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Telix30 phone directory sort utility.
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Telix30 phone directory sort utility.
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Contents of the TLXSORT.DOC file

TlxSort v1.0 by Paul Roub -- sort Telix v3.0 phone directories

This program and its sources are Copyright (C) 1988 by Paul Roub
and may not be sold for profit without the express written
consent of the author. Redistribute them (in their entirety) as
you wish, provided no fee is charged and all materials are
present and unmodified.

O.K., enough legal crap. By the way, I didn't write ALL of
this - the header formats are copied verbatim from the
description distributed by PTel, makers of Telix. Thanks for
circulating it, Colin. If you find bugs in the source, or
ideas for improvements (of which I have a few), let me know. If
you find the program really useful and otherwise wonderful for
some reason, a $5 contribution wouldn't hurt anyone. Not that
I'll starve without it, but...

TlxSort sorts Telix v.30 phone directories (currently by name
only). The simplest syntax is :


which will sort TELIX.FON, and write the sorted directory to the
same file. Up to two parameters may be given, that is:

tlxsort [input file name] [output file name]

If both are given, the first is used as the name of the input
file, and the second is used as the name of the output file. If
only one is given, it is the input file and TELIX.FON is the
output file.

Note that the source is included for your viewing pleasure. As
before, I only ask that you send bug fixes or comments to me.
It's written for Microsoft C 5.0+ or QuickC. The pack() #pragma
should be the only big portability problem -- it makes sure that
the compiler doesn't pad structure definitions with filler bytes.
If your compiler doesn't do this, you can just delete the

Under Microsoft C, just say:

cl -Ox -AC tlxsort.c read_fon.c writefon.c misc.c

or under QuickC

qcl -Ox -AC tlxsort.c read_fon.c writefon.c misc.c

have fun!

comments, bug fixes, or contributions should be sent to:

Paul Roub
690 Anderson Court
Satellite Beach, FL 32937

you might try E-Mail on the south or central FL Fido nets, or on
Compuserve to [71131, 157].

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