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DOS version of Unix Termcap.
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DOS version of Unix Termcap.
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Contents of the README file

I wrote termcap(3X) for use on my PC clone under MS-DOS. Additionally, I
have developed complete termcap profiles for the PC, starting with the
termcap provided by Darren Friedlein.

Termcap.c was written with the Aztec C compiler (4.1), but it also works
with the 4.3bsd C compiler. A simple test program is provided at the end
of termcap.c. Pay no attention to the printd() calls, they're part of my
debugging package, and they are effectively neutered by defining DEBUG as 0.

I made good use of some of the functions from Henry Spencer's excellent
standard string library. If you don't have it, get it!

In the not-too-distant future I hope to be unleashing my hacked version
of Mark Nudelman's less program. It requires a termcap(3X) such as this.

I welcome your problems, suggestions, and bug fixes.

Norman Azadian, 80A; Hasler AG; Belpstrasse 23; 3000 Berne 14; Switzerland
X.400: [email protected] Telephone: +41 31 63 2178
Uucp: ... {uunet,ukc,mcvax, ... }!cernvax!hslrswi!azadian
Bitnet: azadian%[email protected]

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