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TSR help for new CompuServe forum command structure.
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TSR help for new CompuServe forum command structure.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

NOTE: NEWFCOLR.COM is for color screens; NEWFMONO.COM is for monochrome
screens. Choose the one you need and rename to NEWFORUM.COM.


NEWFORUM.COM is a pop-up reference guide to commands used in the newly revised
Compuserve forums. It is intended to be used as an electronic "quick reference
card" while online.

To install, type NEWFORUM at the dos command line BEFORE invoking your terminal
program. NEWFORUM.COM will take approximately 26K of RAM. You can view it at
any time by pressing ALT-LEFTSHIFT-D (hold down the ALT, left shift key, and
"D" key simultaneously).

You can use the arrow keys or PgUp and PgDn keys to move through the file. The
function keys will take you to major sections directly. HOME returns to the top
of the file, END takes you to the bottom of the file, and ESC exits. An
information line appears at the bottom of the screen to remind you of which
keys you can use.

When you exit NEWFORUM, the previous screen is restored. is made available to the MS-DOS community of Compuserve without
charge. Parts of the program are copyright 1987 by Keith Graham, and the
information contained is copyright 1988 by Compuserve Inc.

Address any comments or questions to Ray Reyes, 76703,3100, on the Tandypro SIG
or via Easyplex.

REVISION HISTORY (Additions since the last release are noted by change bars at
the left margin)

04/26/88 - Revised to incorporate changes to version 4D(26) forum software.
Read Thread Num:nnnn is now included under Message Menu commands.

04/07/88 - Changed "Message Action" back to "Post Action" to conform with
version 4D(20) .

04/01/88 - Changed "Post Action" to "Message Action" to conform with change in
version 4D(15) software.

03/21/88 - Version 4D(13) changes incorporated into text.

03/05/88 - Initial release

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