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Automate Qmail and other PcBoard functions with Telix 3.1+.
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Automate Qmail and other PcBoard functions with Telix 3.1+.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


QMM 3.02


Welcome to QMM 3.02, The Qmail/PCBoard Manager. You will notice that there
have been a lot of changes since QMM 2.20. Some of these changes are
readily apparent and some are not, so please, read the file QMM.TXT
first. It will save you a lot of time.

If you are upgrading from QMM 2.20 or from QMM 3.00/3.01 you should run
QMMSETUP and load in each of your QMM Profiles (I've changed the name
from QMM Configurations), review each of them to make sure that they
contain all the correct settings, especially the Qmail Door Prompts
and the QMM Options. Then save them.

All your QMM Profiles must be saved to QMM 3.02 standards for QMM 3.02
to work correctly!

QMMSys/QMM 3.02 was developed using Telix 3.12 and tested by users
with Telix 3.11. This should ensure that you will not have any
problems when upgrading to Telix 3.12.

New features with QMM 3.02 are:

Linked Profiles
AutoRecall Mode
Multiple Dialing Directory Support
Wake Up
Pending Actions Display

Linked Profiles lets you Link up to 12 Profiles for execution during
a single online session. Great for BBSes with multiple Qmail Doors or
for changing the sequence of QMM events.

AutoRecall Mode is actually a new script, QMMAUTOR.SLC. AutoRecall
Mode is like AutoPilot, but it calls each Profile once in sequence,
then goes on to the next until a connection is made or the maximum
redial limit is reached.

Multiple Dialing Directory Support lets you enter the name of the
Telix Dialing Directory in each Profile. This allows users with more
than one Dialing Directory to use their existing Directories.

Wake Up lets QMM send a 3 seconds after a connection is
established to wake up those PCBoards which need an extra .

DATAPAC users please note that you will need to toggle Wake Up ON.

Pending Actions displays any File Transfer Lists or InstaScripts created
for a or Profile at the Profile Selection Screen.

I've changed the name of AutoPilot Recall Mode to SessionSaver in
order to avoid confusion with AutoRecall Mode. SessionSaver will call
a Profile back if a connection is lost during an AutoPilot/AutoRecall

QMM 3.02 supports the following features:

1. PCBoard Navigation
2. InstaScript
3. Unlimited File Transfers
4. AutoDownload All Files from a Capture File during
the same session.
5. PCBoard Prompt Management
6. iNet/Datapac Logon Support Built-in
7. ProLogon Support
8. ProBank Support
9. Qmail Door Prompt Management
10. Qmail Door Management
11. Qmail File Management
12. Qmail Door Message Pointer Resets
13. Qmail Door Offline Protocol Selection
14. MarkMail Support Built-in
15. QMM Options
16. Prompted Option Mode
17. AutoPilot/AutoRecall Mode
18. Extensive Usage File Stamping
19. Internal Password Support instead of Telix's Dialing
20. Protocol Translation Table
21. AutoPilot Recall Option
21. SessionSaver
22. Multiple Dialing Directory Support
23. Linked Profiles
24. Wake Up Support
25. Pending Actions Display

And, much, much more!

Oh, yes. Registered users will receive QMMSys and The Files Manager
free from me, as a gift.

To give you an idea of what QMMSys does, here is the Main Menu from
QMMSys. As you can see, you can start many of your most useful
communications applications right from this screen. In addition, you
can toggle your Capture File and Log File ON/OFF, you can change
Terminal Emulations as well as Comm Parameters from this menu.

QMMSys provides handy Editors for Download, Upload, InstaScripts and
AutoPilot Lists. It also manages those lists for you.

QMMSys also allows complete colour configuration for QMMSys/QMM 3.02.

QMMSys 1.00 ... The QMM System #0000 Current Dir: C:\TELIX
(c) Jack Mlynek, 1988 and 1989 Down Dir : C:\TELIX\DOWNLOAD\
Log File : TELIX.USE is ON Script Dir : C:\TELIX\SCRIPT\

A ... AutoPilot Mode M ... InstaScript Editor
B ... Interactive Mode N ... Timed DOS Command
C ... Configure QMMSys O ... DOS Command
D ... Delete a BBS Profile P ... Shell to DOS
E ... Edit a BBS Profile Q ... Quit QMMSys
F ... The Files Manager R ... Exit Telix
G ... Download List Editor S ... Telix Dialing Directory
H ... Upload List Editor T ...
I ... AutoPilot List Editor U ...
J ... Delete A List V ...
K ... Timed Script W ...
L ... Script X ...

Select :

The Files Manager will let you read a New Files List as created by
Qmail and perform many operations similar of Vern Buerg's LIST.COM.
You can move through the file, do a Zippy Scan for Text or a Locate
Scan for Files, both forward and backward. You can jump to a specific
page, leave a page marker and instantly return to that page. You can
Shell to DOS or even do a DIR of your Download Directory.

But best of all, The Files Manager will tag a file, using a lightbar,
and save it to a download list which QMM 3.02 can use. It will even
save the descriptions! The BBS Id and the Conference will also be
maintained. Maximum file size is 3.5 megabytes, so most large DIR
Files created by your BBS should fit.

As we all know, developing a program such as QMMSys/QMM 3.02 requires
the help of a lot of people. I would like to take this opportunity to
publicly express my gratitude to this special group of people, for
their wisdom, knowledge and insights, without which QMMSys/QMM 3.02
would not have been created.

Peter Bailey
Bev Green
Matthew Lewis
Gun Onen
Dave Nimon
Don Gray
Robert Walker
Peter Sleggs
Hugh Graham
Jud Newell
Ian Singer
Joseph Freer
Peter Kaiser
Colin Sampaleanu
Mark Herring

So, once again, welcome to QMM 3.02! Enjoy!


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