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!SLOTS.ZIP234386Apr 16 1995A great Slots game! I really suggest downloading this. If you like it I'd check the registration thing. I love this game!!!!.
00FTP.DMP5732May 30 1995Here's the dump you asked for Gary. zget craps out at the same byte every time during the download, about 104,000 at It dies around 70,000 bytes at I'm trying to get the boot & rootdisks for
0200TER1.ZIP577917Aug 21 1995"Final Epsilon Release" of TERMINATE freeware DOS|Windows|OS/2 comm program.
0200TER2.ZIP589983Aug 21 1995Terminate 2.00, file 2 of 4.
0200TER3.ZIP272590Aug 21 1995Terminate 2.00 file 3 of 4.
0200TER4.ZIP543808Aug 21 1995Terminate 2.00 file 4/4.
104CONGR.ZIP11940Mar 18 1995Phone and Fax #'s for the 104th Congress (Listed by State).
113_WAV.ZIP1948504Aug 26 1992113 *.wav files in one zip file.
113_WAVS.ZIP1754295Aug 6 1995113 wav files for Windows.
13H_KIT.ZIP179724Nov 30 -000113H_KIT.ZIP Game Programmers Mode 13h Toolkit - C++ Src.
142301.EXE160446Mar 24 1994Packard Bell Bios upgrade.
142302.EXE254122Mar 31 1994The Notebook bios upgrade for Packard Bell Computers.
142FMSND.ZIP337710Dec 19 1994Add female voice to CMPQWK v1.42, she'll tell you how many personal messages you have upon opening a packet.
16VOCWAV.ZIP51321Aug 6 1995Wave & Voice converter for SB16.
1995NFL.ZIP83129Jul 19 19951995 Football Guide 95.1: Fun, interactive guide to the NFL Football season! Players log in and make their picks in the Office Pool each week, competing against each other as well as the Football Guide. Shareware ($15) fro
19_UPDAT.ZIP1066599Sep 17 1995DOOM 1 upgrade. Upgrade from any version to ver 1.9.
1CAT.ZIP27813Feb 13 1995A simple, 4DOS compatable diskette catalog manager.
1CRAZY.ZIP52924Jan 21 1995CrazyCons Shareware Version! All new ICONS for Windows. Spice up Windows!.
1_TAGENT.ZIP1452464Apr 20 1995TEEN AGENT - One day a teenager is captured by two men in dark glasses and long coats. This could be a very interesting day! Get ready for a wonderfully humorous adventure. Teen Agent is a point-and-click animated graphic
2002V2B6.EXE660434May 15 1995TradeWars 2002 vers 2 Beta 6: 5/95 update of the popular BBS Space Door.
20DOOMCH.ZIP56700Oct 28 1994Cheat program for DOOM.
20UP_A.EXE796491May 14 1995This is an update for Norton PCAnywhere 2.0 for Windows. The second update and updates to 2.02. File dates are 04/95 and it includes many updated EXE AND DLL files.
2300EIDE.EXE323605Apr 18 1995Latest drivers for Promise 2300+ controller.
2COLUMN.ZIP45365Jul 13 1995Save paper when printing.
2SHOW201.ZIP258356May 18 1995Release 2.01 of CompuShow 2000. A HOT new interface and all the graphics capabilities of CompuShow, the full-featured graphics display system for GIF, RLE MacPaint, PC Paint, PC Paintbrush, ColoRIX, etc.
2SHOW203.ZIP258143May 28 19952SHOW v2.03 - graphics file viewer.
300TER.ZIP1426608Aug 16 1995Terminate Communications Program Version 3.0 (8/95).
312PT6.EXE74614Jul 29 1995Netware 3.12 patches. Current version.
3DTV.ZIP3636504May 2 1995Terminal Velocity shareware ver. This is Apogee's newest release from 3D Realms. Texture mapped flight sim/shooter. Very nice.
4CAT140.ZIP388334Nov 20 1994A 4DOS compatable Windows diskette cataloger.
4DIZ10.ZIP17674Jun 24 1995A 4DOS utility to take FILE_ID.DIZ and use for 4DOS file descriptions. Batch operation, various options. From a CS student in the Netherlands.
4DOS551.ZIP532038Aug 30 1995Version 5.51 of the 4Dos Command Processor.
4GARY.ZIP10870Jul 10 1995For (4) Gary Beylickjian (CONFIG.SYS AUTOEXEC.BAT SYSTEM.INI WIN.INI).
4LANG3.ZIP85708Nov 29 1994Ultimate Language Tutor v3.0 for Windows - Req. VBRUN300.DLL.
52EUS.ZIP7847Mar 21 1995Clipper 5.2x patch to 5.2e , info .
596-1180.ZIP1464Jan 15 1990ProComm Users : This ProComm CMD file will allow you to quickly and simply log on to this BBS. You will no longer need to type your name, password, and phone number. Written by Paul Hinds.
5CRDSTD.ZIP76422Jul 27 1995Shareware poker game which allows playing with up to six opponents.
755TIPS.ZIP27033Nov 4 1995Hints and Tips for Postscript on the IBM ThinkPad 755 series. Downloaded from the IBM Tech Assist BBS.
800FILES.TXT11884Aug 21 1995Rz.
80XXX_94.ZIP437470Jan 18 1995Asm code snippets.
95ASSIST.ZIP1272174Aug 23 1995Windows 95 online support assistant from microsoft products support.
95HELP.ZIP333728Oct 1 1995An advanced help file for windows 95.
968OS2.EXE1434753Apr 30 1995Stealth 64 drivers for OS2 warp, etc.
9PIN.EXE143104May 22 1995STAR printers drivers fir or Windows 3.1.
AA.ZIP558720Jan 22 1993Autodesk Animator shareware version.
ABOVE31.ZIP282430May 31 1995Above & Beyond Version 3.1 Win 3.1 Pim.
ABR113.ZIP399689Jun 1 1995ARROW BRIDGE v113: Excellent BBS Role Playing Adventure Door Game.
ACDSEE12.ZIP220401Jan 16 1995Another JPEG / GIF viewer (with preview).
ACLCK201.ZIP45940Jan 20 1995Alarm Clock v2.01 for Windows. Nice Swiss Made Clock.
ACUST3A.ZIP197177Oct 30 1994Sets the computer clock using modem connectimg to wWashington, needs VBRUN300.dll.
ACZAW310.ZIP1233979Sep 13 1995Program to zip and unzip files .
AC_NT.ZIP47282Jun 17 1993Astronomy clock for Wnindows NT.
ADDON.ZIP57031Aug 23 1995This folder contains a series of "PowerToys"-- UI enhancements for advanced Win95 users.
ADEPT97G.ZIP1434727Jun 25 1995Adept BBS Version .97g. Very nice OS/2 BBS which requires HPFS to run. It include Telnet and FTP built in and you can recieve newsgroups into your bbs by SLIP.
AE24B.ZIP29033Apr 21 1995The latest version of the extened TED, assembly-language editor.
AELITW14.ZIP208911May 15 1995Aris Edit Lite v1.4: MS-Windows text editor.
AFSIM131.ZIP44220Sep 14 1995Simulator for use with informer for VGA PLANETS. Must have.
AIRFLOW.ZIP38984Jun 28 1995Calculate air flow in ducts.
ALABV10.ZIP170207Sep 20 1995Assembly Laboratory Ver 1.0 for MASM/TASM.
ALADDEMO.ZIP1368057Apr 5 1995Walt Disney's Aladdin game! Excellent graphics, looks just like the movie.
ALBM10.ZIP206035Aug 8 1993Otto's Graphics Album v1.0 - catalog you graphics with this Windows program and print out catalogs for quick reference.
ALL3D121.ZIP34333Oct 5 1994Make all Win dialogs 3-D. v1.21.
ALLFILES.ZIP1082318Apr 17 1995List of all files available for download from The Programmer's Corner. Updated nightly. Lists over 22000 files!
