Dec 312017
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InfoPop (release 2.6) TSR (non-resident version inc’d too) guide to the internet. Includes utility to create your own pop-up hypertext help systems. Freeware from GMUtant Software.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
INFOPOP.HLP 245760 130384 deflated
IP.DOC 10644 4201 deflated
IP.EXE 67315 65796 deflated
IPNR.EXE 52193 51016 deflated
IPNR.ICO 1086 455 deflated
IPNR.PIF 545 141 deflated
MAKEINFO.DOC 8195 3378 deflated
MAKEINFO.EXE 19202 18466 deflated
README 1318 618 deflated
SAMPLEDB.TXT 6901 2865 deflated

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