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Convert Telix, Qmodem and Procomm dialing directories to COMMO communication program's .DIR format.
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Convert Telix, Qmodem and Procomm dialing directories to COMMO communication program’s .DIR format.
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Contents of the COMMOCVT.DOC file

Commo Phone Directory Converter
By Shad Muegge

COMMOCVT (-t|-q|-p|-b) [-c] [-i [-h] [-a]

One of the following switches must be specified:
-t Telix 3.10 phone directory file conversion.
-p Procomm Plus 1.x phone directory file conversion.
-q Qmodem 4.0 phone directory file conversion.
-b Boyan 4.0a phone directory file conversion.

The following switches are optional:
-c Commo phone directory filename defaults to COMMO1.FON.
-i Input phone directory filename.
defaults: Procomm+ --> PCPLUS.DIR
Qmodem 4.0 --> QMODEM.FON
Telix 3.10 --> TELIX.FON
Boyan 4.0a --> BOYAN.FON
-h Suppress the header written to commo phone directory.
-a Append to the end of the Commo phone directory file.


Convert Procomm Plus phone directory file using defaults.

Convert Telix phone directory file, with the input file specified.
Use this if your phone directory file is not the default filename.

Converts a Qmodem phone directory file and APPENDS the phone numbers
to the COMMO1.FON file. This is nice if you have more than one file
you want to convert. It will combine them all into one Commo phone
directory. The -H option is automatically set on this command.

Converts a Boyan phone directory file and supresses the Header
information which is usaully written to the Commo file.

Append the converted Procomm Plus directory named PURSUIT.DIR to
the Commo directory file COMMO3.FON

Comments and suggestions can either be sent to:
Shad Muegge
P.O. Box 4251
Santa Rosa, Ca
or you can call my BBS:
The Outland
(707) 575-0636
Hayes 9600 V.42

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