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List of BSS's related to the Navy.

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Military BBS List July 1993 edition
Maintenance Release--------------------
List of US Navy and other BBS's of mil-
itary interest worldwide. Many changes
this edition. This list is updated
regularly. You are invited to submit
updates, additions or corrections to
this file for future editions. Sysops
are invited to join the Military Echo
Conference Network (MILECHO)

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List of BSS’s related to the Navy.
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Navy, Navy Oriented, and Other Military Bulletin Board Systems
16 JUL 93
**** Heat Wave Extra ****

ATTENTION Sysops and other interested parties:

This is a list of Navy-interest Bulletin Boards. I can NOT personally
verify each entry and rely on user inputs to correct errors and advise
me of changes. I invite sysops of the various boards to submit a one or
two line description of their boards' purpose and focus which I will add
to the listings.

Please call changes into the Naval Gun Weapon System BBS (Number Below).

Official Navy BBSs:

Name DSN Commercial Type
---------------------------- -------------- -------------- -----------
ADA ALS/Navy (202) 342-4568
ADA Technical Support BBS 564-7841 (804) 444-7841 Remote Acc.
Assistance to those interested in the Ada programming language
ADAIC (ADA information) (703) 614-0215 RBBS

**** NEW ****
Afloat Training Group 526-1274 (619) 556-1274
San Dieago, CA

ASN S/L (703) 746-2645 PCBoard
BUPERS ACCESS BBS 224-8059,70,79 (703) 614-8059 TBBS
BULLDOG West - none - (805) 985-9527 Wildcat!
CINCNCLANTFLT 565-1146 (804) 445-1146 QBBS

**** NEW ****
COMNAVRESFOR (504) 254-7776

COMNAVAIRPAC 526-0135/36 (619) 556-0135/36 RBBS
COMSUBLANT 565-8657 (804) 445-8657 Wildcat!
Fleet Time 326-4805 (301) 863-4805 PCBoard
NAS Patuxent River MilECHO, MetroLink
Fleet Imaging BBS 533-2534 (804) 433-2534 Wildcat!
Supporting the Navy Visual Imaging Community
MilECHO, PhotoNet, MetroLink
GPETE BBS see below (301) 862-8048 PCBoard
HST Dual Standard NESEA, St. Inigoes, MD
General Purpurse Electronic Test Equipment
DSN available non-business hours (0700-1600 Eastern) is 326-3516

HSETC MD 295-3917 (301) 295-2373 TCOMM
Naval Health Sciences Education and Training Command
Judge Advocate General (NAVY) 221-0748 (703) 325-0748 PCBoard
Maintenance Control 326-3626 (301) 863-3626 PCBoard
Naval Aviation Maintenance Office, PAX River

**** NEW ****
Learning Resource Center 792-3345
Great Lakes, IL

NAMARA (Jagnet member) (NAVY) (202) 889-9214 PCBoard
Naval Air Station Cecil Fld 860-5116
NAVAIRES Alameda 993-9198
NAVAIRCMD Dam Neck 433-6030 RmtAccs
Milnet echoes
NAVAIRES Alameda 993-9198 (??) (800) 622-9135 PCBoard

**** NEW ****
Naval Air Warfare Center 369-4992 (317) 351-4992 PCBoard
Obsolete Microcircuit Databases on line Two lines at above numbers

**** CHANGE ****
Naval Electronics Engineering 385-3885 011-63-47-385-3884
Appears to be out of service

Naval Gun Weapon System BBS 332-1916 (703) 602-1916 PCBoard
(NAVSEASYSCOM) - Project Management HOME of THIS BBS List
MetroLink echo conferences MILECHO echo conferences
SmartNet echo conferences

**** NEW ****

NALISS (215) 697-6489
Returns ON LINE

Naval Justice School 948-3990 (401) 841-3990 PCBoard
MetroLink echo conferences MILECHO echo conferences ALSO DSN 948-4134
Naval Legal Service Office 384-6360 011-63-47-384-6360
NLSO Subic Bay BBS, Subic Bay Phillipines
Naval Reserve Hdqt 363-5738
Naval Reserve Readiness Center (518) 370-0118 PCBoard
Region 2, Scotia, NY
Naval Weapons Center, China L.437-5004 Auntie
Helicopter Support Board

**** CHANGE ****

Navy Drug and Alcohol Programs (703) 693-3831 Wildcat!

**** NEW ****
Navy Safety Center 564-7927 (804) 444-7927

**** CHANGE ****
NCTS (NARDAC) Washington (202) 433-8530 PCBoard

NMPC-408 Detailing 223-1896 (202) 693-1896 ??
OASYS formerly NCTAMSLANT 565-1121 (804) 445-1121 ??
Pacific Missile Test Center 351-8722 (805) 989-8722 Wildcat!

