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Newest update for the commercial version of QMPRO. You have to upgrade to version 1.50 first. More RIP capabilities. This file will upgrade to Ver 1.51 for QMPRO and OLX.
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Newest update for the commercial version of QMPRO. You have to upgrade to version 1.50 first. More RIP capabilities. This file will upgrade to Ver 1.51 for QMPRO and OLX.
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Contents of the QMGATE.DOC file

QMGATE v1.51 operational guidelines:
The section in the QmodemPro manual that explains QMGATE operation is
correct for MCI Mail and for CompuServe Email. However, with the
addition of support for CompuServe (CIS) forum messages there have
been a number of changes.

Beginning with QMGATE v1.51 you can download and read messages from
CIS forums, including the ability to read forward and backward in
message threads if you use v1.51 of QmodemPro's mail reader, OLX.
Forum messages are downloaded into a special .QWK packet called
CISFORUM.QWK which continues to grow as additional messages are
added. You can place limits on how large your forum message packet
gets by limiting the messages kept for each forum you visit. This
pruning takes place automatically. Please review the new features of
OLX v1.51 contained in the README.QMP file that comes with QmodemPro.

CIS Setup
The first step is to establish your CIS account and know which number
to call to access CompuServe. This information is a part of your CIS
Introductory information.

Create a dialing directory entry in QmodemPro that is properly set up
to access CompuServe, paying attention to the connection parameters
required by your host. Many CIS access locations require you to call
in at a specified baud rate and to use 7 databits, Even parity and
one stop bit.

Once you have created or modified a dialing directory entry to
properly connect to CompuServe and you have tested it by logging on
manually (without using a script file), you are ready to configure
your settings on CompuServe to be used with the QMGATE program. This
process sets your CIS user default parameters to conform to what is
expected by QMGATE. It is an automatic process that is performed by
a QmodemPro script file as follows:

1. Log on to CompuServe manually and enter you PIN and password.
When you get to a CIS command prompt (!) you are ready to begin
the CIS setup process.

2. At the ! prompt press Alt-F (or pull down the Scripts/Execute
menu item) to display the dialog box for your script files.
Select the script CISSETUP.SCR and execute it.

The script will run for a minute or two and configure your
default settings for use with QMGATE. At the end it will log
you off CompuServe and return to QmodemPro terminal mode.

You CIS parameters are now set properly.

Starting QMGATE
The QMGATE program can only be run from the phonebook/dialing
directory inside of QmodemPro. Activate QMGATE from within the
dialing directory by clicking on the QMGATE selection or press Alt-T
to activate the program. When QMGATE appears on screen, it displays
a blank screen with three pull down menu selections:

Files CompuServe Help

The menu items can be selected with the mouse or by pressing the
highlighted Alt-key combination.


This menu choice contains two selections. Files/Packers and


This first menu choice can also be selected by pressing Alt-P from the
main program screen. The Files/Packers menu choice is used to
configure the compression method or packer used to compress messages.
The default is to use the internal packer which uses the technology
of PKZIP v1.x. The advantage of selecting the Internal packer is
that there is no need to obtain any additional programs. However,
faster compression can be obtained by using an external packer
program such as the newer proprietary PKZIP v2.x technology. The
choice is up to the user. If an external packer is selected, it is
the responsibility of the user to obtain and configure the packer
program properly.


The second choice is Files/Exit which exits the QMGATE program. It
can also be invoked by pressing Alt-X from the main program screen.


The second pull-down menu choice is CompuServe. It has only one
choice, Setup Forums, which can also be invoked from the main program
screen by pressing Alt-S. This menu option is the heart of the
QMGATE program operation as it controls which CIS forum messages are


The final pull-down menu item is the help system.

Setup Forums
The next step is to identify which forums you will be accessing for
messages. To configure your forum selections, select the
CompuServe/Setup Forums choice (Alt-S) to display the following

[] CompuServe Forum Setup

Selected Forums



[ ] Rescan Master Forum List OK

This blank screen indicates that you have not yet selected any forums
to scan for messages. QMGATE is supplied with a CompuServe forum
master list that contains most of the public forums that are
available. An updated list can be obtained at any time by clicking
on the box labeled Rescan Master Forum List (Alt-R). When Alt-R is
selected, the next time QMGATE contacts CompuServe it will download
an updated forum list.

