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Telix script file for email use.
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Telix script file for email use.
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Hello All,

This Telix script file is for helping with Email. I have
found that when I wanted to leave mail through Internet that the
long names with all their @, !, and .'s were a pain to type so I
made a script which will read a file located in the Telix directory
called "EMAIL.DOC". The "up arrow" and "down arrow" keys let
you move through the list of names. When the string is displayed
a carrage return will now post the name at the cursor position you
were at before starting the script.

The the "up arrow" will only work for is you have only
pressed the "down arrow" twenty times or less. After that an
"up arrow" will take you to the top of your list of names.

I also use this script to leave those funny tag-lines
without having to use an off-line mail reader. Sometimes you
just want to post that "tag-line" after leaving a quick message.

That's it, have fun...

David Wolfe
438 Woodview Dr.
Sun Prairie, Wi. 53590

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