Dec 282017
Take out the Pause in the title screen of PCPLUS 2.0.
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Take out the Pause in the title screen of PCPLUS 2.0.
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Contents of the PCPATCH.TXT file

This Patch takes out the initial beep and " Press any key to .... "
pause at the title screen of PCPLUS Version 2.0. The communications software
will automatically enter into terminal mode.

First, Make a copy of the PCPLUS.EXE, like PCPLUS.OLD.

Use Norton Utilities or the new Norton Disk Editor ( or equivilent ) and search
for the following HEX Digits on the file PCPLUS.EXE :

1) To remove the BEEP at the initial Title Screen:

Find : E8 BC 5E
Change To: 90 90 90

2) To remove the pause ( "Press any key to continue..." )

Find : E8 4F 8B
Change To : 90 90 90

Save the file and exit. Run PCPLUS and there should only be a slight delay
while the modem initialization string is sent to the modem, then the terminal
screen will come up, with a message "PROCOMM PLUS is ready."

I have not found a problem running Procomm Plus with this patch installed, but
there are no gurantees but if the patch was installed correctly, there should
not be any problems.

Later.... Duane Viazanko
Capitol Systems BBS.
WWIV Ver 4.12
2400,N,8,1 24 Hr.

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