AM3020.ZIP252747Mar 1 199520-Column Message/Advertising Display System. Graphical.
AM3032.ZIP221770Mar 1 199532-Column Message/Advertising Display System. Graphical.
AM3120.ZIP252424Oct 1 1995AutoMessage V3.1. Animated billboard system. Lots of wipes, fades, fonts, effects & more. Effects work both during & between messages. Registration adds support for GIF, PCX & FLI files, a stand-alone displayer, 5 extra
AM3132.ZIP221615Oct 1 1995AutoMessage V3.1. Animated billboard system. Lots of wipes, fades, fonts, effects & more. Effects work both during & between messages. Registration adds support for GIF, PCX & FLI files, a stand-alone displayer, ASCII i
AMBIENCE.ZIP368129Nov 28 1994AMBIENCE - another colorful screen saver for DOS by Tran.
AMI.ZIP271587Sep 6 1995A simple Windows screen printer.
AMISL092.ZIP117531Sep 24 1995Ralf Brown's alternate interrupt specification for TSR programs. Upto 256 TSRs may be loaded and unloaded in any order. Full source code and demo programs are included.
AMORT21.ZIP364830Jun 20 1995AmortizeIT! 2.1 a fast, flexible, easy use loan analyzer. Uses a fill-in-the-blank interface. Includes an amortization schedule & 6 calculators: loan, refinance, remaining balance, accelerated payments, interest due
AMORTZ21.ZIP284711Oct 1 1995Amortize your loans, find out what its really costing you...
AMPRO016.ZIP470277Aug 2 1995ReakThrough ukulu by Alex Mead/AMProSoft. The fun breakthrough style video game with a new twist. While bouncing the ball at the bricks you can rotate the paddle 90 for greater control than ever before. Req: SVGA Monitor,
AMPS13.ZIP161856May 7 1994Windows PIM.
ANCIWARS.ZIP66746Jul 19 1995Ancient Warriors game.
ANIMDSK1.ZIP75227May 15 1995Windows 3.1 3D Desktop Animator.
ANIMOUS4.ZIP57515Dec 26 1994Animouse 4.0 animates Windows mouse cursors with your selections for the arrow, hourglass, and sizers. Packed with artistically creative and amusing designs to choose from. Jumbo cursors for protable or small screens.
ANOTHER.ZIP41635Dec 19 1994Asd.
APCHDEMO.ZIP2766994Aug 3 1995Apache Demo Large Download.
APCIDM54.ZIP495574Jan 26 1995Client software fothat allows you to play multi-player DOOM on a BBS.
APGP20B5.ZIP124684May 9 1995A new pgp beta version. Requires pgp 2.3.0 to run.
AQUAV40.ZIP488157Oct 22 1994The program for aquarium keepers.
ARABIC#.ZIP3672Jul 18 1995This is a DOS font that converts the standard ANSI font into TRUE Arabic numerals. (My Design) Docs are included in the ZIP. -UNiT- 001.
ARCANOID.ZIP46720Aug 22 1995Arcanoid - simple break-out game, includes C++ and assembly source.
ARCID113.ZIP38503Oct 24 1995Archive Identifier v1.13 - Identifies archival types by signature, not extension.
ARJ242B.ZIP279883Feb 25 1995Latest version of the ARJ arcival utility. Makes smaller archives than PKZIP, more flexible options as well.
ARJ250.EXE276320Nov 20 1995Version 2.50 of ARJ the file compression utility.
ARJ250.ZIP257106Nov 22 1995Version 2.50 of ARJ the arcival utility.
ARTIST.ZIP345692Sep 17 1995Paradox Win utility to create, store and apply style sheets to forms and reports.
ASIC50.ZIP335469May 14 1995ASIC, a shareware BASIC compiler, version 5.0! Includes a GWBASIC to ASIC conversion program.
ASILIB12.ZIP185517Mar 23 1995Xlnt l;ib for ASIC v4.x and v5.0 - See FILE_ID.DIZ.
ASTROID1.ZIP361368Apr 18 1995Asteroid auxhost for VGA PLANETS.
AT-SLOW4.ZIP8858Apr 13 1993Version 4 of AT-SLOW. Slows 286-486's for games.
AURORA21.ZIP523647Aug 12 1995AURORA v2.1 Superb Text Editor. Blazing speed, multi-window interface, one gigabyte capacity, full mouse support, FAST color syntax highlighting, powerful macro language with 3000 lines of macros, RegExpressions, more!.
AURORA2E.ZIP452135Apr 28 1995AURORA v2.00e - Superb Text Editor, Blazing speed, Multi-windowed interface, One Gigabyte capacity, Full Mouse support, FAST Color Syntax Highlighting, Powerful Macro Language with 3000 lines of macros, Undo, RegExpression
AUTMOV13.ZIP39002Jan 24 1995AutoMover v1.3E - Automover is a Windows utility to assist user control window display.
AUTOCE.ZIP94285Jul 5 1993AutoCell - experiment with artificial life/cellular automata. For Windows.
AUTODIZD.ZIP56952Jan 17 1995Automatically makes the .DIZ file on files...
AVRIL20.ZIP394262Apr 19 1995Version 2.0 of REND386's big brother. VR world building application.
AWLOCK40.ZIP70393Jun 3 1995WinLock for Windows v4.0 - WinLock protects your Microsoft Windows and LAN environment from unauthorized users. The easy to use security features lock Windows at start up, on demand, and automatically when you're not at yo
AYL.ZIP151766Aug 10 1995Windows screen saver "After You Left" V2.5. About the party in your computer after you left it. Many neat options.
AZTEC.ZIP32751May 15 1995The AZTEC CURSE! (For Windows), Puzzle for Windows.
B-CARDS.ZIP59489Jan 25 1995An outstanding business card database for your pc. A must have for the professional.
B5_WAV.ZIP135339Jun 16 1995Collection of .wav files from the Sci-Fi TV series, Babylon 5.
BAB.ZIP33116Jan 26 1994BULLS AND BEARS V2.0 A realistic Stock Market game. A Stock Market game intended for use by anyone wanting to learn a little about the effects of the News Headlines on different areas of the economy.
BABEL95B.ZIP41350May 1 1995Glossary of Computer ABBREVIATIONS/ACRONYMS v95B.
BAKIT.ZIP2572Sep 19 1995BAKIT - A batch file utility to automate backing up your data using PKZIP.
BALDIES.ZIP833055Apr 27 1995Baldies Demo! (No sounds) .
BARCLOCK.ZIP35476Feb 10 1995Windows utility which not only gives the time, but can also be set as a timer, alarm, or just a message bar.
BARE_GZ.ZIP442364May 7 1995Slackware 2.2. This is the bootdisk. Must be rawritten to floppy. Get the file for install info.
BASIC1A.ZIP68285Nov 24 1990Neat basic utils.
BATCSH11.ZIP33603Jun 16 1995Translates DOS batch files to UNIX csh scripts.
BBBL0395.ZIP41738Mar 8 1995Blase's BBS List -- March 1995.
BBBL0495.ZIP41901Apr 8 1995Blase's BBS List -- April 1995.
BBBL0595.ZIP42223May 8 1995Latest Blase BBS listing for Baltimore BBS's in May 1995...
BBBL0695.ZIP62772Jun 5 1995Blase's BBS List -- June 1995.
BBDC0495.ZIP90448Mar 31 1995Mike Focke's BBS list for 4/95.
BBDC0695.ZIP93350Jun 1 1995Washington Area BBS List for 6/95.
BBDC1095.ZIP103048Oct 4 1995Listing of Washington, DC area BBS's for October '95.
BBDC1195.ZIP103191Oct 31 1995A listing of BBS's in the Washington, DC area for November '95.
BBOPEN.WAV350252Oct 4 1995The opening to Beavis&Butthead.
BBS219.ZIP189208Jun 6 1995Acommunications program designed primarily for uploading/downloading files from a BBS.
