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Reduce Focke BBS list to numbers you can reach from your exchange.
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Reduce Focke BBS list to numbers you can reach from your exchange.
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Contents of the FOXCUT20.TXT file


Programmed by Thomas Morgan

Copyright 1992


Focke's-Cut 2.0 is a shareware program with a limited
audience - those BBS fans that live in or near the Washington
D.C. metropolitan area (WMA). It is dependent on two other
sources of data/programs. The primary dependency is on the
month-to-month release of BBS lists by Michael Focke. The
secondary dependency is on a copyrighted program called
FONDIR.EXE by Henry C. Clarke of Richardson, Texas.
Focke's-Cut 2.0 uses the information provided in the Focke
listings as input and allows the creation of output files
that are condensed by BBS subject matter and/or include BBSs
that are local to the WMA calling exchange selected. If the
appropriate output files are created, you can use FONDIR to
create a telephone directory that may be directly useable by
your communications program. (The FONDIR program includes
instructions on the process!)

Focke's-Cut 2.0 is the result of considerable programming
effort. It is somewhat different than version 1.0 and has
several added features (partly in response to user input).
In recognition of the time and effort put into this program,
you are encouraged to register if you continue to use it. If
you feel that Focke's-Cut would be of value to you but your
telephone exchange has been omitted or errors are found to
exist in the database, please don't hesitate to write to me
at the address given on page 8. (You can also try leaving a
message for me on the InterConnect BBS, 703-425-2505, sysop
Jeff Morley, as I occasionally check there for messages.
Address your note to Tom Morgan. Note that this board is
also the best place to find Mike Focke's listings and carries
the FONDIRxx.ZIP file containing FONDIR.) Whether you write
a letter or leave a message on the board, feel free to
provide comments or corrections. After all, everyone will
benefit if the program is kept up-to-date, accurate, and

As a last note, with the exception of the Table of Contents
and Preface, you will find all of the information that
follows within the Focke's-Cut program. You can print the
information following the program's prompts or you can simply
'type' this file to your printer using the command:


Tom Morgan
January 1992

Table of Contents


AN INTRODUCTION TO FOCKE'S-CUT...........................1

VERSION 2.0 CAPABILITIES ................................1

FILES NEEDED FOR FOCKE'S-CUT ............................3


HOW TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE ..............................4




Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 1
Copyright 1992


In case you aren't familiar with what is known as the Focke
directory, it is a listing of Washington Metropolitan Area
(WMA) bulletin board systems (BBSs) and it is updated
monthly. The listing is arranged into categories: active
BBSs within the WMA are listed by area (DC.DIR, MD.DIR, and
VA.DIR) as are active BBSs outside of the WMA (NMMD.DIR and
NMVA.DIR). In addition, BBSs that are 'down' are in a list
(DOWN.DIR) and BBSs that provide user support for software
products, hardware products, etc. are provided in a listing

To date, users have had no convenient way of determining
which of the BBSs listed would be a local call - particularly
true for those numbers beyond the WMA. That is a problem
that Focke's-Cut is designed to solve.

The program was originally designed to help only BBS users
beyond the WMA determine which of the Focke listed BBSs would
be a local call. However, during program development, it
became obvious that the program could be expanded to provide
this capability to all BBS users within or nearby the WMA.
At the same time, since those people living in the WMA have
such a large number of BBSs available, several features were
added to help them sort through the BBSs that could be
reached! (This process is supported only to the extent that
the Focke's listings contain a summary of the activities or
focus of a given BBS.)



1. Focke BBS files can be used to create listings of BBSs
within YOUR local calling area. You can select two
forms of program output. One is a file listing the BBSs
that should be local to your calling area and the other
is a file compatible with the FONDIR utility. (This
utility is available on many bulletin boards as
FONDIRxx.ZIP.) Use of the output file with FONDIR will
result in a telephone directory compatible with one of
several popular communications programs.

Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 2
Copyright 1992

>>>>>>>>> NOTE: <<<<<<<<< Due to on-going changes
in the telephone system, there can be no guarantee given
that the list of numbers that results is 100% accurate.
If you call the BBSs listed, a simple test of whether or
not the number is local is to make sure you do not
include the long distance prefix '1' on the number when
you call! You also need to take care to check the
numbers for possible extended calling area rates -
consult your telephone book if in doubt!!!

