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RS-232 diagnostics & hardware info - very detailed, low-level.
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RS-232 diagnostics & hardware info – very detailed, low-level.
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Contents of the COMHELP.DOC file

File = ComHelp.doc
date = October 13, 1986 C O M P E E K V 1.5
author = Donald Chandonnet

ComHelp is a useful utility program to both READ and WRITE
the Communication parameters in your PC's COM1
and/or COM2 ports. It is better than using the DOS
"Mode" command because it can read the settings from
your port's Uart as well.

(A) Features:
-user-friendly MENU SYSTEM for Communication
parameter setup

-lets you set the Uart speeds to unusual
speeds for testing limits of software or hardware

-provides a "TOOLBOX" for solving your PC
Communication problems. It can:

* check if and how your serial card/internal
modem is installed

* provide exhaustive UART tests via
internal and external loopbacks,
helping you to test even your EIA

* provides indepth HELP screens to
save time in understanding each bit
in the UART registers.

* provides a way to use ComHelp by
bypassing the Main Menu and Advertising.
(good for batch-file applications)

(B) Environments:
-works on IBM PC, IBM XT, IBM AT

-tested with DOS 2.1, DOS 3.0, DOS 3.2

-use with B/W or color monitors

(C) Licence Information:

-ComHelp is distributed as FREEWARE. If you
like it, keep it. If you use it and it helps
you, please send $5.00 to the author
in appreciation and for continued support of
the product.

-Use it, distribute it, give it away for Xmass...

-The right to use and distribute this program
is subject to these two requests:
(a) ComHelp must be unaltered and contain
registration and support information,
the developer's name and address.
(b) This document file must accompany it,
but can be altered with your own comments

(D) Send your comments/questions to the author:

Donald Chandonnet
P.O. box 11422,
Station H.,
Nepean, Ontario,
Canada, K2H 7V1

(E) Your Comments to pass on...

*** thankyou for your support ***

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