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Run Telix 3.12 script at a preset time during the day.
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Run Telix 3.12 script at a preset time during the day.
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Contents of the AUTO-RUN.DOC file

AUTO-RUN v1.10
by John Wright
An automatic script launcher for Telix

Auto-Run will execute any Telix script at the time of day
specified by the program user. Tasks such as downloading
messages and files can be done automatically whenever the rates are
the cheapest or it is most beneficial to do so. If you are going to
be out of town for a week, use Auto-Run to execute your host at a
certain time each day or evening. This way you can access your host
every day. When you are done, just shut-down the host from remote.
Auto-Run will recycle and wait till the same time the next day to
run your host again. You can also use Auto-Run with another program
by the same author - Multi-Script. This program enables the Telix
user to run multiple scripts in conjunction with Auto-Run or some
other timer such as a BBS software's daily event. Look for at your favorite BBS.

Auto-Run was written entirely in SALT, Telix's powerful script
language. Special thanks go to Colin Sampaleanu, author of Telix
and the SALT language. Telix is a registered copyright of:
Colin Sampaleanu
& Exis Inc.
P.O. Box 130
West Hill, ON
Canada M1E 4R4

Register your copy of Telix today!

Auto-Run was written as Share-Ware, meaning that a registration
fee must be sent to the author if this program is to be used after a
10-day trial period. Registration of programs such as these
guarantees the continued willingness of authors such as myself to
make available to the public, useful low-cost programs. Type
"register" to print a registration form for this program.

The following files should have been present in the original
archive file:
auto-run.bat - A batch file that initiates Auto-Run.
auto-run.slc - Telix script file with actual program.
auto-run.doc - The manual you are reading.
register.txt - The registration form for Auto-Run.
register.bat - A batch file to print registration form.
whatsnew.txt - What's is new in version 1.1.
bbs.txt - A descriptive text file to be uploaded
as an info message about this program.

* HOW TO START AUTO-RUN: Place all files in your Telix directory.
Type "auto-run" and the program will begin. It's as easy as that!

When Auto-Run begins, it will determine what the time setting
is on your computer's clock, and will ask you if the setting is
correct. If it is not correct, enter (N) and the program will
terminate allowing you to reset the time in DOS. A simple way to
do this is to type "time" at the DOS prompt. DOS will display your
current setting and ask you to enter the new setting. Once you have
reset your clock to the correct setting, enter "auto-run" to restart
the program.
After displaying your current clock setting, Auto-Run will
ask you to enter the time in which you wish your Telix script to
begin (launch time). Enter the time using the guidelines given.
Your last option before Auto-Run begins is whether you want
to run your script once or multiple times. If you enter (M) for
this option, Auto-Run will not terminate after the end of your
script, but will recycle and wait until the same time the following
day to run your script again. Choose (O) unless you want Auto- Run
to perform this task. If you choose the (M) option accidentally,
or at any time wish to stop Auto-Run, simply press the key
and the program will exit to Telix.

* Auto-Run's Screen Saver: Auto-Run should effectively blank your
screen UNLESS! you have chosen a color screen border in your Telix
setup. Few screen blankers have the capability to blank colored
borders of this type and I highly recommend that you change this
option to a black border (none). This will allow your screen to be
safely blanked, and will rid you of that colored border that sticks
around even after you have exited Telix. I in no way guarantee the
screen blanking of this program! If when running this program you
notice that some text or graphics is not being blanked, by all means
turn off your monitor when running Auto-Run! In any case I always
recommend that the monitor be turned off whenever you are not at
the keyboard.

Look for the author's other software programs at your favorite
BBS or at the BBS listed below: - A Telix macro key program that allows the entry
of ANSI color in all of your messages. Draw
sharp boxes and borders all in color! - Allows the running of multiple Telix scripts
at a certain time/event. Useful for BBS
daily events and for use with Auto-Run.

The author of this program is a member of S.I. Software
Solutions, an organization formed to pool support resources for
authors of Share-Ware products. If you have any questions,
comments, ideas, ect. about this or other S.I. Software products
please direct them to our support BBS:

Micro-Mart BBS - (618) 529-4457 in Carbondale, IL - (Join conf. 13)
**** CD-Rom, 25,000 files and over 50 doors on-line ****
Special thanks go to Jay Fuller, SysOp of this fine board for his
relentless support of our Share-Ware organization.

The author may also be contacted at Compuserve (go IBMCOM),
John Wright (76605,1310).

If you find this program useful, please register it with the
Send $5 to: John Wright
250 S. Lewis Lane #25
Carbondale, IL 62901

Thanks for your support!

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