BBSLAW2.ZIP577279Jul 15 1995Legal aspects of BBS operation.
BBSPRC41.ZIP181546Aug 2 1995BBSPRINT Prints, etc. Mike Focke's BBS Listing.
BCARDS30.ZIP185277Aug 26 1995Business Card db for windows. Version 3.0. Now with dialer.
BCR221.ZIP171334Aug 6 1995BusinessCards for Windows V2.21. Extremely intuitive and easy to use free form database/organizer. Many Awards.
BDCRIB.ZIP199688Nov 17 1995Black Dog Cribbage is an excellent game of Cribbage for Windows.
BESIEGE.ZIP85433Jan 7 1995Another excellent doom 2 wad.
BGFAX147.ZIP231723May 13 1995Allows BBS sysops to recieve faxes without taking the bbs down.
BIMPRO29.ZIP72089Jun 29 1995Bimodem protocol.
BIOC1.ZIP5662Sep 22 1995Basic telephone technology.
BIOC2.ZIP8131Sep 22 1995Basic telephony and phreaking file.
BIOC3.ZIP4225Sep 22 1995Basic telephony and phreaking text.
BIOC4.ZIP7032Sep 22 1995Phreaking lessons and basic telephony.
BIOC5.ZIP7212Sep 22 1995Basic telephony and phreaking lessons.
BIOC6.ZIP4418Sep 22 1995Basic phreaking techniques and telephony.
BIOC7.ZIP8935Sep 22 1995Basic phreaking and telephony text file.
BISON124.EXE272705Oct 13 1995Bison-1.24.tar.gz from the Free Software Foundation at [email protected], it is the latest & greatest yacc/bison utility.
BJ_POK31.ZIP276287Apr 14 1995A combination blackjack and video poker game.
BLAZONS.ZIP402813Jul 10 1995This is a well-done utility that allows you to type in a description of a coat-of-arms (called a blazon) and the program creates a correct color rendition. Nicely done.
BLTC18.ZIP257427Feb 4 1994Bullet is a small and fast btree/dbase transaction based multiuser database toolkit.
BMP.BAS5870Apr 30 1995File showing how to access bitmaped files.
BNC.ZIP427237Apr 17 1995Barney GIF for doom and doom2!.
BNUPORT.ZIP14668Oct 23 1989Bnudriver for most bbs games.
BOMBSQD.ZIP63553May 18 1995Windows Game: Can you disarm the bomb before the timer runs out?.
BOOTR211.ZIP392318Jan 24 1995BOOT'R v2.11 - DOS Multiple Configuration Manager.
BOOTSAV3.ZIP24147Nov 27 1994This is a utility to sav thpreserve your BOOT SEctor and FAT Table on your HD. It's written in Assembly for speed and preformance.
BPLN42.ZIP146832Feb 23 1995B/PLAN DEVELOPER v4.2 Expert Business Plan Workbook. Write a PLAN like a PRO & SAVE. See PC Plus (7/94) and "The Best Guide to Business Shareware" for reviews. 1000's of registered users worldwide, Windows and OS/2 compati
BRDCLK10.ZIP11139Mar 1 1995Bird Clock v1.00E for Windows (FREE SOFT). Remember those old days when a cuckoo told you the time? Watch it happen again!.
BREADS.ZIP43564Oct 19 1995Mastercook 2 file of breads from the internet.
BRIDGE22.ZIP162600Oct 12 1995A good Bridge tutor/playing program.
BRKFRE01.ZIP422912Apr 26 1995Break Free 0.1: Lightning fast 3D action game.
BTNBAR11.ZIP15249Dec 3 1994Small free-floating button bar for Windows.
BUTTWOLF.ZIP681987Nov 1 1994Beavis and butthead meet castle wolfenstein.
BW22DOS.ZIP478793Aug 9 1995BlueWave Offline Mail Reader.
BWIN21SW.ZIP873382Mar 14 1995BIBL for Windows (2.13). Full-featured package for managing your personal and/or office library. Multiple databases; biblio creation; link images to records; large (24K) note field; value field; speller & more. Shareware.
BWIN22SW.ZIP882615May 8 1995BIBL for Windows (2.22). Personal Library / Bibliography System. Features: multiple databases; large (up to 24K) note field; link text, image & sound files & view w/ built-in native format viewer, & more. Shareware $39.
BWIN23SW.ZIP624629Jul 6 1995BIBL for Windows (2.30) Full-featured package for managing your personal and/or office library. Powerful, flexible, yet very easy to use. Redefine fields & use for a host of database needs. NEED VBRUN300.DLL!.
BYEMAIL4.ZIP21458Nov 11 1995Dr. Bob's text on exploring various Internet resources using only e-mail. Version 4.9, last revised 8/95.
CACTD170.ZIP38957Dec 16 1994CactDir 1.70. Directory utility - fast with great options.
CARAUDIO.ZIP28175Dec 31 1994Car audio faq.
CARDSM20.ZIP355060Aug 6 1995Cards+More V2.00. Easy-to-use system for labels, cards, etc. 10 graphics formats, many text attributes including 180 degree rotation. Req VBRUN300.DLL.
CARDSM21.ZIP355847Sep 24 1995A program to make cards and labels.
CASHFLOW.ZIP10487Nov 2 1995Cashflow is a program that lets you make at least $50,000 if it works at 1/1 hundreth of a percent that it's supposed to. Make up to $500,000 with just a $5 invest ment (No kidding).
CATALOG.ZIP963080Apr 17 1995List of all files available for download from The Programmer's Corner. Sorted by file area. Updated nightly. Lists over 22000 files!
CATMOVE1.ZIP179824Aug 6 1995Windows screensaver. Fullmotion video screensaver of cats running and playing across your screen. Req's Microsoft Video for Windows.
CAT_DEMO.ZIP236156Apr 17 1995Floppy disk catalog system stores up to 2000 files.
CBDOS22.ZIP155025Oct 1 1995The Very Popular Coloring Book V2.2 For DOS! A classic kid's toy is now here for your PC. Includes 10 pictures (35 pictures are in the registered version.) The program supports 50 colors, printing, a 3-D button bar, 30-l
CBOOK22.ZIP159056Mar 14 1995Kid's Coloring Program. 10 Pix. Color Printing. 3D Menus. Very Easy For Kids To Learn To Use.
CBWIN22.ZIP101653Oct 1 1995The Popular Coloring Book V2.2 For Windows!!.
CCF2.ZIP1342133May 1 1995Cannon Fodder arcade game by Virgin Interactive Entertainment and distributed by MVP Software . This hilarious new retail action game that has taken England by storm is now available as shareware! Loads of cool grap
CCITT4.ZIP65134Feb 22 1993Two sample CCITT4 TIFF files.
CCLNK11A.ZIP42050Oct 13 1994CCLINK and CCLINKjr are Windows compatible communication programs that allow users to monitor their serial and parallel ports by displaying lighted LEDs on their desktop.
CCOPY105.ZIP63324Mar 20 1995Controlled Copy 1.05 Advanced DOS file copier with free space checking and progress indicators. Flexible and powerful command line options, and faster copying speed. Everything you need in one package.
CDFAQ.ZIP11181Dec 19 1994Compares bgm to columbia house.
CDPLYR10.ZIP37852May 7 1995DOS Audio CD player.
CDQCK102.ZIP146396Jan 18 1995Cache your CD-ROM uses ing XMS, shareware.
CDSK900.ZIP1064772Nov 5 1995CatDisk ver9.0 Disk Catalog Program.
CDSKA830.ZIP418229Mar 15 1995Catdisk, disk catalogging disk 1 of 3...
CDSKA842.ZIP418807Sep 23 1995Disk Catalog System/CATDISK V8.42 (1/3).
CDSKB803.ZIP199588Mar 15 1995Catdisk, disk catalogging disk 2 of 3...