To add a forum, click on the Add button or press Alt-A. The Forum
list dialog is displayed similar to the following:

[] CompuServe Forum Select

Available Forums
<> <>
ABC Worldwide Hotel Guide + ABC
ANZ Company Library + ANZCOLIB
AP Sports($) SPORTS
APPC Info Exchange Forum + APPCFORUM
ASP/Shareware Forum + ASPFORUM
Academic American Encycl. ENCYCLOPEDIA
Access Phone Numbers(FREE) PHONE
Adobe Forum + ADOBE
Adventures In Food(FREE) AIF
Adventures in Travel + AIT

OK Cancel

The first choice <> is used to add a forum that
may not be on the public list or to add a private forum. Select the
forum desired and press ENTER (or double-click) to display the Forum
Edit dialog:

[] CompuServe Forum Edit


GO Command PCVENA Prefix CIS

Your Name Rick Heming - MSI

Days to Keep 60

New High Msg Currently 186451

Personal [ ] Receive personal mail only

Section Edit OK Cancel

For each forum you can configure the Title, Go Command, Prefix, Your
personal name, the number of days to keep messages, and the forum
sections you will scan for messages.

Forum title: This field is simply a name that is used for the title
for the forum, and usually does not need to be changed. In the
event it is very long you may want to shorten it to display
better in the mail reader window.

GO Command: This field is the CIS keyword that is used by QMGATE to
access the forum. It is important that this field be entered
properly! The values for pre-defined forums are correct and
should not be altered in most cases.

Prefix: This field specifies the "service" name to be used to
access a particular forum. CompuServe is not just one service,
but rather a collection of services accessible through the
general CIS network. CompuServe Information Service (CIS) is the
one with which most people are familiar; others include
CompuServe Business Services and ZiffNet (operated in
conjunction with Ziff-Davis Publishing, publishers of PC
MAGAZINE, COMPUTER SHOPPER, and several other publications.)

When you join CompuServe you do so via one of these services,
which is then your "home" service. If you joined CIS through the
usual channels (sign-up kit purchased at a software store,
membership arranged by calling CIS directly, and so on), CIS is
your "home." If you joined by using the information provided in
one of the Ziff publications, ZiffNet is your "home." Most of
these services are interconnected via CompuServe's network, so
you can call one local number for access no matter which service
is "home." A few are "private" - specialty services operated
under contract between CompuServe and other corporations, and
not accessible to the general member population.

Your "home" is the only place to go for certain CompuServe
services. For example, each service has its own private mail
area, and you can get access to it only via your home service; a
user whose "home" is CIS cannot use the private mail facility of
ZiffNet. No matter what service you are using at a given moment,
a "GO MAIL" command will always take you to your home service.
(But most other ZiffNet areas are accessible by CIS members and
vice versa.)

In some cases, the services have forums or other areas that are
named the same. The PREFIX field tells the network on which
service the forum or other area you want resides. This
eliminates ambiguities and facilitates switching from one
service to another.

The majority of users will have CIS as their home service and
therefore the prefix field defaults to "CIS". If the forum you
are configuring is on a different service, make sure you provide
the correct prefix. For ZiffNet, use "ZNT." To get the right
initials for other services, consult your CIS sign-up agreement.

Your Name: This field is used to specify the name you want to use in
the forum when messages are sent. It may be your real name or
perhaps some variation or handle. Some forums require real names
and it is up the individual to determine what is appropriate for
this field. If in doubt, use your real name. This field is NOT
used to trap for forum messages to be places in your OLX INBOX
since your PIN number is your main ID.

Days to Keep: This field is used to automatically prune the number
of messages retained in the forum .QWK packet. You can keep
messages for any desired number of days, after which they will
be purged. If 0 is entered here, all existing messages are
deleted as soon as new messages are added. Depending on the
volume of messages in a forum, you may want to retain messages
for 15, 30, 60, or even 90 days or longer.

High Message: This field is used to reset your high message pointer
in a forum. When you access a forum for the first time QMGATE
sets your high message pointer to the highest message number in
the forum. From that point onward your high message number is
tracked for reference only. CIS tracks the number as well, and
QMGATE uses the CIS command READ NEW to get only new messages.

If you want to change your high message pointer at other times
you can enter any number desired and QMGATE will reset your high
message pointer in CIS, allowing you to backtrack and receive
older messages. If you want to set your message pointer to the
last message in the forum, enter the word HIGH in this field.
This field should be blank unless you are requesting a reset of
your message pointer on the next call!

Personal: If the box in this field is checked, QMGATE will not scan
for new messages in the forum sections, but instead will issue a
READ PERSONAL command. This command requests all messages that
are addressed to your PIN in all forum sections. These
messages are them placed in your InBox in OLX. If this box is
not checked, QMGATE will read all new messages in selected forum

Selection edit: This item is used to configure which message
sections within a forum will be scanned. Selecting this item
displays the following dialog:

[] Section Edit:

[X] Rescan Section Titles

Selected [0..9] Selected [10..19]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]

OK Cancel

The Section Edit screen is blank when first selected since QMGATE
doesn't know the names of the available forum sections. Note also
that the Rescan Section Titles box is checked, indicating that QMGATE
should access the forum automatically on the next call and get a list
of the available sections.

