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BEEP-ME! works with your answering machine and pager to alert you of incoming calls while you are away from the phone.
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BEEP-ME! works with your answering machine and pager to alert you of incoming calls while you are away from the phone.
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Contents of the BEEPME.DOC file

BeepMe - Copyright 1987-1991 by Charles Eglinton Page: 0

Electronic Technologies
3985 S. Rochester Road Ste.H
Rochester, Michigan 48307

CompuServe ID: 70337,1654
7 day 24 hr BBS SUPPORT:
A/R BBS (313) 680-9154

(313) 680-9154 (9600,2400,1200: N,8,1)

The sole intention of shareware is to provide an inexpensive copy of the
program for evaluation purposes only. Shareware is not free software. If
you find value in this software and if you intend to use this software on a
regular basis then you are morally obligated to pay for it. To print an
order form type "COPY ORDERFRM.DOC LPT1".

The shareware version of this software may be distributed free of charge by
use of electronic bulletin board services. However, any other distribution
of this program must first be approved in writing by the author. If you
are a software vendor, member of a user group or other organization then
you must read the file "VENDOR.DOC" for information about the rules and
legalities which must be followed in the distribution of this software.

Once a donation has been received, the program is officially registered and
licensed. Registration permits a user the license to use this program
only on a single PC. A registered user may use the program on a different
computer, but may not use the program on more than one computer at the same
time. No user may modify this software in any way, including but not
limited to decompiling, disassembling or otherwise reverse engineering the

The author makes no warranty of any kind express or implied, including
without limitation, any warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a
particular purpose.


Tech support is limited to one year for registered users only, and is
available by mail, Compuserve "EasyPlex" or 24 hour Bulletin Board service.
Questions should be submitted to the attention of Charles Eglinton.

When requesting technical support please report the following:
1) Memory before running the program (use the dos command "CHKDSK:)
2) Computer, modem and printer type (if applicable)
3) The names of any TSR memory resident programs (Sidekick, Prokey..)
4) A listing of both your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.

BeepMe - Copyright 1987-1991 by Charles Eglinton Page: 1


BeepMe will call your pager to alert you whenever someone leaves a
message on your standard home answering machine. Also, BeepMe can be
used as an alarm clock/reminder system. Give BeepMe a list of dates and
times, and BeepMe will call your pager at those dates and times.


The registered version of BeepMe can work in the background as a TSR -
memory resident program, freeing your computer to be used for other
activities. Also, three zeroes (000) will be displayed on your pager's
digital display when BeepMe calls. If the BeepMe alarm clock is calling
your pager, then your digital display will show three zeroes followed by
the month, day, and alarm time (000MMDDHHMM).


* Consultants, TV Repairmen, Appliance Repairmen, Heating & Cooling
Technicians - BeepMe will allow you to respond to customer messages
in minutes. Keep old clients happy. Impress new clients.

* Home Office Professionals - Use BeepMe when you step out for lunch
-it's like having a remote phone ringer in your pocket.

* Real Estate Professionals - BeepMe allows quick response to your
phone messages. Quick response could be the key to your next big

* CPA's, Accountants, Attorneys, Have your secretary program the
BeepMe Alarm Clock / reminder system to keep you on schedule (and to
remind you of your spouse's birthday).

* Traveling salesmen - Use BeepMe for your wake-up call - wherever you

* Corporate Employees - Use the BeepMe Alarm/Reminder to page yourself
out of that dull business meeting this afternoon.

* Anyone that carries a company-provided pager - Get double duty out of
your company benefit. BeepMe will let you know when people have
called your home.

* Time for a pill - Have BeepMe call your pager throughout the day each
time you are to take your medication.

BeepMe - Copyright 1987-1991 by Charles Eglinton Page: 2


* BeepMe has a memory resident option - it can work in the background.

* BeepMe is now 80% smaller than the previous version- now only 15K.

* BeepMe can call your pager to remind you of appointments, birthdays, etc.

* BeepMe now supports all comm ports; COM1, COM2, COM3, & COM4

* BeepMe has greater error detection - It makes multiple attempts to call
your pager if there is a busy signal, and if someone is using the phone
BeepMe will wait until the line is not being used, then call your pager.

