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Takes modem on/off hook, good Sysop utility.
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Takes modem on/off hook, good Sysop utility.
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Contents of the OH!.DOC file


a public domain SysOps' utility by Michael Conley.

Version 2.3, compiled 6/23/92


OH! places your modem OFF HOOK or ON HOOK depending on the command line
switches. Unlike many similar programs, OH! allows you to send these
modem commands to ANY port address and any IRQ (1 through 15), as well
as offering simple default settings

OH! transmits its commands at 1200 baud, which should be compatible
with virtually any current modem. It uses the HAYES-compatible commands

ATH1 - places the modem off-hook
ATH0 - places the modem on-hook

DTR is cycled before the command is sent, and is left HIGH because some
modems return to an ON-HOOK state if DTR is lowered.


OH! can be run from a batch file or directly from the command line.

Calling syntax: OH! [X]

PORT may be any one of the following formats:

COM1 through COM4 - see defaults below
3F8h - any HEX address (indicated by an H)
1016 - any DECIMAL address.

IRQ (only required if you don't use the defaults - see below)

I3 -- any valid COM IRQ (1 - 15)

X (optional) -- restores ON HOOK condition

OH! default combinations are: NAME HEX ADDR IRQ
COM1 3F8h 4
COM2 2F8h 3
COM3 3E8h 5
COM4 2E8h 7


This program is public domain. I don't seek or accept any donations or
registration fees for any of my Wildcat! utility programs, including
TODAYBBS, FLOP, MSTAT, USTAT, and others ... however I invite you to
read the short text file "SHARE" enclosed in this ZIPfile. It suggests
that you make a contribution to YOUR favorite charity if you find this
program useful.

I welcome suggestions, and will try to help (no guarantees) if there are

You may contact me at The Charlatan's Cabin BBS (213) 654-7337. Mention
your Wildcat! registration number in the comment and you'll be upgraded to
visiting sysop level without the usually required registration by mail.

You may also leave a message via CompuServe EMail. My CompuServe account
number is 70250,220. I also regularly check the Mustang Software head-
quarters BBS, especially the "3rd Party Utilities Help" conference.

Please, NO VOICE CALLS. This isn't meant to be unfriendly, but with the
price of public domain software these days ... I just can't afford to be
"on call." I WILL respond to your questions via my BBS or CompuServe,
or via the Mustang Software registered SysOp BBS.

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