Area Code: 000

To move use the arrows, you can also use the INSERT, DELETE,
BACKSPACE, END and HOME keys within an array. Press once your
user record is completed. Don't forget to enter the Area Code in your
phone number (for instance: 514-844-2746).

Then you have to configure the modem. Use the sames keys to edit
the modem configuration record.

Key: ~ : 1/2 second pause
| : < CR > #13

Modem configuration Menu

Init String: |ATZ|~~ATE1X4S11=40|

Baudrate: 2400
Hangup String: ~+++~~~~ATH0|~
Comport: COM1
Connect: CONNECT
Dial Prefix: ATDT
Prefix #2: ATDT*70, No Connect: NO CARRIER
Prefix #3: ATDT #2: BUSY
Prefix #4: ATDT #3: VOICE
Prefix #5: ATDT #4: NO DIAL TONE
Dial Suffix: | #6: ERROR

Dial Cancel: | Auto Answer: ATS0=1|

Finally, fill the miscellaneous setup menu. In this menu you setup
the path of your Text Editor, the path of DSZ or GSZ (used to download
and upload files) and the path where you'll receive your downloads. Also
there's the Swap settings. When YESterm shells to your Text Editor, to
DSZ / GSZ or when you shell to DOS you can swap the terminal to XMS, EMS
memory or to the Hard Disk if there's none available (you can use
a RAMdrive path). Here's the miscellaneous setup menu:

Miscellaneous Setup Menu

Text Editor: C:\UTIL\Q.EXE

Downloads: C:\FILES

Swap EMS/XMS/HD: Text Editor: No Swap Shell to DOS: No
" " " " DSZ or GSZ: No

Swap Path (RAMdrive or HD) : C:\

Disable Sounds in YESterm: No

Use YESterm log file: Yes Log Filename: YESTERM.LOG

YESterm Capture Filename: YESTERM.CAP

If you need to reconfigure YESterm, just press ALT-N for the
configuration menu. Press ALT-Z if you need any more help.

Why Register ?

YESterm is a "Shareware" program. You can use it for a trial period
of 30 days. If you like the program and still want to use it after 30
days, you _MUST_ register it. The registration fee is only 19$ and by
registering your YESterm copy you're entitled to use it for an unlimited
period of time.

Since I'm a student, I can't afford to work on the YESterm terminal,
the YES protocol and YaleBBS if I don't receive registrations. So please
support my work and all the features you enjoy with YESterm by
registering. More options are under work, this is only the beginning so
please support my work by registering!...

The YES protocol, YESterm, YaleBBS and all the utilities included in
the YaleBBS package needed an enormous amount of work to be created and
then improved. New versions of YaleBBS are under work and many more new
options will be included in futur versions. That's why I ask you to
register your YESterm copy. This package is special because it combines
a new protocol, a new BBS and a new terminal. So by registering it you
support the work which has been done on YaleBBS on the work which WILL
be done on the package in the near future.

The 19$ registration fee of YESterm will be increased after February
1st, 1993, so please register before this date. When you register your
YESterm copy you get more options, for instance:

Quoting in Messages: when you reply to a message you get the
option to quote the text of the message you're replying to. The
message appears instantaneously in your text editor and you can
insert your quotes.

Full Mouse support, move in the menus, choose options, etc. All
with your mouse.

Capture On/Off: to capture all the text and messages your receiving
from the BBS (in a file).

Usage Log: all your operations are logged into this file.

Swap path: you can define the swapping path, you can use a RAMdrive.

No more "UNREGISTERED EVALUATION COPY" message, no more "how to
register" information screen, etc.

Many new options which are under work right now such as the full
ANSI and Avatar support.

Please fill-out YESTERM.REG and send it along with your registration
money as soon as possible to:

YESterm Registrations
a/s Ernest Yale
P.O. Box 187 Station "C"
Montreal, Qc. Canada
H2L 4K1

YESterm Hot-Keys

You can use these hot-keys with YESterm:

Alt N Configuration Menu.
Alt D Dialing Directory.
Alt Z Help Screen.

Alt M Send initialization String.
Alt A Send auto-answer String.
Alt H Hangup Modem (if DTR hangup is unsuccessful, send hangup
string to modem).

Alt C Clear screen, restore window to original sizes (1-80, 1-24).
Alt J Jump to DOS (Shell to DOS).
Alt X Exit from YESterm (Back to DOS).

PgUp Upload (Send Files with DSZ or GSZ), download is automatic.

Alt L Capture On/Off.
Alt U Usage Log On/Off.
Alt S Toggle Sounds On/Off.

Command Lines

The easiest way to use YESterm is to load it "standalone". But if
you want to use it as a protocol within another terminal such as Telix
or Qmodem you can call it with the current baudrate (between the
computer and the modem) as a command line parameter. The modem
initializing string won't be sent. You can also use it as a script with
these parameters.