The final step in setting up your forums is to have QMGATE call in
and get the lists of forum sections. To do so, exit QMGATE
(after making all the forum selections desired), and return to the
QmodemPro dialing directory. Edit the dialing entry for your CIS
account and make sure you have set it up properly:

[] Revise Entry : 13

System CIS Mail User-ID 12345,6789 <-
Pri.#1 324-0971 Password Sample^Password<-
Alt.#2 Memo
Alt.#3 Key
Alt.#4 Retries Script CIS <-
Alt.#5 0 Packet CISMAIL <-
Emulate ANSI Last-Date 09-07-93
Transfer B:CIS B+ Last-Time 2:06p
Connects 23
Duplex (X) Full ( ) Half
Fax [ ] Fax Device Only Clear Call Info

OK Cancel

The important items are the ones indicated by the <- arrows on the
right border. The Script must be the CIS script supplied with the
QmodemPro program (it calls QMGATE) and the Packet name must be

Call CompuServe using the dialing directory entry and you should see
an automated connection to CompuServe using QMGATE.

If your system fails to connect to CIS (the modem never gets a
carrier with your remote number) check the phone number and
troubleshoot the problem by dialing manually until you get a
connection. If your modem gets connected but QMGATE doesn't
execute, check your script files. They must be located as
designated in your QmodemPro configuration for scripts (press
Alt-Z,C,F,P S). If CIS.SCR is in that directory, make certain
that the QMGATE.EXE program is located in your QmodemPro main
directory. Finally, check the contents of your CIS.SCR file by
entering the dialing directory and highlighting the CIS entry
and pressing E (edit) followed by S (script file). the script
should contain the two lines as follows:


Additional comment lines beginning with a semicolon are also
allowed, but not required.

During a successful connection you will see QMGATE access each forum
that you have selected. It requests a list of sections and sets up
your account, if needed.

After the automated QMGATE logon is completed it will return you to
QmodemPro in terminal mode. It is now time to complete your QMGATE
forum setup by returning to QMGATE. Access the dialing directory
with Alt-D and enter QMGATE by clicking on the button or pressing

Return to the Forum setup by pressing Alt-S (or using the pull-down
menus) and use the Edit button to display the edit window again.
Press Alt-S or click on Section Edit to display the newly downloaded
forum sections available and make your selections.

Now that the sections have been obtained you can select which forum
sections you want to scan for messages. The following dialog shows a
Section Edit screen with one section selected:

[] Section Edit:

[ ] Rescan Section Titles

Selected [0..9] Selected [10..19]
[ ] [ ] Northgate
[ ] ButtonWare [ ] Quercus Systems
[ ] Mansfield Software [ ] Ctrlalt Associates
[ ] Enable Software [ ] Foresight Corp.
[ ] [ ] PC-Kwik Corp.
[ ] [ ] DeScribe
[ ] Magee Enterprises [ ]
[ ] Custom Technologies [ ]
[ ] Qualitas [ ]
[X] Mustang Software [ ]

OK Cancel

This screen shows the PC Vendors A Forum with Mustang Software's
support section selected (GO PCVENA SS9).

The next time you call CIS, QMGATE will scan for new messages in each
selected section of each forum. You can request an update of the
available sections in a forum at any time by selecting Rescan Section

Operational Notes
The command line option /NOTERM can be used to eliminate the display
of text in the Terminal View window. This may be desired in some
situations where the program is running in an open environment. Keep
in mind that the command line is passed as an argument to QMGATE, and
therefore needs to be added to your script:


When you Delete a forum from your master list, a flag is set to tell
QMGATE to go out and "prune" the CISFORUM.QWK packet to remove ALL
messages associated with the deleted conference(s). This pruning is
not done until you close the Setup dialog. Once it is pruned, the
messages are physically deleted. If you want to stop receiving
messages from a forum but do not want to delete all forum messages
from CISFORUM.QWK you should simply turn off all forum sections but
do not remove the forum from your QMGATE selection.

QMGATE tosses forum messages into the QWK packet, but sometimes can't
do so without truncating the name fields (because of the size of the
QWK spec). In these cases it preserves the CIS ID located at the end
of the name field and removes characters in the middle rather than
losing part of the ID. This may result in not being able to view the
entire name in a message header, but having the entire PIN.

CIS Forum mail TO you (by CIS ID) is placed in your InBox, however it
is not captured by user name since each forum varies.

CIS Forum mail fully supports sending Private replies back. In the
event a particular forum or section does not allow private messages,
QMGATE will return your message with an error header via Email
(CISMAIL.IN file).

When configuring a Forum on the first pass, QMGATE sets the message
pointers to HIGH, or the last message in the Forum. Subsequent runs
will then grab new mail past this point. If you have accessed the
forum previously, the high message counter is not affected.

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