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Compuserve B+ external protocol driver. Includes a WS-like editor. v9.1.
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Compuserve B+ external protocol driver. Includes a WS-like editor. v9.1.
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Contents of the OZED.DOC file

OZED.EXE - A small, simple WordStar(tm)-compatable editor

Copyright(c) 1988 Steve Sneed
Portions copyright(c) 1987 Borland Int.


OZED is provided as a utility program as part of the OZQB package. There is
no charge for any use, although I retain all rights to the program.

OZED functions either as part of the OZQB package, or as a stand-alone editor.
I find it especially useful for whipping up batch files, etc. - anywhere a
straightforward non-corrupting (i.e., creates flat ASCII files) text editor
is needed.

If you are familiar with WordStar or the editors in any of the Borland lan-
guages, or if you know the editor in SideKick(tm), you'll feel right at home
with OZED. If you are a WordPerfect junkie, or are otherwise not familiar
with the WordStar-type editors, a simple command sheet provided at the end of
this document will cover everything you'll need to use the program.

OZED will not do some things most folks consider "standard" in a word pro-
cessor, such as auto-wordwrap. It was not designed for that type of use.
OZED was designed to be a fast-in, fast-out, down-and-dirty editor that does
all of the things a small editor should, without any superfluous geegaws and
without taking up the continent of Africa in memory. In fact, OZED limits you
to an edit file of 60K or less. You will, however, find it faster than many
word processors costing hundreds of dollar$ - and you will be pleased at how
easy it is to use.

Many thanks to Borland Int., and Kim Kokkonen and the gang at TurboPower

See the OZQB documentation for contact, etc.

--------------------------- Command Reference Card -------------------------
(Commands with a carat ^ symbol mean press and hold the Ctrl key and press the
referenced command key, then release both.)
-- Command ----------------- Primary -------------- Secondary ----------------
Left LeftArrow ^D
Right RightArrow ^S
Up UpArrow ^E
Down DownArrow ^X
Left next word ^LeftArrow
Right next word ^RightArrow
Start of line Home
End of line End
Top of page ^Home
Bottom of page ^End
Scroll up ^W
Scroll down ^Z
Up a page PgUp
Down a page PgDn
Top of marked block ^QB
Bottom of marked block ^QK
Top of file ^PgUp
Bottom of file ^PgDn
Previous cursor position ^QP
Set marker 0 - 3 ^K
Jump to marker 0 - 3 ^Q

Insert/overwrite toggle Insert
Insert line at cursor ^N
Insert control character ^P
Tab Tab
Delete left char BackSpace
Delete current char Del
Delete word ^T
Delete to end of line ^QY
Delete line ^Y
Shift line right 2 spaces F5
Shift line left 2 spaces F6

Mark block start ^KB
Mark block end ^KK
Copy block ^KC
Move block ^KV
Delete block ^KY
Hide block ^KH
Mark single word ^KT
Read block from file ^KR
Write block to file ^KW
Print block (or file) ^KP

AutoIndent toggle ^QI
Fixed/"Smart" tabs ^OT
Restore line ^QL
Find ^QF
Find & Replace ^QA
Repeat last "Find" ^L

Qualifiers for "Find" functions:
B -- search backwards
L -- limit search to marked block
U -- ignore case in search
W -- search whole words only
G -- global search
N -- replace each find without asking
-- find the th occurance of the search string

Load new file F3
Save existing/cont F2
Save existing/end F10
Abandon changes/quit F9

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