Dec 182017
Check and set 16550 UARTS for high speed modems.
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Check and set 16550 UARTS for high speed modems.
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16550.DOC 12279 4339 deflated
16550.EXE 23595 22703 deflated
READ.ME! 875 439 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME! file

16550 is a program which allows the 'unlocking' of the FIFO feature inside the 16550
UART chip, allowing high-speed operation with older communication programs.

This package consists of the executable program, 16550.EXE and the necessary
documentation, 16550.DOC. No special setup is required.

NOTE: This program is 'donate-ware', similar to shareware. If you obtained this
program from a shareware dealer, the price of the disk does not include the
registration fee! For details, please refer to the program documentation.


ANOTHER NOTE: Shareware dealers may distribute this program as long as the cost
per disk does not exceed $5.00. This package may be bundled with other programs
of like nature as long as the cost-per-disk stipulation is met.

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