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AUTOSIG Script file for capturing the 4 billing reports from CompuServe.
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AUTOSIG Script file for capturing the 4 billing reports from CompuServe.
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Contents of the BILLING.DOC file

Written on 07-31-1991
* * * BILLING.SCR * * *

BILLING.SCR is an AutoSIG script file that captures the 4 reports that are
available from GO BILLING. The report names/selections/pc filenames are:

Account Balance Report (2) written to billBALA.rpt
History Billing Report (3) written to billHIST.rpt
Current Activity Report (4) written to billCACT.rpt
Previous Activity Report (5) written to billPACT.rpt

To use the script, you must be logged on to CompuServe. (BILLING is not a true
FORUM, so BILLING.SCR can not be used as a logon script.) At any ! prompt you
can execute the BILLING Script. This is done by:

1) Alt-T - calls up execute script window
2) BILLING [enter]

The script will GO BILLING, request/capture the 4 reports and logoff. DO NOT
press any keys during the processing, because the script can get off track.
BILLING is FREE but you don't want to waste your own time.

The way I normally use the BILLING.SCR is to G)o online/terminal from my AutoSIG
BILLING Forum. I answer Y)es to the 'Do you want to auto-logon?' question. I
have the forum configured where the 'Stay Connected' option is Y)es. When the
auto-logon is completed I run BILLING.SCR with Alt-T.

I hope this is helpful to someone. I use it to keep tabs on my CIS

Richard Hendricks [70302,144]

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