CDSKB842.ZIP204897Sep 23 1995Disk Catalog System/CATDISK V8.42 (2/3).
CDSKC830.ZIP394724Mar 15 1995Catdisk, disk catalogging, disk 3 of 3...
CDSKC842.ZIP396003Sep 23 1995Disk Catalog System/CATDISK V8.42 (3/3).
CDU55E.ZIP95088Apr 15 1995Latest drivers (2.20) for Sony IDE CD-ROM drive.
CE318F.ZIP32034Apr 15 1995See File_id.
CELEB95.ZIP287646Jan 7 1995Celebrity address book...
CEOLIT10.ZIP219470May 16 1994A replacement for Windows Program Manager.
CERT31.ZIP1288102Sep 19 1994Certification Assessment Test 3.0 from Novell and Drake Technologies. Windows based. 1/3.
CERT32.ZIP1237667Aug 29 1994Certification Assessment Test 3.0 from Novell and Drake Technologies. Windows based. 2/3.
CERT33.ZIP859994Aug 29 1994Certification Assessment Test 3.0 from Novell and Drake Technologies. Windows based. 3/3.
CF537D.ZIP197991Jul 19 1995File Manager utility with many features.
CFGINFO4.ZIP627944Jun 4 1995CONFIG.SYS Information for OS/2 Warp and below.
CGREP135.ZIP25228Jan 2 1995CactGrep 1.35. Excellent grep for text/binary files.
CHEAT251.ZIP157273Apr 25 1995CHEAT v25.1: The ultimate list of cheats and debug codes for MS-DOS computer games. Over 305 games exist in this realm! This is a giant list of secret backdoors and cheat codes for some of today's most popular games! Over
CHECKME.ZIP50643Feb 13 1994Finally a utility that scan your system and attaches a dollar value SHAREWARE.
CHILI2.ZIP39762Oct 19 1995Chili recipes for mastercook2 .
CIVCHEAT.ZIP10709Nov 2 1992Want to cheat in Civilization? Then Get this! You can change the time to make it longer, change the amount of cash for more money, or change into your opponent's seat, and lots more. Only works for DOS version of Civilizat
CLIPEM.ZIP85114Jan 7 1995Multiple clipboard for windows, allows you to cut & paste 10 different sections of text. Shareware.
CLNTTF.ZIP17843Aug 26 1995A DOS program to identify and help remove all TTF fonts not needed according to your current windows setup.
CMAKE165.ZIP64161Dec 26 1994CactMake 1.65. Superb make utility from Cactus Software Systems.
CMNET21D.EXE1067905Sep 21 1995This is a self-extracting executable for CommNet version 2.1dd.
CMORPH.ZIP636067Jan 10 1994Excellent DOS morphing program. Use meshes to morph one image to another. Outputs a series of GIFs or TGAs. Need an animator progran to string stills together into animation. Needs fast PC!.
CMOSSV24.ZIP16151Sep 6 1995Save CMOS to a file.
CMP142R2.ZIP1402018Apr 7 1995CmpQWK v1.42 publi release #2, offline mail reader for Windows. Includes all new spell checker and fixes a few bugs.
CMP142_1.ZIP724671Jul 19 1995CMPQwk v1.42, Part 1 of 4, Windows offline reader. Very nice!.
CMP142_2.ZIP727883Jul 20 1995CMPQwk v1.42, Part 2 of 4.
CMP142_3.ZIP727124Jul 19 1995CMPQwk v1.42, Part 3 of 4.
CMP142_4.ZIP145880Jul 19 1995CMPQwk v1.42, Part 4 of 4. Offline reader for windows.
CMPDLG20.ZIP207893Feb 13 1995Updated dialog.hlp file for CMPQWK v1.42 build 20.
CMPDLGR2.ZIP226941Apr 7 1995Updated dialog file for CmpQWK v1.42 public release #2.
CMV201.EXE767270Aug 21 1995Fund accounting, membership tracking program.
COBOL650.ZIP231936Jul 11 1995A public-domain COBOL compiler, compliant with ANSI -74 and -85 standards.
CODES.ZIP18927Apr 2 1995A Pascal basic encription method see if you can break it.
COLOR144.ZIP544758May 7 1995SLACKWARE 2.2 LINUX. Get the file, for install info. Rawrite is in slackfaq, but you'll need GZIP for MSDOS.
COM1D.ZIP517Aug 23 1995Com1 Disable for Notebooks.
COMMO65.ZIP198754Jul 15 1995{COMMO} 6.5 - High-performance DOS terminal program, also excellent under Windows and OS/2. Chosen by professionals for it's speed, reliability and versatility. Easy, comprehensive macro programming language addresses al
COMPQ286.ZIP78557Aug 22 1993Setup Utility for Compaq AT class machines - Sets CMOS parameters.
COMPU22.ZIP10612Oct 8 1995CompuNotes, Issue #22 - Reviews, news and interviews! Must reading . . .
COMPU25.ZIP16820Oct 20 1995CompuNotes, Issue #25 - Reviews, news and interviews!.
CON2D.ZIP24568Aug 23 1995Com2 Disable for Notebooks.
CONEMAIL.TXT4164May 30 1995Internet E-Mail addresses for 9the U.S. House and Senate for 95-96.
CONFOUND.ZIP152985Sep 11 1995Strategy game for Windows 3.1 or above that pits you against the computer in a maze of your own making. You must chooseto build walls or move your pieces in order to be the first to occupy your opponent's home squares. Sha
CONFUSIN.ZIP4034Mar 15 1995MIDI arrangement of the Genesis tune, "Land of Confusion".
CONMGR23.ZIP1092979Oct 3 1995"MANAGE YOUR CONTACTS" v 2.3 - Fully functional, VERY friendly Windows program with a LOT of power to help you manage names & a wealth of information about friends, family, clients, etc. Outstanding Search/Filter/Sort feat
CONTEST2.ZIP10431Sep 3 1995C Programming Contest #2. Entries are due November 15, 1995 and entry fee is $7. $$$ prizes. Small, challenging problem.
CONVANS1.ZIP16251Jun 19 1995This is ANSI utility that converts [2;3H-type code to [2B[A [A type code.
COOL131.ZIP347941Mar 5 1994Windows waveform editor.
COOL134B.ZIP696843Feb 7 1995Sound editor for windows, crippleware.
COOL151.ZIP777060Oct 29 1995Cool Version 1.51 - Versatile Wave file Editor \Player for Win 3.1.
COPYQ318.ZIP179429Oct 26 1994Current (1/95) version on COPYQM disk copier.
COPYQ321.ZIP181871Jul 27 1995COPYQM diskette copier.
COPYQ322.ZIP181853Oct 7 1995Good file copy program.
CRAZY8S.ZIP113020Nov 8 1994Crazy Eights card game...
CRDRG10.ZIP55803Jun 28 1995A Credit repair guide for home-buyers.
CRUSH18.ZIP70678Mar 13 1995CRUSH! File compression utility far exceeds many other commercial programs. Shareware.
CRYPG200.ZIP338191Jul 19 1995Door for Falken BBS. Cryptogram - Players are given 6 words that have been scrambled. They must figure out the words by replacing letters.
CS-MAC13.ZIP168907Jan 13 1995Commo} automated mail and file macros. Supports many BBSware & MAILware types. Expandable. Fast. Many features for your manual sessions. Huge help file and two Macro recorders! Includes JBrn with full commentary. Requires
CSCOP120.ZIP49022Jan 1 1995C-Scope v1.20 Program to analyze Functions in a Multi-File C Program.
CSHOW901.ZIP264784May 18 1995CSHOW v9.01 - graphics file viewer supporting many formats & modes/cards.
CSHOW903.ZIP264648May 28 1995CSHOW v9.03 - graphics file viewer supporting many formats.
CSHOW904.ZIP265270Jun 8 1995Latest version of CSHOW Graphics file viewer.