**** CHANGE ****
Port O' Call BBS (504) xxx-xxxx PCBoard
Navy Computer and Telecommunications Command, New Orleans

**** NEW ****
PQS Development Group BBS 522-3452 (619) 532-3452
PQS Standards, Feedback, JQR's, Management Tools

Seastrike1 Cecil Field, JAX 860-6487 PCBoard
Alternative communcations between detailers and fleet constituents
SIMA/Portsmouth, VA 961-0158 (804) 396-0158 PCBoard
SHARNET BBS (NCTAMSLANT) 565-6815 (804) 445-6815 TBBS

**** NEW ****
Weapons Augmentation Team (804) 483-8486

Non-official Navy oriented BBSs:

DC Information Exchange (NAVWESA) (703) 836-0748 PCBoard

**** Change ****
Robin's Nest has moved. New number to be announced when available
Robin's Nest Wildcat!
Career information

American Veterans Network BBS (410) 761-3406 PCBoard
RIME HUB, 1200 - 19,200 BPS
United States Veterans BBS (612) 588-7563
RIME Conferences, Modem News Mag 9500+ reunion notices Vet locator

Other official BBS's of interest to the Navy:

Geodetic Survey (703) 648-4168

**** CHANGE ****
Office of Personnel Management (912) 757-3100 PCBoard

Office of Personnel Management Call VOICE first: (202) 606-1848
(Job Bank) Has listings of government jobs nation-wide
This BBS is NOT open to the general public, but rather groups and
certain individuals. Call the Sysop (voice number above) for password.
The job listings are updated every Friday.

Other military BBS's:

Export License Status Advisor (703) 697-6109 RBBS
Export License Status Advisor (703) 697-3632 RBBS
(ELISA 1 and 2)

**** NEW ****
FED World (703) 321-8020 MBBS
46 Lines by NTIS. Information and gateways to other on-line services
including many boards listed here.


57 LSS BBS 682-2362 Wildcat!
2nd SRI Group BBS, Camp Lejeune 484-2265 (919) 451-2265 Wildcat!
Mon - Fri 1630 - 0700, 24 hrs weekends (I've never connected here)
Aerial Port 673-3206
Air Force Systems Command (513) 476-1083 rOverBoard
Forms Shelf - Forms and information ON LINE ABOUT 6 MAY 92

**** CHANGE ****
C2MUG 552-xxxx,x

**** CHANGE ****
DDN BBS (301) xxx-xxxx

DoD LSA EBB (606) 293-3700
Fort Benning, GA 784-6219 (717) 686-3037 QBBS
Fort Carson (DOIM), CO 691-3636
Fort Drum USAISC, NY 341-7836 (315) 772-7836 RBBS
Fort Gordon (Signal BBS), GA 780-7442
Fort Hood DOIM 737-4811 Wildcat!
Fort Leavenworth C2MUG, KS 552-7675,6 (913) 684-7675,6 Major BBS

**** CHANGE ****
Fort Myer Officers' Club (703) xxx-xxxx PCBoard

**** CHANGE ****
Fort Richie BBS, MD xxx-xxxx (301) xxx-xxxx Wildcat!

Fort Sill, OK 639-5255
Grand Central DCASR, NY 994-3529 (212) 807-3529 RBBS
GPS Information Center GPSIC (703) 866-3890
BBS run by the USCG containing latest information on Global Positioning
System (GPS)
Grissom AFB 928-2626 RBBS
Hill AFB 458-2989 PCBoard
OO-ALC/TICA Magic (Microcomputer and Graphics Information Center)
Canadian Forces BBS 864-4318
Ottawa, Canada

**** CHANGE ****
Kelly AFB xxx-xxxx (512) xxx-xxxx RBBS

Langley AFB SCTC 574-3995 (804) 764-3995 PCBoard
Little Rock AFB MAC 731-7033 Wildcat!
Low Flyer BBS 588-7383 Wildcat!
MacDILL AFB 968-5251 PCBoard
Malmstrom AFB 632-2503 (406) 731-2503
Computer Mgt Center (also call x3910 for 1200 baud)
March AFB 947-5250
McClellan AFB 633-4019 Maximus5
Mountain Home AFB SCTC 857-2699 PCBoard
14,400 BPS Two nodes
Offut BBS 271-7201 Wildcat!
Offutt Air Force Base
Pentagon PC Users Group ASDRD (703) 614-4114 Wildcat!
PC-SIG CD-ROM on line for members
Shaw AFB SCTC BBS 965-4316 (803) 668-4316 PCBoard
MileEcho and MetroLink echo conferences, USR HST, 2 nodes (also 4192)
Tinker AFB, OC-ALG 339-5012 Wildcat!
Artificial Intelligence
Tyndall "Maintainers" 523-2063 Wildcat!
Warren AFB Wildcat!
Military active duty only

**** CHANGE ****

Whiteman AFB xxx-xxxx ???????

Wright Patterson SCTC 787-2619 OPUS

Vendor BBS's

Unisys Desktop III BBBS (800) 228-3832 TBBS

Government Technology Services (GTSI) (703) 222-5227

NOTE: I know there are many more Navy and Military oriented BBS's. I have
found several lists, most of which are outdated.

Please call additions and corrections to this list to the
Naval Gun Weapon System BBS
(703) 602-1916 or DSN 332-1916
Spencer Greenwald
Voice: (703) 696-1116 or DSN 226-1116

Note for sysops: If you are interested in participating in network
conferences to be shared among military BBSs the Naval Gun Weapon System BBS
would be interested in hearing from you. Current conference areas include
Computer Security, Personnel Issues, Military Developed Software,
Military District Washington, Norfolk, and San Diego. Specific Equipment
forums (eg AN/UYK-44,VAX, Zenith), and many others are being considered.
A pilot ECHO mail system is in operation.

MILECHO Military Echo Mail Conference System:

Current participants are:

Fleet Time BBS, Patuxent River NAS
Fleet Imaging BBS, Norfolk, VA
Naval Gun Weapon System BBS, Washington, DC (HUB)
Naval Justice School BBS, Newport, RI
Shaw Air Force Base BBS, South Carolina
Mountain Home Air Force Base BBS

Your board name goes here. Please join MilECHO!

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