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Delphi scripts for Telix -- three scripts.
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Delphi scripts for Telix — three scripts.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Telix Automatic Login Scripts for DELPHI - Version 1.03
Copyright (c) 1991,1992 by John R. Petersen - All Rights Reserved.


These scripts are copyrighted material. No fee is required for their use.
You are free to use these scripts for your own use. You are also permitted
to use any portion of the code in other scripts of your own as long as they
are not redistributed to others. No fee, other than DELPHI connect charges,
may be charged by anyone for distribution of these scripts. Redistribution
of these scripts is to be to other DELPHI members only. These scripts are
not to be distributed to any other BBS or online service without my express
written permission. You may only redistribute UNMODIFIED copies of these
scripts to others, and this README.DOC file must accompany all copies
provided to others.


These scripts cover all forms of domestic access to DELPHI. The 3 scripts

DELPHITY.SLT - For login over Tymnet.
DELPHITE.SLT - For login over Sprintnet (Telenet).
DELPHI_D.SLT - For login over DELPHI's direct dial lines in Boston or
Kansas City.

These scripts have been heavily tested at all baud rates and with all of the
various network connections. Bug reports (if any), questions and comments
should be sent via email on DELPHI to membername THESTRANGER.


These scripts should be placed in your Telix script directory that you have
defined in the ALT-O setup, submenu "Filenames and Paths". Choose which
script(s) you want to use and edit them using your text editor or word
processor. If you use a word processor to do the edits, make sure you save
the script in ASCII format. If you're not sure how to do this, consult your
word processor manual.

All of the scripts are setup in the same format. There are several fields
that should be edited to customize them to your membername and/or password.
In each case you should only change the text *between* the quotation marks,
changing any other part of the script can cause it to fail to function
properly. As an example, below the FOO should be changed to BAR:

str sample_string[] = "FOO";

When properly edited, the result would look like this:

str sample_string[] = "BAR";

Below are listed the fields that can be changed to customize the script for
your own use:

ID This field should contain your DELPHI membername. As
distributed, this field contains the word SAMPLE. Change
this to equal your membername. Example:


delphi_pass This field is optional. If you leave it blank, you should
place your DELPHI password in the dialing directory entry for
Delphi. If you don't like having your password in the
dialing directory, then place it between the quotation marks,
and it will be compiled into the script.

NOTE: If you define the password here, it will override any
password set in the dialing directory. Example:

str delphi_pass[] = "FOOBAR";

Keep in mind when using this feature that you will have to
re-edit and re-compile the script whenever you change your
DELPHI password.

delphi_entry This field is also optional. It's purpose is to allow you to
start Telix and automatically dial DELPHI from the commmand
line. If you'd like to use this feature, place the number of
the dialing directory entry for DELPHI in between the
quotation marks. Example:

str delphi_entry[] = "13";

Now that you have defined the entry, you can start Telix and
login to DELPHI from the command line. Example using the
DELPHITE script:


Keep in mind if you reorganize your dialing direcctory, you'll
have to re-edit and recompile the script for this feature to
continue working.

This feature DEPENDS on the modem indicating carrier detect
correctly. If the feature does not work for you, check your
modem switch settings. If your modem doesn't have switches,
make sure all of your modem registers are set correctly. For
Hayes compatible modems, issue AT &C1 &D2 &W.


Now that you have made your changes to the script you need to compile the
script for it to work properly. For this you use Telix's CS command.
Example using the DELPHITE.SLT file from the DOS prompt:


You *should* be returned to the DOS prompt with no error messages. If you
receive an error message, start over with a fresh copy of the script and
carefully make your edits again. If everything went ok, there is now a
DELPHITE.SLC file in the same directory as the source file. This .SLC file
needs to be placed in the directory that you have defined as your script
directory in the Telix Alt-O setup under the "Filenames and Paths" option.
Now go into Telix and edit your dialing directory entry for DELPHI to call
the script. You don't need to supply the SLC portion of the filename, Telix
automatically looks for a .SLC extention when running a script.

That's all there is to it!! Sit back and enjoy letting Telix login for you!


1.00 - 08/23/91
Initial Release.

1.01 - 09/27/91
Corrected some of the return functions to indicate failure. This is
only important if the script is called from another script.

1.02 - 10/05/91
Corrects a *major* problem with the Sprintnet script at 2400 baud!!!!
This problem has existed since version 1.0. Those of you who do not
use Sprintnet may ignore this update.

1.03 - 11/21/92
Removed the 20/20 Script from the package. Changes to documenataion
and changes to the scripts for 9600 baud support, including locked
DTE rates above 2400 bps.

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