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3 Script files, DIAL, EXIT, & FILES for Telix 3.x.
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3 Script files, DIAL, EXIT, & FILES for Telix 3.x.
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Contents of the README file

These Files are for telix version 3.xx

All should and could be put on a function key as a 'macro'. Simply use ALT-K
to enter the key edit function. Select the Function key you wish to edit
and enter the following:

Repeat for '@dial' and '@exit' on other function keys, and save

Whenever you are on line and wish to see what files you have in your upload
directory for sending to bbs's just hit the proper function key for 'files'.
At the prompt for a 'filespec' you can enter any DOS drive/directory/filename
pattern or just hit return for the default telix upload directory.
Remember that in ALT-O, 'F'ilename setup, you must put a trailing '\' on the
directory name for your upload directory.

'EXIT' simply exits telix back to DOS. Shortcut for ALT-x etc....

'DIAL' reproduces the ALT-D function. Puts you in the dialing directory.
The nice part about the alt-d as a script is that it can also be run when telix
is first loaded by put the following line in your bat file (hopefully you have
cd \telix
telix sdial

(Note! Change the above drive letter & telix directory if you don't use these).
This forces telix to start and run the script which puts you into the dial
directory automatically. In the newer telix Version 3.21 (as with others)
it removes the startup unregistered noticed. And if you are like most....
why in the world did you start telix if you didn't start it to dial someone....
shouldn't this be the default place to go when the program is started!?

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