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Command Line Faxer. Send faxes on most Class 1 and/or Rockwell Chipset.
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Command Line Faxer. Send faxes on most Class 1 and/or Rockwell Chipset.
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Contents of the FAXER.DOC file

Faxer is a very simple program intended to do but one thing. That is
to send a fax to a fax machine/board WITHOUT CAS or any other interface. I am
not sure just how many or what fax/modem boards it will work with, but it
should work on most Class 1 boards using Rockwell chips.

To use Faxer simply type:
FAXER 4 T1-817-283-5871 C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT

^METHOD T Touchtone or P Pulse

^Destination Phone Number

^Filename to Fax (ASCII or TIFF)

There is no error checking and probably a few bugs. But then it is free. I am
turning it lose to help solicit business for my Voice/Fax/Modem boards and
Voice/Fax/Modem software. If you need more please contact:

Simple Simon Software Voice : (817) 267-6773
POB 926 Fax : (817) 283-5871
Bedford, TX 76095

Thanks SS

*** Simple Simon Software ***
*** POB 926 *****************
*** Bedford Texas 76095 *****
*** (817) 267-6773 Voice ****
*** (817) 283-5871 Fax ******
*** (871) 283-5980 Demo *****

We have 1000 Voice/Fax/Modems for sale. $79.95 each !!!!

Works with WINDOWS or DOS. 9600/4800 Fax, 4800 Modem, and 1 Voice Line.
Bundled with Fax and Voice Software. All for $79.95.

Additional Software available:

1. Voice Programmers API, both C and Pascal Versions available $99.00
2. Fax Programmers API, both C and Pascal Versions $99.00

3. InfoOnCall: $299.00
a. Fax On Demand
b. Voice Mail
c. Audio Text
d. Elder Care
e. Repair Shop
f. Lesson Planning

4. Network Faxer: $299.00
a. Unlimited users
b. Works with any network
c. Windows/DOS
d. Multi-Fax Cards

5. Fax Broadcast System $299.00
a. Read xBase & Foxbase files directly
b. One or all on your list

All your Voice and Fax needs in one neat bundle !!!!

Simple Simon sez Call (817) 267-6773 Now....

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