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QCOM v2.97. A compact communications program.

Full Description of File

QCOM v2.97. A compact communications pgm.
Easy to use, features auto-script maker,
scroll-back with quoter, host mode, music
support, file tagging for batch uploads,
and easy modem setup. Supports ANSI and TTY
terminal emulations. Has Xmodem and YModem
built in, uses DSZ or GSZ and can use other
external protocols too.
Comes with QMP v0.08 mail reader. FEB/93.

File QCOM297.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Communications
QCOM v2.97. A compact communications program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AREAS.HOS 908 159 deflated
BYE.HOS 1223 167 deflated
FILES.DOC 1790 661 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 373 265 deflated
HELLO.HOS 3246 506 deflated
HELP.HOS 2038 442 deflated
MENU.HOS 1842 321 deflated
QCOM.DOC 48894 14561 deflated
QCOM.EXE 56343 53532 deflated
QCOM.FON 106 74 deflated
QCOM.HLP 8588 3482 deflated
QCOM.MDM 12488 2896 deflated
QCOM.SCR 2122 605 deflated
QMP.DOC 7797 2954 deflated
QMP.EXE 43212 41499 deflated
QMPTAGS.TXT 1725 746 deflated
QS.EXE 16910 16225 deflated
QTT.EXE 4914 4724 deflated
QZ.EXE 16798 16232 deflated
REGISTER 2874 818 deflated
WHAT’S.NEW 2611 1186 deflated

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Contents of the FILES.DOC file

Files included in QCom297.Zip

WHAT'S NEW -info on the latest changes and fixes. Read it!

***************** QCOM FILES ********************
QCOM EXE -main program file
QCOM MDM -modem configuration data used by QS.EXE
QCOM SCR -sample script
QCOM CFG -Configuration file used by QCom.
QCOM DOC -documentation for QCom.
QCOM FON -telephone directory for QCom.
QCOM HLP -help file for QCom.
QZ EXE -file transfer module.

***************** HOST FILES ********************
MENU HOS -Host mode menu
HELLO HOS -welcome screen sent to caller by QCom Host. Use an ansi
editor to change it, or create your own.
HELP HOS -help file sent to callers in Host mode. Use an ansi editor
to modify it, or create your own.
AREAS HOS -Area list file used in Host mode. Edit this to suit
the subdirectories you wish to allow callers to access.
Use a text editor to modify it, or create your own.
BYE HOS -goodbye screen used in Host mode.

***************** MAIL FILES ********************
QMP DOC -docs for Qcom Mail Processor.
QMP EXE -QCom Mail Processor program.
QMP CFG -Configuration file used By QCom Mail Processor.
QMPTAGS TXT -sample taglines used by QCom Mail Processor.

***************** MISC FILES ********************
QS EXE -Qcom setup program
QTT EXE -Time tally utility to add times stored in a "LOG" file.
REGISTER -registration information.
FILES DOC -This file.
FILE_ID DIZ -information about QCom. DIZ file used by some BBS's

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