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ET SHAREWARE PROGRAMS as of 03/22/91 (written by Charles Eglinton)

WITH NO PUNCTUATION? Read all about it in POSTAL91. All the new 1991
postal information including new postage rates, what is needed for the
2-cent Postal Barcode discount, new addressing rules, and info about
a free postal service to convert your mail-list zip codes to ZIP+4.

BeepMe (Formerly FONECALL, since 1985) - BeepMe will call your pager whenever
someone leaves a message on your standard home answering machine. Also,
BeepMe can be used as an alarm clock/reminder system. Give BeepMe a
list of dates and times, and BeepMe will call your pager at those dates
and times. NEW! The registered version of BeepMe can work in the
background as a TSR-memory resident program, freeing your computer for
other activities. WHO CAN USE BeepMe? Consultants, Repairmen, Home
Office Professionals: BeepMe will allow you to respond to client
messages in minutes. If you have a pager, BeepMe is like having a
remote phone ringer in your pocket - wherever you go.

LAPTOP GASGAUGE: for battery-fueled laptop computers. This 10K TSR, estimates
the remaining battery charge by monitoring how long the laptop has been
turned on. The registered version of GasGauge has a LARGE VISIBLE
cursor option and can perform a "deep discharge" of the battery, which
maximizes charge capacity and negates the "memory effect." GASGAUGE was
called "one of the most popular files accessed on the the PC Board" by
On-Line Life Magazine (p.23, April 1989). The current GASGAUGE is
1/10th the size of the original version. Look for "LAPTOP*.ZIP"

IRSLOG: A 1.5K TSR program logs the date, time & elapsed time of every program.
Hey Managers- Night-Ridder News Service said it best: "simply [load] a
tiny memory-resident program on the office computers and in the wee
hours of the morning ... print out reports that show how long each
computer was used (including energy consumption), which programs were
used and for how long ... We loved running this little gem." Look for

BARCODES: Prints UPC, Code 39, and Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes on any EPSON/IBM
compatible dot matrix printer from a command line. Also available are
barcode soft fonts for Hewlett Packard compatible laser printers. These
routines are proven in the Automotive industry. Look for "BARCODE*.ZIP".

REMOTE CONTROL: Software lets you use a modem and fax on one line, or a modem
and answering machine on one line. Use your existing modem host or
"co-pilot" software. Also, RemoteControl call your pager whenever a
call has been received by your answering machine. Remote Control resets
on false alarms and loss of carrier. (All this with only 1 phone line!).
Remote Control is only $35 + $4 s/h

* "cost effective approach to handling line sharing problems", says
PC Magazine, December 11, 1990, (p 370)
* "Best bet...for the Home Office", PC Computing, October 1990,p.330
* "It's useful, it works, and it's a lifesaver", Computer Monthly
* "Absolutely bulletproof", says David Abrahamson, CAR & Driver
* "Slick", says Ron Albright, writer for Computer Shopper

GOTTA_GO: Want to hang-up on that long-winded caller without offending? Simply
select one of the GOTTA_GO sound effects on your PC. While the sound
comes out of the PC speaker, use one of the excuses that appear on
the screen. Select from Police Siren, Phone Ringing, Office Paging,
Fire Engine, Hum on phone line, Birds loose and other sound effects.


BarZIP: POSTAL BARCODES CAN SAVE YOU MONEY! Beginning in mid-1991 volume
mailers will be allowed to take a 2-cent discount for mail that has a
nine digit ZIP code and and a postnet barcode. This TSR will print the
postal POSTNET barcodes on your envelopes and labels USING YOUR EXISTING
SOFTWARE! Programmers - save time - use BarZIP with your programming
language! BarZIP is $195. Don't take chances - Our postnet program is
pending certification from the United States Postal Service.

BarBRM: Intended for small print shops and bulk-mailers, BarBRM will print
camera-ready business reply mail artwork on any HP compatible laser
printer. Both BarZIP and BarBRM include a pop-up abbereviation table
and an international postage rate calculator. BarBRM is $195. BarBRM
is currently pending certification from the U.S. Postal Service.

BarMagic: This TSR will print UPC, Code 39 and I 2 of 5 barcodes FROM YOUR
EXISTING SOFTWARE! BarMagic watches the information being sent to the
printer and automatically converts the information into BARCODES!
Use Barmagic with your existing word processor, spreadsheet, database
or accounting program. Save programming time - Use Barmagic with DBASE,
Pascal, basic, or programming language. BarMagic will work with any
Epson/IBM graphics compatible dot-matrix or HP compatible laser printer.
BarMagic is $195.

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