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Logitech (MS Compatible) mouse menu for running PCZ in the menu mode. Written for (and included in) WTERM but easily adapted to other comm programs.
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Logitech (MS Compatible) mouse menu for running PCZ in the menu mode. Written for (and included in) WTERM but easily adapted to other comm programs.
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Contents of the PCZMOUSE.DOC file


PCZMOUSE is a Logitech mouse menu for use with the PCZ
external protocol driver by Drue Kennon and Gary Smith.
Since it is Microsoft (tm) compatible, it should work with a
good many mice.

PCSMOUSE will shell to DOS and run PCZ in the menu mode with
the parameters in the PCZ.CFG file. The shell to DOS function
is defined in this menu as ALT J for use with WTERM but that
be changed easily be changed with the .DEF file included.
When filenames are needed, PCZ will pause waiting for them to
be entered.

This menu calls PCZM.BAT which then runs PCZ in menu mode.
PCZM.BAT ends with an "EXIT" command which drops you back
into your comm program.

Files included in PCZMOUSE:

PCZ.DEF The menu source
PCZ.MNU Compiled menu file
SETUP SET statements
PCZM.BAT Batch file to run PCZ in menu mode and do an
EXIT back to the comm program.

Setting up PCZMOUSE

Be sure to use an ASCII editor to edit the following files --
NOT a word processor that will throw in extra formating

First, if you haven't already done so, include the following
three commands in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:


NOTE: These commands are for the Logitech mouse. Your mouse
may require different commands.

You now need to add some set commands to AUTOEXEC.BAT that
PCZ needs. SETUP contains an example of the commands to add:


Substitute your drive and path for C:\WTERM\ above.

Edit your CLICK.SRC file so that the menu will automatically
be loaded with the program you intend to use PCZMOUSE with.
Add the following example line to CLICK.SRC:

WTERM menu 3button

If your mouse is a microsoft(tm) compatible mouse and you
don't need to change the shell to DOS command, rename PCZ.MNU
to the name of your comm program with a .MNU extension and
place it in your comm program directory or in the directory
where your other .MNU files are located and you are ready to
give it a try. Otherwise, read on.

Changing the Shell To DOS key

In place of WTERM above, use the name of your comm program
instead. Then rename PCZ.DEF to the name of your comm
program with a .DEF extension; Example: WTERM.DEF

If your comm program uses an ALT key other than ALT-J, edit
the .DEF file and change the following line:


0,36 is the code for an ALT-J. Consult your Logitech User's
manual for the ALT key your program uses. Example: Qmodem
uses ALT-R for a shell. An ALT-R is a 0,19 so change the
CALL line above to:


When finished, compile the menu with NEWMENU:


Make sure all these files, PCZ, and your .MNU file is in your
comm program's directory.

You are now ready to load your comm program and give it a
test. When you are able to click the left mouse button,
select up or download, select a protocol and PCZ loads, you
are ready to call a board and give it a real test.

\/\/alter Cox

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