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Host Plus Version 1.0. A host program for Telix 3.15, very complete, almost as good as a full blown BBS.
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Host Plus Version 1.0. A host program for Telix 3.15, very complete, almost as good as a full blown BBS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARCVIEW.BAT 979 291 deflated
BBSLIST.HP 729 179 deflated
CALLBACK.HP 193 138 deflated
CNFCOLOR.HP 20 19 deflated
CONFIG.HP 189 119 deflated
DIRHEAD.HP 43 30 deflated
DIRHEAD.HPG 140 47 deflated
DIROFDIR.HP 15 15 stored
DOORS.HP 46 46 stored
EDITOR.BAT 122 81 deflated
HOSTPLUS.DOC 104552 28790 deflated
HOSTPLUS.SLC 63820 22743 deflated
HPCONFIG.SLC 17836 5731 deflated
HPDD.SLC 11098 3773 deflated
HPM.SLC 16040 4682 deflated
HPMC.SLC 2264 960 deflated
HPRP.SLC 3066 1108 deflated
HPUC.SLC 1376 640 deflated
HPUE.SLC 15596 5148 deflated
IBMAUX1.SYS 677 559 deflated
IBMAUX2.SYS 677 559 deflated
IBMAUX3.SYS 758 614 deflated
IBMAUX4.SYS 758 614 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 543 304 deflated
LEVEL1.HP 59 53 deflated
LEVEL2.HP 57 54 deflated
LEVEL3.HP 46 46 stored
LOGOFF.HP 73 70 deflated
MENU1.HP 1543 440 deflated
MENU1.HPG 1559 590 deflated
MENU12.HP 680 245 deflated
MENU12.HPG 659 346 deflated
MENU2.HP 1584 501 deflated
MENU2.HPG 2294 726 deflated
MENU21.HP 741 238 deflated
MENU21.HPG 815 351 deflated
MENU22.HP 680 180 deflated
MENU22.HPG 818 320 deflated
MENU23.HP 948 240 deflated
MENU23.HPG 1097 363 deflated
MENU24.HP 868 237 deflated
MENU24.HPG 870 352 deflated
MENU3.HP 1584 566 deflated
MENU3.HPG 2554 805 deflated
MSGHDR.HP 1032 253 deflated
NEWS.HP 200 140 deflated
NEWUSER.HP 211 152 deflated
PROTOCAL.HP 336 118 deflated
QUESMENU.HP 277 68 deflated
README.1ST 4363 1901 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 6631 2223 deflated
START.PSL 1780 445 deflated
SYSOPHLP.HP 436 264 deflated
TESTEXT.SLT 665 368 deflated
TESTEXTL.SLT 512 302 deflated
WELCOME.HP 236 154 deflated
WELCOME.HPG 303 218 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Because Host+Plus 1.001 was not completed as of press time for the documents
the following changes were not covered in the HPHOST.DOC documentation.

** We now do not use a one file per message system. We now use a two file
system (MSGHDR.HP and MSGTXT.HP). This means that there is no need for
a messages directory

** We now do not use a one file per user system. All user data is kept in
USERFILE.HP. This means you have to type in the full name of the person
to edit in the user editors, not just the first few characters.

** CompuHost, when first run, will now read your Telix colors, and save them
in CNFCOLOR.HP. It will then ask you for an ultra-bold/error/warning color.
If you update your Telix colors, erase the CNFCOLOR.HP file to have Host+
update the colors in the CompuHost program.

** CompuHost now compensates users for time spent uploading, and time spent in
chat with the sysop.

** You now may only kill messages that are to or from you, except for level
3 users, who can delete any message.

** Code was modified so that several message bases may be used (conferences),
in the near future.

** The CompuHost Maintenance message packer was updated

** In the external user editor you may now use the [Left Arrow] and [Right
Arrow] keys to scroll through users, instead of always having to type the
user name in.

** In the external user editor you may now print the user's file by pressing
[Ctrl]-P. When you press [Ctrl]-P, you will get a prompt:

[N]ame: Enter a user name and have HPUE print that user's record
[#]-Number: Enter a user number and have HPUE print the corresponding record
[C]urrent: Print the record of the user you are currently editing
[A]ll: Print all users in the user's file.
[Esc]-Abort: Exit this menu.

Note: After each job is completed, a form feed will be send to the printer.
Also: The device that HPUE accesses to print is PRN.
Also: The spacing of this printout is nessacary to make things look neat. We
suggest that you not use proportional fonts in your printing
Also: If you print all records, you may press [Esc] to abort the printing.
HPUE will finish printing the current record, and then stop.
Also: You will see the first page of data of the user that is currently being
printed appear on the screen.

** Both the external and internal CompuHost user editors were updated

** CompuHost checks for the existence of a file called DELYN.HP to see if the
visual editor message was aborted. We urge you not to alter this.

** The message base was once again re-written. It has some improved
functionality, but generally is the same:

[+] or [-] are direction controls.
[=] or [/] now reprints the current message
[Enter] now will print the next message to the screen, or the previous one,
depending on which direction was used last
Directions may be entered with message numbers (i.e. 293+ or 179-).
The current message number is printed in blue in front of the read prompt.
The message system is now MUCH faster and MUCH, MUCH more reliable.

** Text search now only searches the header of the message.

** User flags have been added, along with a user file compressor. The 'delete'
flage are Regular User, NEVER DELETE, and DELETE. Being a Regular User
means if you have not called in 'X' number of days (specified by the Sysop
when packing), you will be deleted. DELETE means that you are deleted on
the next run, no matter how many days ago you called. NEVER DELETE means
that you are never deleted, no matter how long it has been since you called.
We suggest you give NEVER DELETE status to sysops (level 3) and locked out
(blacklisted, level 0) users. Give level 0 users this status or they will
be deleted, and will therefore be allowed on again.

** User comments have been re-instated. The very first versions of CompuHost
had this feature (up to Beta 4), and then in Beta 5 it was taken out and
forgotten. Comments are editable within both the internal and external HP
user editors. They may be up to 24 characters long. The default comment
is "First logon was XX-YY-ZZ". It is created when the user joins as a new

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