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Utility menu for Telix.

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PICK-UP is a utility program, written
completely in SALT, designed to enhance
your time spent using Telix. PICK-UP
accomplishes this task with a full
featured menu which anticipates your
needs. The options offered allow you to
stay within the Telix environment
minimizing the need to shell out to DOS.
*Perform commonly used DOS commands
*Write, edit and print text/script files
*Run and/or Compile SALT/SIMPLE scripts
*Set a "timer" to run a script
*Upload files and messages
*Change to a different Dialing directory
*Built in screen saver and file viewer
*Easily configured to meet your needs

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Utility menu for Telix.
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Contents of the HISTORY.TXT file


Released 12/04/93

Added Timed Script Launching.

Added SIMPLE Script Mode.

Added Make, Delete, and Rename Directories.

Added Internal File Viewer.

Added File Size display to PICK-List.

Added Registered Users name to the Screen Blank Box.

Improved Print routine including a Form Feed option
that can be set within PUCONFIG.

Much Improved File Uploading procedure.
You can Highlight File before placing your call.

Expanded User Documentation (Thanks to Chris Johnson)

Released 2/14/93

Added Directory navigation to PICK-List.

Added CTL-D to select Dialing Directory.

"Registration Encouragement" only during primary load

Made unregistered version less noisy.

Added my new Fido address and BBS # to Help Screen.

Cosmetic changes to PUCONFIG

Released NEVER

Released 8/20/92

PICK-List is now in alphabetical order.
Sort method is set with PUCONFIG.

You can now set or disable the screen blank delay.
Blank delay is set with PUCONFIG.

Your View and Edit programs can now be a BAT/BTM file.

File count added to end of PickList.

"Update" option added to re-read the directory.

Fixed bug that did not always clear the old PickList
before drawing a new one.

Fixed bug in PgUp/PgDn function.


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