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Sorts telix phone directories. Flexible.
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Sorts telix phone directories. Flexible.
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Contents of the TLXMOVE.DOC file

Telix Directory Mover v3.01

By Martin Richardson
Copyright (c) 1989 - 1992 Martin Richardson
All rights reserved


Telix is a trademark of deltaComm Development, copyright 1992, used
with permission.


This program takes a TELIX.FON file and lets you move the
records in it around into any order you want and then saves the file
back to disk, thus allowing you to place all of your most-called
numbers at the top of your Telix directory listing.

There are two switches you can specify on the command line:

/NM : No Mouse - Some computers (such as Tandy's) will lock
up if the mouse check is used. Use this switch to
force the program not to check for the mouse.

/NS : No Sound - This will start the program with sound
toggled OFF.

Operation is very simple. Use the up and down arrow keys (or 8
and 2 keys on the numeric keypad) to move up and down the listing.
Use the Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, Ctrl-PgUp, and Ctrl_PgDn keys to move
quickly through longer listings. To 'pick up' a record and move it,
place the red highlight over the record you want to move and press
either the space or the ENTER keys. The highlight bar will change to
magenta letting you know you have 'picked the record up' and a small
arrow will appear to the left side of the record. Then, move the
record to the place in the listing you want it. To put it back down
again, press the space bar or ENTER key. The highlight will change
back to red and the arrow will disappear.

If you have a mouse, you can manipulate the directory listing
with it instead of the cursor keys. Position the mouse cursor over a
record and hold down one of the mouse buttons. The record will then
be 'picked up' and will stay that way until you release the button.
Next, move the mouse up and down to position the record where you want
it. Moving the mouse up or down past the listing will cause the
listing to scroll, as if you were trying to arrow up or down past the
listing. When the record is where you want it, release the mouse
button and the record will 'drop' into place.

You can move the listing with the mouse by clicking on the status
line bar to the right of the listing. Clicking on one of the two
arrows at either end of the bar will scroll the listing either up or
down (in the direction of the arrow). If you position the mouse over
the status indicator on the status bar, you can move it up or down
and, when you release the button, the listing will jump to that

If a record has been picked up (either by clicking on the Up/Down
button or pressing ENTER or SPACE) and you move the listing with the
status bar, then the picked up item will move along with you.

*NOTE* On slower systems (such as 8088s) using the mouse might be kind
confusing as it takes a bit longer to redraw the screen and
it will appear there is random text everywhere when you try to
move a record with it. I would recommend using the keyboard in
this case.

At the right of the screen are several buttons. These buttons
are accessible either via keyboard or mouse. You can access a button
with the mouse simply by clicking on it. To access the buttons with
the keyboard, either press that keys hot-key (the letter on the button
highlit in red), or press the TAB, SHIFT-TAB, LEFT ARROW, or RIGHT
ARROW and move the button highlight to the button you wish to press.
Then press the SPACEBAR to press the button.

There are three current ways to automatically sort the Telix
directory listing with TLXMOVE.

- Pressing the F5 key or the 'Name' button will sort the listing by
BBS Name. Blank records (those without a name) will appear at
the bottom.
- Pressing the F6 key or the 'Last On' button will sort the listing
by the date you were last on. This is an INVERTED sort with the
latest date being first and the oldest date being last.
- Pressing the F7 key or the 'Times' button will sort the listing
by the number of times you have been on. This is an INVERTED
sort with the maximum number of times at the top of the list and
the least number of times at the bottom.

When you are finished moving records around, press the Q, X,
or ESC keys, or click on the 'Exit' button, and a window will appear.
From there you have 3 options.

Save and Exit : Save what you have done and exit to DOS.
Quit without saving : Lose what you have done and exit to DOS.
Abort : Close the quit window and return to TLXMOVE.


In case anything should go wrong (ie you save a list you didn't
want save, or somehow the .FON file gets corrupted), TLXMOVE creates a
back-up of your .FON file when it is invoked with the same file name,
but with the extension .BAK. (eg, TELIX.FON will be saved as

This program checks itself for modifications to prevent infection
from viruses. Any changes to the program will cause it to cease
functioning. Changes include using an EXE compactor (a program which
compresses an .EXE file but still allow it to run) and patching or
editing the program (which is a big NO-NO!).


This UNREGISTERED version is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL working version
of the Telix Directory Mover.

This program is SHAREWARE and may not be sold by anyone other
than the original author (me). It may not be patched, edited,
reversed engineered, or altered in any other way.
You are free to use and distribute the UNREGISTERED version to
whoever you want for as long as you want, as long as all files which
originally came with the package are included as well and NONE of them
are modified.
PD and Shareware distribution companies may include this program
in their libraries, as long as they do not charge a special fee that
would not otherwise occur for including it and that they notify me
prior to doing so.

If you find this program useful, a small registration of only
$12, comments, etc. would be appreciated. Please see and fill out
TLXMOVE.REG in this package and send to:

Martin Richardson
415 Duvall Lane
Annapolis, MD 21403
(410) 626-0893 (voice)

Registered users get:

* A copy of TLXMOVE with:
- Their own personal serial number on it
- The introductory/closing screens and delay removed.
- The ability to specify name and location of the TELIX.FON
file on the command line.
* The next update of TLXMOVE when it is available (should I decide to
improve it more or the dialing directory format changes).
* The right to gripe and make suggestions to and about the program
and/or author.


Programmed entirely by Martin Richardson on an ACER 386 at 20mz and
on a Zenith 8088 at a blazing 8mz. Don't ask me why, I guess I'm just
a glutton for punishment.

Language used: Turbo Pascal v6.0 (who needs C? <*grin*>)

Main title screen created in TheDraw v3.0.

My thanks to Jeff Woods and the programmers of TELIX for creating such
a fine piece of communications software, and for allowing me to use
the name TELIX in this release.



UP/DOWN arrows : Move Highlight up/down one record
PGUP/PGDN : Move Highlight up/down one page of records
CTRL-PGUP/CTRL-PGDN: Scroll the screen up/down one line
HOME/END : Go to top/bottom of the current screen
CTRL-HOME/CTRL-END : Go to top/bottom of listing
ENTER : Pick up/Drop the current record

F1 : Help screen
F2 : Toggle sound on and off
F5 : Sort listing by Name
F6 : Sort listing by last on
F7 : Sort listing by times on

TAB/SHIFT-TAB : Move button highlight to next/previous button
LEFT/RIGHT arrow : Move button highlight to next/previous button
SPACE : Press current button

Up/Down : Pick up/Drop the current record
Name : Sort the listing by BBS name
Last On : Sort the listing by last date on
Times : Sort the listing by number of times called
Sound On/Off : Turn the sound on or off
Exit : Bring up quit menu

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