YESTERM : Load YESterm

YESTERM 300 : Load directly in 300 Bps (if you want to use a script)
1200 : 1200 Bps
2400 : 2400 Bps
9600 : 9600 Bps (Serial Port Speed)
19200 : 19200 Bps -> Used for 9600 Bps modems
38400 : 38400 Bps -> Used for 14.4 KBps V.32bis / HST modems

Using a Text Editor to write messages

One of the main advantages of YESterm / YaleBBS is the use of your
own text editor ONLINE to write or reply to your messages. For instance
if you use Qedit (Q.EXE) or MS-DOS' EDIT.COM just enter its path in
the miscellaneous configuration menu:


Once you text editor is installed, you can WRITE a message on
YaleBBS, the BBS will ask you for the destination user and then for
the subject. Then YESterm will SHELL to your Text Editor; enter your
message in your editor, then just save it (YESterm already picked the
name of the file). Once the message is saved, it's uploaded
automatically to YaleBBS. You can even use special color codes in
YaleBBS messages:

~1 : Blue
~2 : Green
~3 : Cyan
~4 : Red
~5 : Magenta
~6 : Brown
~7 : Lightgray
~8 : Darkgray
~9 : Lightblue
~A : Lightgreen (10)
~B : Lightcyan (11)
~C : Lightred (12)
~D : Lightmagenta (13)
~E : Yellow (14)
~F : White (15)

Here's an example of colored text:

~BHello everybody this is in LIGHTCYAN, ~Anow the color

~2This is GREEN, and this word is in: ~4RED !

If you have the registered version, when you reply, the quoted text
of the message your replying to appears instantaneously in your Text
Editor. This way you can easily insert your replies and remove unwanted
quoted line (to delete a line, in most text editors such as Qedit use
the CTRL-Y key).

Dialing Directory

With the dialing directory you can enter the names, phones numbers,
baudrates, modem types, passwords and dialing prefix of the BBS' you
call. You can enter a maximum of 500 BBS' in the YESterm dialing
directory. To call it just press < Alt - D > ... Use the arrow keys
and HOME, END, CTRL-HOME, CTRL-END, PGUP, PGDN to move in the dialing
directory. Press to toggle the dialing info, a "" will appear
when the dialing info is ON. To dial, press . All the BBS with
a "" will be called, if the first BBS is busy or doesn't answer, the
second one will be called, etc.

Num Bulletin Board System Phone Number Baud Modem

1 BBS Name #1 2400 2400
2 BBS Name #2 2400 2400
3 BBS Name #3 2400 2400
4 BBS Name #4 2400 2400
5 BBS Name #5 2400 2400
6 BBS Name #6 2400 2400
7 BBS Name #7 2400 2400
8 BBS Name #8 2400 2400
9 BBS Name #9 2400 2400
10 BBS Name #10 2400 2400
11 BBS Name #11 2400 2400
12 MicroMania! YaleBBS World H.Q. 1-514-844-2746 2400 14400 DS
13 The SNAKE PIT! Mid-West Usa HQ 1-918-494-5624 2400 14400 V32
14 The Warp Zone BBS California 1-714-624-0140 2400 14400 HST
15 The Exchange East-Coast H.Q. 1-410-529-1716 2400 9600 V32

Press: [Space] Tag/UnTag BBS [Enter] Dial [E]dit Entry [M]ore!

To edit a dialing entry, press < E > and then enter the name, the
phone number, the baudrate, the modem type, the dialing prefix and the
password of the BBS.

Introduction to YaleBBS

YaleBBS is a powerful new package for Sysops who are tired of
ordinary ANSI bulletin board systems. While keeping most of the usual
functions of an ANSI BBS, many new innovative features are incorporated
in YaleBBS.

The main difference between YaleBBS and other BBSes is the use,
instead of ANSI, of the YES protocol. This protocol is faster and more
powerful than the existing text mode emulation protocols such as
ANSI and Avatar, while much faster and smoother to use than any graphic
mode emulation protocol.

If you're new in the "YES" world, you can easily convert your ANSI
menus to .YES menus with the ANSI2YES utility. Normally a converted
ANSI file will be anywhere from 40% to 50% the size of the original.
If you design a specific YES file with CYES and Ybitmaps it can easily
be 10 or 15 times smaller than the same ANSI file.

Some of the features of the YES protocol include internal pop-up
menus, easy to use pull-down menus, functions such as rectangle, boxes,
windows, fast animations, control of the shape of the cursor, scroll
windows up/down, save entire screens in a buffer and then restore it,
update the color attribute of an entire area of the screen without
changing the text, powerful and fast bitmaps (in text mode), sound and
music capabilities, pause control, etc. All this with a few bytes. For
instance you can draw a rectangle the size of the screen with 7 bytes.

This is only the beginning, more YES functions will be available
soon and the efficient use of graphic modes such as EGA/VGA will also
be added soon. Mouse support is currently under work and a graphic
mouse in text mode should be standard on YESterm and YaleBBS before the
end of the year (1992).

Speach (artificial voice) support is internal to the BBS, no need
to install any doors, the BBS calls utilities such as Tran for the
PC Speaker and SBTALKER for the Sound Blaster to add speach
capabilities. For instance when a user logs-on, you can hear his
name. You can easily know who's on the BBS without having to turn on
the monitor and look at the bottom of the screen.