CSLAV107.ZIP373546Feb 6 1995CompuSlave v1.07 - CompuServe Forum Message Database.
CTHUGHA5.ZIP712454Sep 21 1994An oscilliscope on acid. Play your CDs and watch the screen dance with colorÿÿÿnd designs that are random and cool. Complete with source code.
CTSSPU23.ZIP153812Mar 26 1995CTS SERIAL PORT UTILITIES v2.3: Fix comm problems. Detect multiple com ports at one address, IRQ used, ports that can't generate IRQs, and other conflicts. Detects failed UARTs. NEW "Modem-finder" & BIOS options. Reports p
CTSSPU30.ZIP206069Jul 27 1995CTS Serial Port Utilities v3.0.
CUBIX.ZIP91208Apr 14 1995Cubix game latest cversion...
CURSE31.ZIP146645May 17 1995Humorous collection of curses and insults.
CYBER8.ZIP14238May 7 1995CyberNews, Issue #8, Reviews, news and interviews! We look at Microsoft Office and Activision 2600 Game Pack! .
D2_19PAT.ZIP434470Feb 6 1995This file patches DOOM II version 1.7a to version 1.9. Supposedley the final patch.
DARKFCRK.ZIP8206Apr 4 1995Unprotect for Dark Forces - removes annoying check for CD.
DCBB0695.ZIP93350Jun 1 1995Fockes BBS list for June 1995.
DCF50.ZIP108243Jun 11 1995DISK COPY FAST v5.0 : Powerful 1-pass diskette duplicating utility. Command line or menu driven; Hot keys for backup or multiple target; Mouse support; Format diskcopy diskcomp all in 1 pass; Use extended memory; Image fil
DCNT11UP.ZIP579306Jan 6 1995Upgrade for DESCENT, fixes a few bugs, like the hat on my joystick.
DCSOLVE.ZIP183166Jan 31 1995DC CIRCUITS problem solver and tutor. Provides a number of practice problems with the correct equations and answers. QB 4..5 source included. FREEWARE.
DCWIN2.ZIP427178May 20 1995Draft Choice for Windows v2, nice CAD program for Windows.
DEBTDR.ZIP1822424May 6 1995Debt Doctor - helps user with debt reconciling, etc. Reads Quicken format input.
DEFCON.ZIP23602Jun 26 1995Defcon III 'the computer convention' information - read and circulate.
DELPHITI.ZIP41277May 19 1995Technical info bulletins for Delphi as of May 18, 1995.
DELTA2_4.ZIP172466May 7 1993Changed File Tracker For Windows.
DEMO.ZIP3459555Jul 2 1995FX Fighter Demo (from GTE Soft, BRender, and Argonaut's home page). Pkunzip -d and then type 'install'.
DESC14A.EXE573422Aug 15 1995Upgrade for Descent to 1.4a.
DESC20.ZIP32478Aug 15 1993Describe for Windows 2.00 a 4DOS file description editor for Windows. Has limited program launching capabilties as well. Simple and easy to use.
DESGNT.ZIP11598Sep 17 1995Paradox Win form object tool.
DESPRADO.ZIP3660Mar 15 1995MIDI file of the Eagles tune, "Desperado".
DEU2C.ZIP193417Mar 20 1995DEU 2: The BEST map editor for Doom 2! Better than the original.
DEUCOLOR.ZIP33576Nov 11 2011-= DEUCOLOR v1.0 =- Change those black/white colors in DEU2C.
DEUTEX31.ZIP143476Apr 17 1995Doom texture editor.
DFCODES.ZIP1364Jan 2 1995Cheat codes for Dark Forces.
DFF10.ZIP12589Mar 25 1995Duplicate File Finder - free.
DFV11.ZIP31160Jul 6 1994Dave's Flic Viewer v1.1 - view FLI/FLC animation files.
DIGGERS.ZIP1432515Jul 4 1995DIGGERS 1.0 is a fast-paced strategy/ adventure game in which quick thinking and careful decision-making are essential. The game takes place on the planet Zarg, where large amounts of minerals and ores can be found below t
DIRMCH10.ZIP122239May 28 1995Directory match for Windows. Compares two directories visually.
DIRSIZ4.ZIP29597Feb 7 1995Directory lister that shows the number of files and total size of files per directory.
DIRSIZEB.ZIP30461Jan 13 1995Directory lister that shows number of files and total size of files per directory. This is a good utility for those larger drives.
DISFC111.ZIP101189Aug 6 1995Disk Factory V1.11. Windows Mag Award winning disk copy/compare/format utility. High speed/Multitasking.
DISKED.ZIP31744Aug 22 1995Disk Editor v.2.80. Helps in debugging executable files, changing disk sectors and memory.
DISKFAC.ZIP115015Jan 25 1994DISK FACTORY v1.1 * A Windows-based, High-speed, Multitasking COPY / COMPARE / FORMAT Utility.
DISKLBLR.ZIP45597Aug 26 19953.5" disk labeler allows the use of those little packets of labels that come with your disks. Many options. Inputs can be freehand or automatic.
DISKNFO1.ZIP25600Oct 15 1995See how much disk room you are wasting due to clustering and segmenting etc. You'll be amazed what your HD is throwing away.
DISNEY95.ZIP214397Apr 27 1995Electronic guide to Disneyland.
DISP186A.ZIP546289Apr 17 1995Display v186A - multiformat graphics/video viewer for DOS.
DIZED670.ZIP136741Mar 14 1995A crippled demo of a FILE_ID.DIZ editor, with multiple windows, various file editing and importing features, and more. Runs in DOS; also can run in windows or OS/2. $10 for reg. By Chris Hrasna of ARI.
DJGCC222.ZIP856285Jun 1 1995GCC compiler. No make or include files.
DL100B4.ZIP102195Sep 23 1994The ultimate doom launcher record,playback,turbo,etc. very easy to use.
DLLMAN14.ZIP71904Jul 2 1995Ever wonder what programs use a certain DLL? Or what DLLs a certain program uses? DLL Manager will tell you!.
DLXDR271.ZIP46643Sep 6 1995A DIR replacer, with sorted file finder, searching archive files, Hebrew support, file viewer, better wildcards, sub-dir sizes, more ... Free.
DL_VIEW3.ZIP81361May 13 1995Dl file viewed Direct from Australia.
DM19RPAT.ZIP512230Feb 6 1995Patches registered doom 1.666 to 1.9, includes deathmanager and dwango software.
DME40BT9.ZIP393020Mar 11 1995Great doom editor.
DMENU21.ZIP63350Feb 18 1995DeskMenu v2.1 - A low profile, text based Program Manager for Windows.
DMGRH10.ZIP38225Dec 14 1994New Version of a Doom graphix editor.
DMP400.ZIP326215Apr 16 1995DMP 4.00, a nice DOS based mod player.
DOGSWP.ZIP49606Dec 24 1993Dogs Wallpaper.
DOGS_V10.ZIP261680Jul 24 1995Cyber Dogs: From Happy Puppy on the Internet.
DOOMCLUB.ZIP270469May 21 1995Join the DoomClub.
DOOMMORF.ZIP490727Feb 7 1994Awesome morphing of DOOM characters!.
DOORUTIL.ZIP93008Jul 31 1995Utility needed for writing doors for the Falken BBS system. .
DOSEDIT.ZIP49383Oct 16 1994Updated version of DOS EDIT.
DOSFONT.ZIP12995Mar 9 1995DOSFONT v2.0 - Fonts for DOS! - requires VGA.
DOSREF34.ZIP287017Dec 14 1994Comprehensive Technical Manual on MSDOS. This is ver. 3.4 of the manual.
DOSUIT07.ZIP187860Jul 6 1995DOS user interface C++ source code--windows, dialog boxes, menus, etc.
DPDOSV32.ZIP182175Dec 10 1993Deprotect for dos .DIZ description.
DPMIGCC5.ZIP467386Apr 17 1995RSX DPMI-extender for EMX and DJGPP apps rel 5.
