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File transfer with ISDN.

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ACOPY (Version 4.22) for ISDN.
ACOPY allows file transfer over ISDN. It
requires a Common-ISDN-API.

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File transfer with ISDN.
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Contents of the ACOPY.DOC file

ACOPY 4.22, Rev. 92/24, Common-ISDN-API Version 1.1, Profil A, Treiber-Version 1.2f

acopy /serve - start file server
acopy own_file #ISDN-No:remote_file - transmit files
acopy #ISDN-No:remote_file own_file - receive files
acopy /dir #ISDN-No:mask - receive directory listing
acopy /md #ISDN-No:directory - create directory
acopy /rd #ISDN-No:directory - remove directory
acopy /del #ISDN-No:mask - delete files
acopy /on #ISDN-No:directory - connect to a server

Commands available when connected:

copy own_file #:remote_file
copy #:remote_file own_file
dir #:mask
md #:directory
rd #:directory
del #:mask

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