* BeepMe can automatically reset if there is a loss of power.

* More features, yet easier to use.


Upon your paid registration we will mail you a diskette that does not have
the following shareware restrictions:

* The shareware version will not display the BeepMe "000" signature on
digital display pagers.

* The Alarm Clock / Reminder option (/A) is disabled in the shareware

* The Memory Resident option (/TSR) is disabled in the shareware version.

* The PhoneNo is limited to 11 digits in the shareware version. No special
characters (*#) are allowed. Up to three commas are allowed, but only as
part of a "dial-9" sequence (example: 9,,,555-1212)


* You must have a digital display pager or tone-only pager.

* You must have and IBM Compatible computer with at least 64K and one floppy
drive. BeepMe can be used on modem equipped laptop computers.

* You must have an internal or external Hayes compatible modem with 1200 baud
or greater capability.

* You must have an anwering machine if BeepMe is to call your pager when
messages are received.

* An internal PC clock is recommended+ for the Alarm Clock / Reminder option.
All PC/AT and '386 computers have an internal clock.

BeepMe - Copyright 1987-1991 by Charles Eglinton Page: 3


Options in brackets are optional.

usage: BEEPME PhoneNo Port WaitTime [/P] [/A] [/U] [/TSR]

"PhoneNo" is the number you dial to activate your pocket pager. BeepMe
defaults to touch tone phone dialing (see the "/P" option below). Special
dialing characters (#*) are allowed in the PhoneNo. Each comma in your
PhoneNo will pause the modem's dialing sequence for approximately one second.
You can use commas to pause if you have a business phone on which you must
dial 9 to get an outside line. For example, if you have a business phone
that requires you to dial "9', then pause for a dial tone, and your pager
phone number is 555-1212, then you would use the PhoneNo "9,,555-1212'.

"Port" is the serial port that your modem is using. Valid serial ports are
1, 2, 3, and 4.

"WaitTime" is how many seconds BeepMe should wait before calling your pager.
The Waittime should be long enough for your caller to leave a message.
Typically, the WaitTime should be at least 120 seconds. If you set the
"WaitTime" to zero (0) then BeepMe will NOT call your pager when messages are
received. You would use a zero "WaitTime" if you wanted to use BeepMe as an
Alarm Clock / Reminder system but did not want to use message notificaton

/P - Pulse Dialing

"/P" will cause BeepMe to use pulse dialing when calling your pager. If you
use the "/P" option then you will not be allowed to use special dialing
characters (#*,) and the BeepMe signature "000" will not be shown on your
pager's digital display.

/A - Alarm Clock / Reminder (registered version only)

"/A" will activate the BeepMe Alarm Clock / Reminder option. When the Alarm
is started BeepMe will call your pager at the times listed in the file titled
BEEPME.DAT. If you use the "/A" option you should verify that your system's
time and date are correct. See the section titled "USING THE ALARM CLOCK /
REMINDER" for more information.

/TSR - Terminate & Stay Resident (registered version only)

"/TSR" will load BeepMe as a memory resident program. When loaded as a TSR,
BeepMe will work in the background allowing you to use your computer for
other activities.

/U - Uninstall (registered version only)

"/U" will uninstall the TSR memory resident version of BeepMe.

BeepMe - Copyright 1987-1991 by Charles Eglinton Page: 4


1) If you are using BeepMe as a "message notification system', then your
modem and answering must be attached to the same phone line. Your modem
and answering machine do not need to be in the same room, however. You
could have your modem in the den and the answering machine in your
kitchen, as long as they are sharing the same telephone line.

2) If you are using the Alarm Clock/ Reminder option (/A) then you should
make sure that your computer's system clock is correct.

3) Be sure to switch "on" your pocket pager.

4) Type the BeepMe COMMAND LINE as described above.

5) To test BeepMe, hold the [Alt] key and press the [F1] function key.
BeepMe will immediately use the modem to call your pager. If you are
using the TSR option you won't see anything happening on the display; but
if your modem speaker is on you will hear your modem calling your pager.
If you have the registered version of BeepMe, and you have a display
pager, then three zeroes should appear on the pager's digital display.