2. You can search for a BBS and get its telephone number.

3. If you live in the WMA where you can call about 90% of
the BBSs listed by Focke, and you are searching for a
way to find those that interest you, this program will
allow you to perform a word search on the BBS
descriptions provided by Focke. This enables you to
reduce the list of local BBSs to those that share your
interests. By rerunning the program, you can create
listings of BBSs in any given number of categories.
(E.g., you could create one listing of BBSs that have
the text string GAME in their description and another
with BBSs having the word RIME, etc.)

4. You can search the Focke's-Cut database to determine if
your local exchange is included. (If yours is not
included, there may be several reasons: a) periodic
changes in the telephone system, b) you are in an area
outside the WMA that has not been included, and c)
database errors or omissions! The database is intended
to include all exchanges within a 'reasonable' distance
from the center of Washington, D.C. In any event, if
your exchange was missed, incorrect, or if you feel that
it should be included, write to me at the address given
on the registration form!

5. You can view all of the calling areas and numbers
included in Focke's-Cut's WMA telephone exchange
database. This provides the incidental benefit of
allowing you to conveniently determine the location of a
BBS or person if all you have is a telephone number.


Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 3
Copyright 1992


Running this version of Focke's-Cut requires two files:


In addition, full use of the program requires that you obtain
the Focke BBS telephone directory. This directory is updated
monthly and is released as a ZIP file having the structure
DCBBmmyy.ZIP where mm is the current month and yy is the
current year. When this file is unzipped, it yields several
files. Those that are needed for this program are:

1. DC.DIR (DC DIRectory)
2. MD.DIR (Maryland DIRectory)
3. VA.DIR (Virginia DIRectory)
4. NMMD.DIR (Non-Metro Maryland DIRectory)
5. NMVA.DIR (Non-Metro Virginia DIRectory)

In addition the utility FONDIR can be used to create
telephone directories compatible with several popular
communications programs.



When starting the program up, you can enter the following
command line parameters (note that they are not case

/D() - This allows you to tell the program where to find the
FOXCUT20.DAT file if it is not in the default
directory. If you don't use this command and the
program can't find the file, it will ask you where it
is to be found.

/F() - This allows you to tell the program where the Focke
DIR files can be found. Again, if the program can't
find the files, it will prompt you to enter the
correct path/directory.

/M - For monochrome monitors. Should make the screen more

Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 4
Copyright 1992

A sample command line is as follows:

FOXCUT20 /Da /Fd

Be sure to leave a space between each of the parameters as
shown. This sample command line would start the program and
tell it that the FOXCUT20.DAT file is in the a drive and that
the Focke DIR files are on the d drive.



There are several actions you can take to speed the program
up and things you should know regarding its operation:

1. If at all possible, copy the Focke DIR files to a RAM
disk. This will speed the program up considerably when
you search for BBSs within your calling area or search
for BBS names.

2. You will note that on yes/no questions, the letters Y
and N are written to the screen and either the Y or the
N is uppercase and highlighted. Pressing the
key will automatically choose the emphasized option.
You can still choose the option by letter and can, of
course, select the non-emphasized option by pressing the
appropriate letter.

3. When searching for a BBS, remember that the first search
looks for the EXACT occurrence of the text you enter.
For example, if you entered 'Dark Forest,' the program
might find 'The Dark Forest' and 'Dark Forest Lands.'
If the actual name of the BBS was simply 'Darkforest,'
the program would not identify it. However, the program
would then ask you if you want to search for all BBSs
having any of the words you have specified. If you
answer 'Y' (or press ) it will search for any BBS
having the text strings 'Dark' or 'Forest.' As a
result, the program would identify all of the BBSs named
in this example. You can use this feature to do a
'fuzzy' search for a BBS if you aren't sure of its
exact name.

Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 5
Copyright 1992

During a word search, keep in mind that the program will
NOT search for matches to 'trivial' words such as AN,
AT, IN, IS, OF, ON, OR, THE, or TO, nor will it search
for single letters. This helps eliminate scores of
unwanted BBSs during searches.