DRAWIT.ZIP77953Aug 6 1995DrawIt - a util to draw screens in BASIC.
DRAWMAN.ZIP22656Aug 23 1995Simple drawing program. You can use it to draw a level for your game.
DRGNBN10.ZIP962153Nov 2 1995Nels Anderson's VGA and SVGA Man Jongg II game.
DRMW2G11.ZIP17636Aug 2 1995Reads door.sys and chain text from WWIV BBS for games programming.
DRWY230.ZIP233681May 17 1995DOORWAY revision 2.3 This program allows both BBS's to add normal programs to BBS's as DOORS, and provides a shareware alternative to expensive commercial programs for remote accessing of a home or office cmputer.
DRY586.ZIP173486Apr 24 1993486 and Pentium benchmarks.
DRYST586.ZIP172938Apr 24 1993Check cpu processing speed in drystones.
DS40BDS.ZIP229808Jun 13 1992Door thing for basic.
DSCMVP.ZIP754958Apr 8 1995Desert Storm Command by MVP Software. Hot Gulf War action, authentic video-capture animation, 256-color graphics, explosive digitized sound, and a sizzling original musical score add up to make this the best Gulf War arcad
DSCNTFAQ.ZIP9333Jan 18 1995Descent frequently asked questions (FAQ) version 0.6--from Internet 28Dec94--Descent is an EXCELLENT game here on TPG. Now, get cheat modes & more!.
DSKDUPV5.ZIP311762Jun 27 1995Program to duplicate disks.
DSPACE5.ZIP1378139Feb 25 1995Deep Space v5, Create star charts for use at the scope, plot asteroid and comet positions and much more. Including support for the Meade LX200 and digital setting circles.
DSZ0607.ZIP91908Jun 7 1995Forsberg's Dos Z/Y/Xmodem driver, 6/7/95 version.
DTR450.ZIP64563Sep 17 1995Paradox Win utility, Database Table Reporter that will list all tables/attribute in a directory. FREEWARE.
DUALT21.ZIP73962Apr 9 1995DualTools Quest ver 2.1, April 1995 DTQ is a file search and management utility that uses virtual memory for unlimited file handling capability. DTQ can search on multiple keys then copy, move or delete located files.
DUNEEASY.ZIP512Aug 18 1995A tip to beat any levels' in Dune II much easier By MICHAEL NGUYEN.
DVGLU172.ZIP374072Oct 5 1995A collection of about 290 functions to provide programs access to the power of DESQview and DESQview/X as well as TOPVIEW environments. By Ralf Brown.
DX4.ZIP495952Aug 19 1994These are the diagnostic and speed checks for any overdrive chip.
EASYDR26.ZIP323773Nov 13 1994Easy Door v2.6 Door Maker Utility.
EBAK32.ZIP210274Dec 21 1994Easy Back-up System.
EDDY.ZIP215416Dec 25 1993Edit DirectorY utility.
EDGFLW60.ZIP224280Aug 1 1995EdgeFlow v6.0 - Diagram/flowchart/picture editor for DOS - very good.
EDHEX150.ZIP29085Nov 26 1994Edhex 1.50 Edits 'all' DOS files. Fast w/many options.
EDHEX210.ZIP45892Feb 23 1995EdHex 2.10 Editor for ANY DOS file. Bug/feature fixes!.
EDITOR10.ZIP319150Mar 3 1995Three freeware editors, DOS, protected DOS and WINDOWS. Fast and for large files.
ELLIS.ZIP767625Sep 9 1995Got Sony Playstation fever. DL this AVI Clip.
EMILY320.ZIP77354Oct 24 1994Simulator for Dallas C320 microcontroller.
EMILY52.ZIP78489Oct 24 1994Simulator for 8051/52 microcontroller family.
EMM20.ZIP69493Oct 7 1995Epstein MenuMaker 2.0 -- neat menu program by me! oh boy.
ENTRTAN5.ZIP204400Dec 29 1994Entertainment Pack for OS/2. Several fun games for OS/2.
ETBASIC.ZIP382679Nov 29 1993Another kind of BASIC complier for ET3 system users!.
EVIO.ZIP209007Aug 8 1995HARDWARE CONTROL I/O VBX for Visual Basic. Gives the PC the ability to provide generic hardware control. Ideal for hobbyist or engineers. Allows users to design any kind of control application in windows using byte wide or
EWAN105.ZIP252802Aug 19 1995Windows Telnet Client.
EXECNOIS.ZIP3444Aug 15 1995The Exec-Pc Board's file describing common ways to eliminate line noise.
EXT2TOOL.ZIP259227May 21 1995MSDOS utilities to access Linux ext2 file systems from inside DOS, freeware with source code.
EXT2_04B.ZIP500112Sep 16 1995OS/2 installable file system, allows OS/2 to use the Linux 32 bit ext2 Unix file system. This is version 0.4 beta.
EXTICON.ZIP65220Feb 10 1994Icon extractor program that extracts icons from executible (EXE) files. These icons can be modified ans used in other programs.
EZCOM.ZIP131194Jul 20 1995A cool Windows com. program, check it out!!!!!.
EZPGP107.ZIP30079May 9 1995A pgp shell linking pgp to your offline qwk reader.
EZTREE23.ZIP234275May 25 1995Easy Tree genealogy program.
EZVGIF13.ZIP677279Jan 6 1995New version GIF organizer/viewer.
FALKEN1.ZIP782007Jul 31 1995Shareware version 7.06 of the Falken BBS. Falken is a multi-user, multi-tasking BBS that allows up to 64 callers on one PC.
FALTSR.ZIP12771Aug 11 1994A TSR which increases your bps for Modem to Modem play in Falcon.
FAMCAL11.ZIP498225Dec 29 1994Print a family calendar for the wall.
FAMCAL13.ZIP244593Apr 22 1995This is a shareware, Windows-based calendar preparation program that looks quite good. Easy data entry allows recording birthdays, anniversaries, dates for those departed and special events. Worth a look.
FAQ21E.ZIP224425Apr 3 1994OS/2 frequently asked Quequestions. And answers.
FASTEXIT.ZIP4678Feb 10 1995Windows Utility for fast EXIT and RESTARTs.
FATFREE.ZIP179308Oct 19 1995Fatfree recipes for mastercook2.
FAX010.ZIP185900Jan 3 1995Latest Fax send and receive program for os//2.
FAX140C.ZIP116531Jan 28 1995Bgfax .exe files, v 1.40c.
FAXDEMO.ZIP288789Jun 29 1995Demo of winfax pro.
FAXFER11.ZIP33958Aug 5 1995Check remote fax machines.
FAX_V402.ZIP680149Apr 23 1995FAX utility for Windows. As easy to use as printing.
FAX_V417.ZIP701785Aug 24 1995FAX utility for Windows. As easy to use as printing.
FD220U_1.ZIP281090Aug 22 1995Front door 2.2 update file 1 of 2.
FD220U_2.ZIP267674Aug 22 1995Front door 2.2 update. file 2 of 2.
FDE141.ZIP91168Dec 10 1994File Description Editor ver 1.41 Makes 4DOS compatable file descriptions; better than the builtin DESCRIBE command.
FF3FAQ40.ZIP58543Jul 26 1995Faqs on a game.
FFF44.ZIP151814May 5 1995File locator program.
FFF50.ZIP254226Aug 12 1995Derr's fast file finder v5.0.
FFG201.ZIP158804Aug 27 1995File finder/grouper. Very configurable. Can search inside of archive files. Can execute programs upon found files. Shareware. v2.01 04/03/95.
FGL402E.ZIP61738Feb 6 1995Fastgraph/Light graphics library. Pascal source for example programs. Must be used with the libraries in FLG402A.ZIP.
FHWA.ZIP23392Mar 15 1995FHWA txt data great stuff if your in construction .
FILELST3.ZIP3388Nov 19 1994File list generater for wildcat bbs's.