6) Your computer must always be on for BeepMe to operate but the monitor
does not have to be on. Once you are sure BeepMe has started, you can
switch off the power to the monitor to prolong the display life and save
energy costs.

Note: Home office professionals and users that may be away from their
computers for long periods may want to use BeepMe on a bootable floppy
diskette. Then, if the computer power is temporarily interrupted, BeepMe
will automatically restart upon power resumption. To make a bootable
floppy diskette, follow this steps:

a) Format a blank bootable floppy diskette (use 'FORMAT A:/S')
b) Copy 'BEEPME.COM' to the bootable diskette in the A: drive.
c) Make an 'A:AUTOEXEC.BAT' that contains the BeepMe command line.
d) Restart the system with the diskette in the A: drive.


The registered version of BeepMe can call your pager at the dates and times
listed in the file "BEEPME.DAT". If you are using a display pager, you will
see three zeros followed by the date and time in the format '000YYMMDDHHMM'.
Remember, if you see three zeroes (000) then it is BeepMe calling.

The registered version of BeepMe includes a program named "BeepEdit".
"BeepEdit" works like a spreadsheet and allows you to edit the file
"BEEPME.DAT" where the Alarm Clock dates and times are stored. To start the
editor type "BEEPEDIT" and press [Enter].

* Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to different rows and columns *
Begin typing to edit the contents of a cell.

* The [INS] key will insert a row.

* The [Del] key will delete a row.

* Press [Esc] to save your work and leave the program.

* You can edit the dates and time in any order - they don't have to be
listed chronologally (in date and time order).

BeepMe only reads the "BEEPME.DAT" file once when BeepMe is started. This
means that if you use BeepEdit to change the BEEPME.DAT file, then you must
start BeepMe after quitting BeepEdit for the changes to be in effect.

BeepMe - Copyright 1987-1991 by Charles Eglinton Page: 5



An entry in the TIME COLUMN is required. The time must be in the format
"HH:MMam" for times before noon or "HH:MMpm" for times after noon. Where HH
is the hour and MM are the minutes. There should be no space between the
time and the "am" or "pm." For example, if you want BeepMe to call your
pager at 6 'o clock in the morning the you would type "6:00am."


Type the date, day of week, day of month, month & day, or leave the cell
blank. You can mix and match these entries - use different formats in
different rows. If you use a pager with a display then you will see three
zeroes followed by the date and the military time (in the format "MMDDHHMM").
Remember - if the first three digits on the pager's digital display are
zeroes then it is BeepMe calling.

LEAVE BLANK: If you leave the date column blank then BeepMe will call your
Pager every day at the time you've specified in the TIME column. Leave the
date blank to have BeepMe send an early morning wake-up call you your pager
every day. Or leave the date blank to be paged when every time you are to
take your daily medication.

DATE: The format MM/DD/YY is preferred (Example: 04/14/91). BeepMe will call
your pager on this date at the time specified in the TIME column. Use this
option to be reminded of a special meeting or a dentist appointment.

MONTH & DAY: Use the format MM/DD (Example: 04/14). BeepMe will call your
pager every year on this date. Use this type of entry to call your pager on
anniversaries and birthdays.

DAY OF WEEK: A shortened version of the day of week, i.e., MON, TUE, WED,
THU, FRI, SAT, SUN is preferred. The pager will be called every week on this
day - you must always specify a time in the first column. This could be used
to remind you of a repetitive weekly appointment - A weekly meeting or
doctors appointment.

DAY OF MONTH: This is simply the day of the month, a number 1 through 31.
BeepMe will call you on the day of the month you specify. Use this as a
reminder for your car payment or any other once-monthly obligation.


The NOTE COLUMN is not used by BeepMe. You can use the NOTE COLUMN to make a
personal notation about why BeepMe is to call your pager at this time. For
example you might type "BARB'S BIRTHDAY", "ANNUAL MEETING" or "4:00 TENNIS
MATCH" in the NOTE COLUMN. This NOTE COLUMN will make it easier for you to
determine what entries should be removed or changed whenever you edit the

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