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Provides a simple interface for DSZ with Procomm.
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Provides a simple interface for DSZ with Procomm.
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Contents of the DSZ_ZAP.DOC file

un-docs for DSZ-ZAP 0.03 August 28, 1987

Here's a little dity I wrote to help ease the interfacing of DSZ.COM
to programs like Telix 2.12 and Procomm 2.42. Since many of us feel
cheated that these fine programs don't have an internal Zmodem protocol
we kind of shelved them for awhile. So bring out those dusty disks and
light'em up with DSZ-ZAP and DSZ.COM. You don't need to send me any money,
because if I did this for money, frankly, you couldn't afford it.

There are two ways to use DSZ-ZAP with Procomm or Telix: either as a
replacement for the editor option (which no one ever seems to use) or
bying running starting the transfer then dropping to the DOS shell and
just run the little batch file enclosed in the packet.

You find the following files enclosed:
DSZ_ZAP.DOC (this one)
DSZ_ZAP1.EXE (for systems using COM:1)
DSZ_ZAP2.EXE (for systems using COM:2)
Z.BAT (a disgustingly simple batch file for using DSZ_ZAPs in DOS shell)

If there is any interest at all in this mess, I'll probably set it up
to do Y-modem, 1K-Xmodem, Sealink, and Megalink transfers also. Sure there's
a lot more things I could have done, but hey, write your own then.
Maybe even I can have my arm twisted to release the source code (naaaaw).

Updates and other musings for the good of the order.
-- Version 0.05 this beta's for you...
September 2, 1987

DSZ-Zap 0.05 in a little different animal then previous versions.
the Ymodem batch, Xmodem-1k, Xmodem CRC, Zmodem (of course) send and recieve
modes are all in now. The code has been completely written, so god knows
what'll happen when you use it. I've been using DSZ-Zap with Mirror, Procomm,
Qmodem SST, Telix, and Desview so far myself with no problems. I guess I'll
consider this version a beta. So any comments and donations are certaining

Brad Cronk
(319) 335-5685
2400 baud 24 hours

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