FILEUT.ZIP4943Feb 16 1995A bunch of utilities for DOS, includes UNIXTOPC, which inserts CR afters LF. Very Usefull. ShareWare.
FILEUT11.ZIP7549Mar 9 1995This is a collection of usefull utilites. Download to see! Very small.
FILL501.ZIP83752Jan 11 1995Freeware tool to offload files from hard drive onto floppies, and do it in a space efficient manner.
FILL506.ZIP81467Jul 2 1995Latest update to a very good fill-disk program.
FILREQ14.ZIP56046Sep 5 1995Fileid.
FLDPAK.ZIP58139Nov 9 1993Three useful data management add-ons for Visual Basic 3.0.
FLEX252.GZ384784Oct 13 1995Flex-2.5.2.tar.gz from the Free Software Foundation at [email protected], it is the latest & greatest lexx/flex utility.
FMTRIAL.ZIP1525364Nov 5 1995Symantec's Norton Navigator for Window's 95 Trial Edition.
FONTB3.ZIP116060Jun 28 1994Fontbook for Win31 - Print speciman sheets of Truetype Fonts.
FONTMGR.ZIP15232Aug 23 1995Font Manager. Creates new fonts for C/C++. Builds C/C++ files.
FORDVGA.ZIP1189135Sep 21 1995Driving simulator from Ford.
FOXTIMER.ZIP12153May 15 1995Timers.FLL library for Foxpro 2.x. Allows creation of functions that will trigger on an interval (miliseconds through years). Very fast, little overhead.
FP-219.ZIP584153Aug 15 1995FPROT v2.19 virus protection system.
FP-220.ZIP581047Oct 21 1995F-PROT October 1995 update. Virus scanner, cleanser.
FP_219.ZIP577300Aug 15 1995F-PROT version 2.19 - August 1995.
FRAIN192.ZIP570514Jun 19 1995Maintenance release of fabulous fast free fractal viewer for DOS.
FRAINT19.ZIP567528Mar 8 1995FractInt version 19 The latest upgrade to the Stone Soup Group's freeware fractal generator adds deep zooms, random dot stereographs, new bailout parameters, and new fractal types. Awesome. Source code in FRASRC19.ZIP.
FRAMED11.ZIP200595Jul 28 1995FRAMED v1.1A huge shareware platform adventure game from Machination. Wrongly imprisond in a foreign jail your quest is to escape and prove your innocence. Features ultra smoot eight way scrolling, VGA graphics and Soundb
FRASRC19.ZIP964431Mar 8 1995Source code for FractInt version 19, from the Stone Soup Group.
FREEVGAP.ZIP1978957Jul 4 1995A Fully ste up VGA PLANETS freeware door with five games.
FREMEM20.ZIP42496May 5 1995A memory managment utility.
FROG10.ZIP168798Aug 22 1995FROG 1.0 - new multiline chat system for BBSes. Includes 'who is online'. Can be fully customized. For all DOOR.SYS & DORINFO.DEF systems. Shareware. Upload by author. Have phun!.
FUNEXAMP.ZIP203600Jun 25 1995Several programs which are fun to run, especially on a friends computer. Will do no harm. Several include Assembly source, including an ALT-CTRL-DEL keyboard TSR.
FUNPOK.ZIP62750Sep 5 1995Funpok (tm) 1.1: 32 video poker machines for Windows! The Professional version has 192 machines and the shareware version has 32; otherwise, both versions are identical. Each machine has its own statistical database. From
FUNPOK12.ZIP65330Oct 19 1995Funpok (tm) 1.2. 32 video poker machines for Windows! Each machine has its own database. Double-up, progressive jackpot, eight denominations, pay tables, sound. Logging of wins, losses, types of wins, streaks & more. The S
FUNSOL15.ZIP143863Sep 5 1995Funsol (tm) 1.5 25 solitaire games for Windows! Save game, restore game andunlimited undo. Four billion selectable game seeds. Many other features. Registered users receive 88 bonus games-- a total of 113! From The Softga
FUNSOL16.ZIP148652Oct 19 1995Funsol (tm) 1.6. 113 solitaire games for Windows! (25 in the shareware version.) Save and restore game, unlimited undo, logging, graphing, scoring, money, billions of deals, card counter, cheat mode and autoplay. The Softg
GAMETUTR.ZIP266132Jul 3 1995Nice tutorial on programming games using Turbo C.
GATOR120.ZIP591641Mar 30 1995Gator v1.2, a very nice text editor for windows. Spell checker, multi file, multi windows, edit files as large as available memory and much more.
GAWK2156.GZ520032Oct 13 1995Gawk-2.15.6.tar.gz from the Free Software Foundation at [email protected], it is the latest & greatest awk utility.
GDECODE.ZIP2230May 17 1994This is the QBasic source of a GIF decoder/viewer written by Dave Gentry.
GDS31D.ZIP349288Nov 11 1994Graphics Display System v3.1D - graphics viewer - view one pic at a time or an array at same time.
GDS31F.ZIP385059Jan 25 1995Graphics Display System v3.1F - multi-format graphics viewer.
GEOM_AID.ZIP125455Aug 20 1994GEOMETRY AID: Geometry tutorial program.
GET263.ZIP98507Apr 8 1995GET.EXE v. 2.63, Bob Stephan's DOS BATch file enhancer for Environment and ErrorLevel BATch services. GET 2.63 is an upgrade for users of Ver. 2.5 and replaces previous releases. A full manual is included in a file on disk
GIFPRESS.ZIP69298Nov 18 1994Utility to compress/decompress losslessly .GIF files to/from .GPS files.
GILLGAN.ZIP165876Feb 21 1983.MOD file rendition of the Gilligan's Island theme song.
GLDWAV30.ZIP424644Oct 29 1995Gold Wave Version 3.0 - Full featured Windows Wave Editor.
GLSHEL20.ZIP177567Nov 23 1994.GL file animation shell program. Eases the process of viewing gl animations.
GM-WIZ.ZIP106148Jun 24 1994Sophisticated software called GAME-WIZ that allows searches of memory to find out how to cheat on a game's lives, money, etc.
GOBMAN.ZIP74022Aug 28 1998Pacman game with new a new twist, and nice graphics.
GORE-A.ZIP1051471Jul 21 1995GORE GALORE-3D VIRTUAL REALITY Disk 1 of 2. v1.0 Violent game. As escaped homicidal maniac "BLOODY BOB", satisfy your sickest fantasies in a splatter fest of blood and gore. Req's. 386SX25, VGA, HD, 4MB RAM, 600K free conv
GORE-B.ZIP1201251Jul 21 1995GORE GALORE-3D VIRTUAL REALITY Disk 2 of 2. v1.0 Violent game. As escaped homicidal maniac "BLOODY BOB", satisfy your sickest fantasies in a splatter fest of blood and gore. Req's. 386SX25, VGA, HD, 4MB RAM, 600K free c
GOUROUD.ZIP37041Dec 31 1994Gouroud shading and more Turbo Pascal source.
GP11_18.ZIP112981Mar 13 1995Latest drivers for the ALPS Glidepoint pointing device.
GPSDASH.ZIP160104Feb 28 1995An instrument panel using G.P.S.'s as input. DOS Graphics.
GRADESCN.ZIP82006May 13 1995Gradescan is a teachers aid program.
GSZ0607.ZIP111753Jun 7 1995Forsberg's Graphical DOS Z/Y/Zmodem driver, 6/7/95 version.
GUITAR.ZIP132243Nov 27 1993A rock guitar tutor with fingerboard chord displays.
GUITAR21.ZIP19864Aug 10 1990Learn advanced guitar chords for window (for windows).
GUS_195.ZIP43045May 8 1995General Unpack Shell v1.95 - unpack / test / view archive files - ARJ LZH ZIP PAK ARC SQZ UC2 RAR HA HAP ... - Shareware. Nice.
