Dec 272017
Patches for Procomm Plus for Windows.
File PPW1.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Patches for Procomm Plus for Windows.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDS-FIX.PAT 709 421 deflated
HOST.HLP 5859 1934 deflated
HOST.TXT 651 377 deflated
HOST.WAS 38197 5982 deflated
HOSTUTIL.WAS 22985 3864 deflated
INITSTR.PAT 444 299 deflated
MAIL.WAS 19642 3544 deflated
PARITY.PAT 587 359 deflated
PATCH.WAX 2673 1977 deflated
README.TXT 513 302 deflated
SPEEDASP.PAT 494 324 deflated
SUBS.WAS 60375 9695 deflated
VT8BIT.PAT 547 346 deflated
WMODEMS.DAT 98712 10705 deflated
WPATCHES.LST 65 50 deflated

Download File PPW1.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

PCPLUS for Windows 1.0 - Patch Script

The following is a very brief explanation on the proper way to install
the PW 1.0 patch files.

Extract all the files within WPATCHES.ZIP into the C:\PROWIN\ASPECT
directory or whatever the name of your ASPECT directory is for PCPLUS/Win.

Make a backup copy of PW.EXE.

Load PCPLUS/Win and execute PATCH.WAX.

Apply the appropriate patches and then exit the patch script and PCPLUS/Win.

When you reload PCPLUS/Win the patched executable will run.

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