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Allows your modem to call your pager.
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Allows your modem to call your pager.
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Documentation for


Shareware Version 1.0


PageMate (TM)
Copyright (C) 1991 by R.J. Matter & Associates
All Rights Reserved

The author makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with
regard to this program or documentation. The author shall not be
liable in any event for incidental or consequential damages in connec-
tion with, or arising out of, the furnishing, performance, or use of
this program.



PageMate is a program that monitors your telephone line for an incom-
ing ring and then dials a number you specify after a specific delay.

PageMate is most commonly used in conjunction with display type pagers
(or "beepers") and answering machines to notify owners of incoming

messages, but it can call any telephone number and an answering ma-
chine is not necessary. PageMate will work with rotary pulse or tone
telephone line service.



What you need: An IBM compatible computer with a 300 baud or greater
Hayes compatible modem, a text editor or word processor and a tele-
phone line.

With a text editor or word processor, edit the comma delimited
PAGE.DAT file to include the com port number your modem is installed
on (1,2,3, or 4), a "P" or "T" to indicate PULSE or TONE line service,
the number of seconds PageMate should delay before calling the dialing
string, and the dialing string surrounded by quotation (" ") marks in
the format:


Note: If you use a word processor to do this, make sure you save the
file in ASCII or non-document form! Also make sure the parameters are
in the exact order shown and that each parameter is separated by a
comma (,)!

You can place commas in your dialing string to force the modem to
pause for 2 seconds per comma. Special characters like * # are allowed

Example 1: 1,T,180,"555-5555,,,,999-9999#"

Example #1 translation: Modem is installed on COM PORT 1. Telephone

line service is TONE. After a delay of 180 seconds, PageMate will call
555-5555, pause for 8 seconds, then send the number 999-9999 to dis-
play on the pager followed by the common # character indicating the
end of number entry.

Note: You must have TONE service to send a number to a display pager.

Example 2: 2,P,120,"9,555-5555"

Example #2 translation: Modem is configured as COM PORT 2. Telephone
line service is PULSE. After a delay of 120 seconds PageMate will dial
9 (to get an outside line for example), pause for 2 seconds, then dial
pager number 555-5555.

If you are using PageMate with an answering machine, allow enough
delay time for the caller to leave a message and for the answering
machine to cycle for the next call. Usually 3 or 4 minutes will be
enough time (180 to 240 seconds).



The modem and telephone/answering machine must be on the same line.
The computer and modem must be turned on. Internal modems are always
on when the computer is on.

PAGE.EXE and PAGE.DAT must reside in the same directory. Type "PAGE"
and the PageMate status window will appear. The date and time will be
displayed and the seconds should be ticking.

If you specified the wrong communications port in the PAGE.DAT file or
your modem is not on, you will get a "Bad file name" or "Device time-
out" error. You will need to edit the PAGE.DAT file and enter the
correct COM port number and make sure your modem is on. Valid COM port
numbers are 1,2,3, and 4.

You can test PageMate by typing "T". You can exit PageMate at any time
by pressing the Escape key.

If everything is installed and working correctly, you can turn off
your monitor and leave PageMate and your computer unattended. When
PageMate detects the first incoming ring on your telephone line, it
will begin counting down the delay seconds you specified in PAGE.DAT
and then call the dialing string you specified in PAGE.DAT.

NOTE: The shareware version of PageMate allows only one incoming call
per session. You must register to receive version 2.0 which allows
unlimited calls. To register, print and fill out PAGE.FRM and mail it
with your check or money order for $25 to:

Robert J. Matter - PageMate
P.O. BOX 9042
Highland, IN 46322

To print PAGE.FRM from the DOS prompt type





This software may be distributed freely provided that it is distribut-
ed as a complete set (PAGE.EXE, PAGE.DOC, PAGE.DAT, PAGE.FRM) without
modification and no fee is charged other than a nominal handling or
duplication fee of $5.00 or less.

by Robert J. Matter
CompuServe ID: 71021,2654
GEnie: R.Matter


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