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Telix usage file analyzer - a great little program.
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Telix usage file analyzer – a great little program.
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RV 1.10

Written by Jacek H. Przychodzen
3rd, February 1990
in Adelaide, South Australia.

FidoNet Node 3:680/805
(Tell me what you think of this prog!)

This program will analyse and report (SPECTACULARLY) on the
TELIX.USE log file.
It must be in the same directory that TELIX.USE is.

1. This is a SHAREWARE program.
If you find this program usefull, please send a small contribution
to encourage the programmer to release further work into public domain.

Under no conditions whatsoever are you allowed to modify the
program in any way, shape or form.

This file TELIXANA.DOC must ALLWAYS be included in the archive if
the program is distributed.

The two files distributed are;

TELIXANA.EXE Program proper

This program was written in late January 1990 in response to the
programmers need for analysing a telix use file.
A similar program was downloaded from a bulletin board
(Written in eastern states of Oz) which promptly crashed midway
through the program.

V 1.0 First released version of TELIXANA. It wen out to three
bulletin boards when I have noticed a small bug.
The number of calls does not add the first call made.

V 1.1 Second version of Telixana, released a day later (!).
Removes the bug from version 1.0.
But to add some small bonus I have now added a feature.
If you start TELIXANA with a command line parameter


You dont have to start it from the same directory where
the log file is.
Also you can open your old log files (if you archive them).

If you dod not use the parameter, TELIXANA will try to open
the file in the directory where you execute the program from.

V 1.2 Oh, hassle, hassle! Put the wrong variable in the wrong place
and watch the prog spit the dummy!
Seems you could not sort the system list if you had more that
23 calls to different systems.
Fixed now.

This program was tested with TELIX V 3.11 and TELIX V 3.12
and found to be operational.

The following is the output of the program as generated from
a log file.
Only the Top 23 Systems will be shown on screen.
I find that to be satisfactory even for mederately heavy BBS users.
However the program SHOULD cope with more (Up to 255).

SYSTEM TimeON Calls DoLd UpLd
T E L I X V 3.11 Nexus 12:50 71 3 1
Usage File Analyser The Realm 10:50 43 2 -
V 1.0 Phone Box 00:00 1 - -
Writen by Jacek H Przychodzen ADAM 17:46 62 132 16
Key Board 01:00 5 4 1
# of records read : 3021 The Void 09:00 26 4 5
Coffee Time 00:24 4 1 -
Date..............: 90-02-01 The Sepulchre 00:06 2 - -
Something 00:14 1 - -
Total Connect time: 61:02 Midnight Caller 04:29 8 2 -
Total Calls : 239 The Talisman BBS 04:07 12 1 -
Total Systems ....: 16 FullMetal Straight Jac 00:46 9 - -
Micro Byte PC Support 00:01 1 - -
Uploads # ........: 24 Electronic Oracle 00:01 1 - -
The Clipboard 02:32 7 1 1
Downloads # ......: 150 Type Link 00:01 2 - -

ESC - Terminate program.
F1 - Top 23 by Calls #.
F2 - Top 23 by Call Duration.
F3 - Top 23 by Upload.
F4 - Top 23 by Download.

When the program finishes, pressing F1 to F4 will evoke any of the
four SORT options.

Version 1 does not support a printer with the exception of the normal
DOS PrtScr function.
Your support and/or feedback will mean inclusion of this feature
if needed.

All time is show by the program in HOURS:MINUTES, seconds are ommited.
Any connect timess less than a minute are rounded up to a minute.

Primarly go to EXIS Inc. without whose superb TELIX program this utility
would not be created (A Duh!).

If you consider this program of some use to you
why not encourage the creator of this program
by sending some miniscule portion of your wealth ?

Jacek H. Przychodzen
57B Park Tce.
Ovingham S.A. 5089
South Australia

And please give some feedback!

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