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TeleReplica Fast Remote Control PC software (like PCAnywhere w/o graphics).
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TeleReplica Fast Remote Control PC software (like PCAnywhere w/o graphics).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LICENCE.DOC 4394 1605 deflated
README.DOC 3407 1401 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 9264 3035 deflated
TR.DOC 118976 30497 deflated
TR.EXE 36914 21626 deflated
TR.HLP 2048 417 deflated
TR.TR 2023 873 deflated
TRASK.EXE 10246 6592 deflated
TRCHECK.EXE 11002 7156 deflated
TRDIAL.EXE 9250 6071 deflated
TREXTR.EXE 12868 8381 deflated
TREXTS.EXE 12980 8443 deflated
TRFIFO.C 9349 2764 deflated
TRGET.EXE 13496 8754 deflated
TRHOST.EXE 10478 3915 deflated
TRHOSTC.EXE 26504 15595 deflated
TRHOSTIN.EXE 28226 16339 deflated
TRHOSTIN.RES 841 424 deflated
TRMODSET.DAT 1186 536 deflated
TRMODSET.EXE 12368 8038 deflated
TRPUT.EXE 14898 9453 deflated
TRREMOVE.EXE 9646 6236 deflated
TRRZ.BAT 21 21 stored
TRSPEED.EXE 9140 5994 deflated
TRSTATUS.EXE 7568 4925 deflated
TRSZ.BAT 48 48 stored
TRTALK.EXE 9778 6317 deflated
UPDATE.DOC 6219 2562 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Thank you for your interest in TeleReplica. TeleReplica is a shareware
program. This means you are encouraged to try it and make copies to pass
on to your friends and acquaintances. If you decide the use the program
on a continuing basis, you are asked to register it. Please see the
LICENCE.DOC and REGISTER.DOC files for details.

TeleReplica release 4.26 is distributed electronically in a single
compressed archive called TR4-26.??? (the file type will depend on the
favorite archiver of the moderator/BBS sysop). This archive will contain
the following files:
licence.doc licence agreement for TeleReplica
readme.doc this file
register.doc registration form
tr.doc user documentation in plain text format
update.doc new features added to the current version
tr.exe TeleReplica program to run on replica computer
tr.hlp on-line help for tr.exe sample configuration file for tr.exe
trask.exe batch file question and answer utility
trcheck.exe time checking utility
trdial.exe telephone dialling program for host computer
trextr.exe interface program to receive files using DSZ
trexts.exe interface program to send files using DSZ
trget.exe file upload program for host computer
trhost.exe TeleReplica program to run on host computer
trhostc.exe program to configure TRHOST in memory
trhostin.exe installation program for trhost.exe
trhostin.res sample response file for TRHOSTIN
trmodset.exe modem configuration program
trmodset.dat sample setup data for modem
trput.exe file download program for host computer
trremove.exe program to remove TRHOST from memory
trrz.bat script to receive files using DSZ
trspeed.exe program to change display update speed
trstatus.exe program to report status of TRHOST
trsz.bat script to send files using DSZ
trtalk.exe host/replica conversation utility
trfifo.c mini-computer link program

If the archive is called TR4-26.EXE then it will be a self-extracting
executable archive; copy it to wherever you want the TeleReplica files to
be installed, and enter the command:
which will unpack all the files.

Otherwise, you will need to use the appropriate unarchiving program to
recover these files.

See TR.DOC for a detailed description of the program and how to install it.

If you need to contact the author for any reason, the best way is to send
an Internet electronic mail message to:
[email protected]

If this is not possible, then you can send mail or a FAX message to:
Douglas Thomson
c/- MUGC School of Applied Science
Switchback Road
Victoria 3842

FAX: +61 51 226 300
or: +61 51 226 738

Due to cost and time involved, I cannot guarantee to reply to FAX and mail
queries unless you have registered. However, I will always reply to e-mail
(at least until someone starts charging me for sending it!).

I am not available for telephone consultation (I hate telephones, and in
any case my 'phone line is usually in use by my modem!).

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