Besides using the YES protocol, a user calling YaleBBS can use his
own text editor to write messages online (the same text editor he uses
to edit his AUTOEXEC.BAT file, such as Qedit or MS-DOS's EDIT.COM).

YESterm is the YES compatible terminal available for YaleBBS users.
YESterm shells to the text editor when the user wants to write a
message. After the message is saved, YESterm automatically uploads
it to the system.

First time callers to YaleBBS can logon in ANSI or Ascii with their
regular ANSI/Ascii terminal in the shuttle menu. There they can
download YESterm and some utilities and also get some information and
help on the installation of the YESterm package.

With the current version of YESterm the users can install it as a
protocol or a script in their terminal. A new version which will be
available soon (November 1992) can be used standalone and has its own
dialing directory and new features such as the mouse support.

With YESterm the user doesn't have to enter his name, location, etc.
Once his user record is configured in YESterm (with YESTRCFG) it's
sent to the BBS each time YESterm handshakes. If the user changes his
location or phone number for instance, the system automatically updates
the user record on the BBS and warns the sysop in a private system
message of the modifications.

The system messages are a powerful feature of YaleBBS. Each time a
user pages the sysop for instance, an automatic system message is left
to the sysop with the page reason, etc. This way if the sysop isn't
there he can easily answer to the page later by replying to the
automatic message left by the system. Next time the user logs-on, he
receives the sysop's reply.

YaleBBS is 100% Fidonet-style echomail compatible, Yecho is used
to toss the mail. Besides regular Fidonet-style compatibility, YaleBBS
users can use colors in their messages, even on a network. The colors
are sent by Yecho in the mail packets. For non-YaleBBS areas such as
Fidonet's "C_ECHO", colors can be stripped by Yecho so non-YaleBBS
systems won't receive the special YaleBBS color codes.

More options and functions are coming soon with YaleBBS and the
YES protocol. If you have any suggestions or ideas which could be
added to the package, please contact me at 1:167/125 (Fidonet).

If you're interested in YaleBBS (as a Sysop) please call one of
the support sites. If you want to purchase a copy please send 75$ US
+ 10$ Bank / S. H. fees to:

YaleBBS Registrations
a/s Ernest Yale
P.O. Box 187 Station "C"
Montreal, Qc. Canada
H2L 4K1

Along with your:
BBS Name
BBS Phone Number
BBS Location (City, State, Country)
Sysop Name
Network Addresses (Fido, etc.)

YaleBBS Support Sites

You can contact me or a support sites by netmail or by calling the
BBS. I'm looking for more support sites in areas where there's no
YaleBBSs'. If you are interested in a YaleBBS support site please
contact me on Fidonet, 1:167/125. To qualify you need:

At least a 9600+ Bps modem.

You must be at least 18 years old.

You must have a valid Fidonet address.

Some LD calls are required to get the latest versions and
to get the support echo until it gets on the Fidonet backbone.

Call these Support Sites:

BBS Name Phone Fidonet Sysop

World H.Q. MicroMania! 514-844-2746 1:167/125 Ernest Yale

Mid-West Usa The SNAKE PIT! 918-494-5624 1:170/813 Rad Craig

West Coast The Warp Zone 714-624-0140 1:207/157 Kort Pearson

East Coast: The Exchange 410-529-1716 1:261/1161 Gary Pfeffer

Call these BBS running on YaleBBS:

Oklahoma: Dave's Place 918-437-2628 1:170/912 Dave Burklin

New Jersey: The Mirage 609-737-7453 1:266/57 Brian J. Usko

Texas: REVELSTONE 817-732-1767 1:130/402 Bill Wynne

The P.I.G. 214-423-6992 1:124/7001 Dan Booth

Brit. Col.: Time Machine II 604-583-3284 1:153/952 Chris Woodford

Alberta: HotShot BBS 403-791-0803 1:3402/8 Ken Hancock

Quebec: Arctic Desert 819-829-1937 1:257/30 Marc Lamothe

babBAB 418-775-8627 Dan Desrosiers

M & M BBS 514-430-6791 Martin Belair

Finland: Delight BBS 358-0-889165 2:220/105 Jaakko Rytsl

Sweden: The Wall BBS 46-155-37678 2:204/457 Mikael Lnneryd

You can get the YALEBBS_SUPPORT echo from any of these BBS, just ask
the Sysop. This echo will be on the backbone as soon as there enough
requests. If you're interested in YaleBBS, please request this echo to
your NEC.

Also a support echo is available on "FrancoMdia", a french network.
The name of the support echo is "FM-YALEBBS".

How to contact me

To contact me, or to get the latest version of YaleBBS or YESterm just
call my BBS:

MicroMania! YaleBBS World H.Q. - (514) 844-2746 - Fidonet 1:167/125

If you want a registered copy of YESterm, please fill YESTERM.REG and
send it to:

YESterm Registrations
a/s Ernest Yale
P.O. Box 187 Station "C"
Montreal, Qc. Canada
H2L 4K1

Please make the money orders to: ERNEST YALE ( not YESterm )

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