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Serial File Copy, a PC-2-PC file copy program, using serial ports.
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Serial File Copy, a PC-2-PC file copy program, using serial ports.
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Contents of the SFC32.DOC file

*** Serial File Copy ***

The Serial File Copy program SFC is designed to allow the transfer
of disk files ( including entire directories which may themselves
contain directories ) between any two IBM PC compatible computers
using standard RS232 serial ports. The SFC program is particularly
useful in copying files between IBM PC compatibles with 5.25"
disks and those with 3.5" disks such as the IBM PS/2 and the
various IBM PC compatible laptops. The computers must both be IBM
PC compatible ( this includes the TANDY 1000 ) with 256 KB or more
of RAM. SFC is also an easy way to backup a hard disk onto the
hard disk of another computer.

Both computers ( between which you want to transfer files ) must
have RS232 serial ports configured for use with a modem. COM1,
COM2, COM3 or COM4 may be used. Baud rate of 1200, 2400, 4800,
9600, 19200, 38400, or 115200 may be selected.

Summary of SFC Features

o Supports COM1, COM2, COM3 and COM4.
o Supports baud rates from 1200 to 115200.
o Select groups of files with DOS wildcards ( eg: *.DOC )
o Select entire directories ( recursively ).
o Complete disk & transfer status on screen.
o On line help provided for all SFC commands.
o Option to send only files with a later timestamp.
o Option to send only files with ARCHIVE attribute set.
o Option to send files with READ ONLY attribute set.
o Load DOS Shell from within SFC.
o Full 16 bit CRC checksum is used.
o Bad file packets are automatically retransmitted.
o Change logged drive and path from within SFC.
o Display directories from within SFC.
o File date & time preserved after copying.
o Supports batch file lists ( lists of files to send ).
o Option to send or skip any file from selected group.
o Can print files on remote computer.
o Choice of B&W or color displays.
o Can save choices in configuration file.

Registered users are also provided with the following support
programs. None are necessary in order to run SFC, but are provided
as a "Thank You" for registering.

CLONE.COM -- 'Clones' SFC on the target computer.
CLONE.DOC -- CLONE documentation file.
GETSFC.COM -- Created by CLONE on the target computer.
PUTSFC.COM -- Sends SFC to GETSFC on the target computer.
LOOPBACK.COM -- Performs loopback testing on specified port.
TERM.COM -- Simple communications program.
MODEM.EXE -- Controls and displays modem control status.
PORTEXAM.EXE -- Displays all information about specified port.
CHECKCRC.EXE -- Computes the CRC for any file.
DRIVES.EXE -- Displays disk drive usage for range of drives.
SETCOM3.COM -- Installs COM3 address ( 3E8 ) in BIOS table.
SETCOM4.COM -- Installs COM4 address ( 2E8 ) in BIOS table.
FLAGS.EXE -- Examine, sets, or clears file attributes.
GETFILE.EXE -- Copies files from PUTFILE using BIOS calls only.
PUTFILE.EXE -- Copies files to GETFILE using BIOS call only.

For more information, refer to SFC.USR which is part of SFC32.ZIP.

User Registration

The shareware version of SFC is provided so that you may
personally determine the usefulness of SFC for yourself. If you
can use SFC please register your use with us. Registration
entitles the user to install SFC on up to 2 computers. Site
licenses are available for situations where SFC will be installed
on more than 2 computers. Call for prices. To register SFC, send
$25 plus $3 S&H ( $6 outside of USA, Canada, and Mexico ) to:

MarshallSoft Computing, Inc.
P.O. Box 4543
Huntsville AL 35815

Please pay by check in US dollars drawn on a US bank. Payment must
accompany purchase orders. Print the file SFC.INV if an invoice
is needed. The registered package includes:

o Latest version of SFC.
o No shareware screens.
o All 12+ support programs - See 'Support Programs' section.
o Notices of new versions.
o One year telephone support ( voice ).
o Backbone bound printed Users Manual.

The registered user will receive the latest version by return
mail. A 360 KB 5.25" diskette will be provided unless a 720 KB
3.5" diskette is requested when ordering.

For those not yet ready to register SFC, a "Users License" is
available for $5. This entitles the purchaser to the use of the
shareware version of SFC. The user will also receive notices of
new versions of SFC and other MarshallSoft Computing products. The
$5 can also be applied to any future registration.

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