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Use a mouse with Procomm Plus. Works very nicely.
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Use a mouse with Procomm Plus. Works very nicely.
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Contents of the ADDENDUM.DOC file


PCPLMOUS.MNU program works well with a Microsoft Mouse. I do not know if it
will work with any other type of mouse.

IFLOGON.ASP assumes that you are using Xpert mode (on) as the default when
logging on. Once selected from the "Main Board Command?" prompt with the
command "X" (no quotes) it becomes the default until you select it again. If
you do not use Xpert mode (off) you will have to insert another..
WAITFOR "?" 10
.. in order to be able to get to the "Main Board
Command?" prompt without moving any fingers.

The timer values used in this script file (the number after the WAITFOR "x")
are designed for my 2400 baud modem but should work with a 1200 as well.
Otherwise try increasing them all by about 50% or just remove them to get the
30 second default.

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