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Play sound blaster files through ZyXel's latest fax/modems voice mail.
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Play sound blaster files through ZyXel’s latest fax/modems voice mail.
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Contents of the DSOUND.DOC file

DSound V1.20

DSound is Copyright 1991-1992 by Dave Schreiber, All Rights Reserved.
This program is freely distributable, but may not be sold (although a small
fee for copying, media, etc. may be charged).

DSound is utility I whipped together to play 8SVX sound samples
directly off a hard drive. While it only takes up a small amount of chip
RAM, it can play samples of unlimited size off a hard drive (it doesn't
work to well with floppies however). Currently, it cannot play compressed
sound files.

DSound can only be used from the hard drive. To use DSound, type
"DSound [flags] " (without the quotes), where is the
name of the file that you want to play, and [flags] are any of the flags
listed below under "Usage." To stop DSound before a sample is finished
playing, either click on the close gadget in the DSound window (which is
displayed while DSound is playing a sound sample, unless the '-w' flag is
used), press CTRL-C in the Shell window from which DSound was started, or
type "break ", where is the number of the Shell window
that DSound is running in.

dsound [-l][-r][-2][-f][-m][-o][-w][-s][-v][-b] file

Where the flags are defined as such:
-l -- Play the sample using the left speaker
-r -- Play the sample using the right speaker
-2 -- Play the sample using both speakers
-f -- Shut off the low-pass filter
-m -- Load the entire sample into memory
-o -- Play the sample continuously (loop)
-w -- Do not open the DSound window
-s -- Play the sample at the given speed (samples/sec)
-v -- Play the sample at the given volume (0-64)
-b -- Use a buffer of size (default is 30K)

If you don't specify any flags, the defaults are to play the sound out of
the first available speaker, with the filter on, at the speed and volume
specified in the soundfile.

I've included the source for DSound. To compile (using SAS/C V5.10a) type:

If you have any questions, comments, etc. regarding DSound, don't hesitate
to get in touch with me at:

Dave Schreiber
1234 Collins Lane
San Jose, CA 95129-4208

e-mail: [email protected]
(until June 13, 1993)

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