During searches, you will be asked the location of the
BBS that you want to find and will choose from the list
below (take care to identify the location if possible -
otherwise you may find yourself waiting for an
unnecessary search of all of the Focke directory

Washington, D.C.
I Don't Know

Remember that the area you specify will be the only one
searched. E.g., if you specify that you think that the
BBS is in Virginia, the program will search only the
VA.DIR and NMVA.DIR Focke files. If you aren't sure of
the BBS's location, choose the last option, 'I Don't
Know.' This will cause ALL of the Focke DIR files to be
searched. (This search will also take longer but you
can reduce the time it takes by copying the Focke 'DIR'
files to a RAM drive.)

One last catch on word searches is the fact that Focke
sometimes includes the name of the sysop with the name
of the BBS. If you select a word fragment that is found
in the sysop's name, you will have his/her board appear
in the search. This board will also appear if you make
a directory based on the word search.

4. When asking for output to a FONDIR compatible file where
you have requested a search of the BBS descriptions for
specific words, only the BBSs that match will be
included. Single letters, although allowed during
search text entry, will NOT be included in the search.
Also, remember that the program does exactly what
it is asked to do! I.e., if you enter GAM for the

Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 6
Copyright 1992

search in the hope of getting all BBSs with GAME or
GAMES in their description, you may also get a board if
its description includes 'meGAMail'. (This is a REAL
case!) Use an ASCII editor to edit the FONDIR
compatible file before you make your telephone
directory. Be sure not to undo the format (columns) or
FONDIR won't work.



Your support would be most welcome. Registration for
continued use of Focke's-Cut will help ensure that your
comments and suggestions are incorporated in future versions
and will help ensure future program development. To register
your copy, send the registration amount of $5.00 to:

Thomas Morgan
6591 Ashford Lane
Frederick, Maryland 21702

When you register, send either check or money order - NO


Focke's-Cut is a shareware program and is provided to you at
no cost for evaluation. However, if you find this program
useful and use it beyond a fifteen day evaluation period, you
must make a $5.00 registration payment. Note that this
registration cost covers Focke's-Cut version 2.0 and ANY
FUTURE VERSIONS of the Focke's-Cut program that are released!
This offer does not apply to other software programs that
provide similar features nor is it applicable or
transferrable to any other program that utilizes the WMA
calling directory database used for Focke's-Cut.

Any monies you have paid for obtaining the Focke's-Cut
software do not include the registration amount. No vendor
is authorized to accept payment of the registration amount,
sell you a license to use the software, or charge you for the
software itself.

Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 7
Copyright 1992


You may install your registered version of Focke's-Cut on an
unlimited number of computers as long as you are the sole
user of the installed program. Feel free to make as many
copies as you want!


Users of Focke's-Cut must accept the following disclaimer:
Focke's-Cut is provided AS-IS. The author disclaims all
warranties expressed or implied. This disclaimer includes,
without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness
for any purpose. The author assumes no liability for direct
or consequential damages arising from the use of Focke's-Cut.


Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 8
Copyright 1992


Registration - $5.00

Submit to: Thomas Morgan
6591 Ashford Lane
Frederick, MD 21702


NAME: ___________________________________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________


CITY: ___________________________________________

STATE: __________________ ZIP CODE: ______________


PHONE: ____________________



COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS: _______________________________




If yes, please describe in as much detail as possible:
1) your system, 2) the problems and symptoms
encountered and 3) any error messages or codes provided
by the program. Use the back of this form or a
separate sheet.


Focke's-Cut Version 2.0 Page 9
Copyright 1992


1. Made several corrections to the WMA telephone database and
updated it with Maryland 410 area codes.

2. Added the capability to create a file with output
compatible with the FONDIRxx program. This simplifies the
conversion of output to a telephone directory compatible
with a communications program.

3. Changed the format of the up-front selection screens to
speed user access to any part of the program or to the
information screens.

4. Changed the format of the information screens to allow the
user to print any given category of information if a hard-
copy is wanted. This helps to do away with the usual do-
it-yourself approach to printing the program documentation
and registration information.


Version 1.0 released - April 1991

Version 2.0 released - January 1992

1. Corrected several problems with error traps.

2. Corrected a problem where the local BBS areas were
not reinitialized when the program was cycled
through the Local BBS selection process more than


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