GVIS201.ZIP423845Apr 13 1995Graphical user interface library, with source, for Borland Pascal 7 and/or Turbo Pascal 7.
GWIZ23B.ZIP114992May 20 1994Game-Wizard shareware. Alter/freeze/etc. various program attributes.
GWSWIN11.ZIP412832May 17 1995Graphics workshop for windows.
GWSWN11P.ZIP954902Feb 19 1995Graphics Workshop for Windows v.1.1P. Current version of great windows graphics viewer.
GWSWN11R.EXE1252352Jun 10 1995Graphics Workshop for Windows 1.1 r - many new features added.
GW_INST3.ZIP19743Sep 8 1995Nifty DLL to create group windows. (I.E. like "Accessories" for write...
GXTOOLS.EXE842645Jun 18 1995Graphics Programming Toolkit - for use with Microsoft C/C++ and Visual C++. Includes a full screen graphics editor and library w/demos. Registered users receive full source code and a excto the editor as well as a complete
GZIP124.EXE119146Oct 13 1995Gzip-1.2.4.msdos.exe from the Free Software Foundation at [email protected], it is the latest and greatest gzip/gunzip utility.
HACKER10.ZIP33289May 26 1995Hacking program. Allows search and replace on binary files.
HAMTEST.ZIP610436Mar 28 1995The newest question pool for all class licenses for ham radio. Go through the question pool one at a time w/help, or take practice test to see if your ready.
HANDBOOK.TXT4224Jul 25 1995The file for the terrorists handbook a must read!!!.
HANGM200.ZIP336559Jul 22 1995Door for Falken BBS. Classic game of Hangman, players try to guess a word by choosing letters before they get hung.
HANG_NT.ZIP99123Mar 15 1993Hangman program for Windows NT.
HANS3.ZIP224095Jun 27 1995HANS 3: An elaborate DOOM add on.
HCOPY100.ZIP42964Jan 16 1995HardCopy v1.00 - A Windows program for printing text files. The layout can be customized, including the font, margins, number of columns, and line numbering.
HEADZIP.EXE99541Sep 7 1995Header files for C++. Used ZIP2EXE for compression.
HEARTST.ZIP8079Aug 23 1995Hearing Test.
HERCHT1.ZIP13642Jan 4 1993HERETIC: Game cheat information.
HEROVILL.BAS9552Sep 17 1997Heroes and Villians written by ??? for QBasic. Comes with QBasic Source.
HEXDEMO1.ZIP2911069Oct 3 1995A demo of Hexen sequel to Heretic. Part 1.
HEXDEMO2.ZIP2741716Oct 3 1995Ade demo of Hexen game sequel to Heretic. Part 2.
HF1047.ZIP17024Sep 23 1994Self-extracting text file (MS Word) describing how to link Visual Basic 3 and MS Fortran 5.1.
HGB_2.ZIP1531Mar 7 1995Fortran source to convert stdin to output.
HOST31H.ZIP149597Aug 26 1993The newest version of the host program for VGA PLANETS. FREEWARE.
HOWEMAIL.ZIP13772Apr 27 1995Explains how to find someone's e-mail address on the internet.
HP12C11.ZIP169689Apr 21 1995Emulates an HP-12C Calculator -- a Financial Calculator. Loans, Present Values, Amortization, and much more.
HPTINY20.ZIP51840Jul 30 1995Prints text files compactly to HP Laserjet, ASM source included.
HPY2SKUL.ZIP307371Jul 29 1995Movie [AVI] of Happy face changing to skull.
HSD115B4.ZIP59011Mar 12 1995HS/Link "DLP" version for Procomm for Windows 2.0. This is the 3-12-95 beta; registration fee now dropped back to $15.
HST32B2A.ZIP364093Mar 27 1995Host for VGA PLANETS, as of april,1 1995.
HST32B3J.ZIP400694Aug 29 1995Host for VGA PLANETS, version 32 v. 3j.
HUMORPK1.ZIP69913Feb 13 1994Humor pack for Win 31, Humerous Personality Analyzer.
HURL.ZIP1361558Jul 4 1995Grab your water balloons and jump into the trash-filled world of H.U.R.L., a 3-D, first person action game for "Baby DOOMers" of all ages. You're a squeaky clean agent on the trail of Bob the Slob, who wants to bury you un
IAPX.ZIP15621Jul 16 1995Cool pgm to show CPU type & speed (very accurate); also shows 80x87 speed in MHz and tests for various CPU bugs (thru 486, possibly Pentium).
ICON95.ZIP70609Jun 8 1995Icon collection for Windows 95.
ICONNECT.ZIP217003Dec 1 1994A modem communications monitor program.
IDEX212.ZIP378268Nov 8 1994Infodex v2.12 - Multipurpose Database.
IFL.ZIP31292Jan 1 1995IMPERIAL FLIGHT LABS This Program will edit the ships in TIE Fighter to your specifications. You can add shield to the T/I and T/B, but not the T/F due the lack of a shield recharcge level indicator in the cockpit.
IFSSRC.ZIP8373May 18 1995OS/2 C source code provides an example on how to code an OS/2 IFS installable file system.
INET1.ZIP400645Nov 7 1995The Internet Red Address Book is an online Yellow Pages and more.
INET30.ZIP350534Jul 2 1995The Internet Connection bbs door, v 33.0.
INFOPACK.ZIP198510Oct 22 1991Compendium of information about cd-rom drives and drivers.
INFVU15.ZIP189588Nov 3 1994InfView 1.55 - Windows ASCII/HEX/Text/Graphics File Viewer. Compare multiple files of any size. Also DEBUG, FILEFIND, GREP, Hot keys, Font and color. Still only $6.99.
INIED131.ZIP44704Jan 2 1995INIedit v1.31: MS-Windows app designed to make modifying, viewing, and printing Windows .INI files easy.
INLIMA13.ZIP4553May 11 1995GCC macro package that inlines floating-point math routines, typically improve FP speed by 10%. Designed for Linux but adaptable to all versions of gcc. From Texas Institute for Fusion Studies.
INSIDE.ZIP449671Sep 5 1995The Inside World (tm) 1.2: A Windows role playing game. Ten levels in the Professional version (three in this shareware version). Hundreds of items, many monsters, spells and much more! Top view AND first person view. From
INSIDE13.ZIP453811Oct 19 1995The Inside World (tm) 1.3. Huge graphic RPG! This is a graphical Windows role playing game. Save and restore game. Hundreds of items, dozens of spells, keys, monsters, maps, puzzles, potions, weapons, armor. From The Softg
INSPACE.ZIP1223940May 24 1995A nice shoot em up where you shoot invading virus on your hard drive include speech stereo sound your own icons very nice.
INSTAREZ.ZIP33820Feb 3 1995Windows utility for quick video resolution changes.
INSTN321.ZIP33776Mar 12 1995Windows installer/uninstaller.
INTER45A.ZIP364788Mar 26 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part A.
INTER45B.ZIP363523Mar 26 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part B.
INTER45C.ZIP363429Mar 26 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part C.
INTER45D.ZIP50799Mar 25 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part D.
INTER45E.ZIP358490Mar 25 1995Companion hypertext formatting programs and other programs for use with ralf Brown's comprehensive interrupt list. Not required to reconstruct.
INTER46A.ZIP362000Jun 4 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls, both documented and undocumented. Part A of six parts.
INTER46B.ZIP360005Jun 4 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls, both documented and undocumented. Part B of six parts.
INTER46C.ZIP361109Jun 4 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls, both documented and undocumented. Part C of six parts. NOTE: Parts A through D will recreate the master list as maintained by Ralf Brown.
INTER46D.ZIP101055Jun 4 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls, both documented and undocumented. Part D of six parts. Parts A through D will recreate the master list as maintained by Ralf Brown.
INTER46E.ZIP338411Jun 4 1995Utility and hypertext formatting programs for Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls. Part E of six parts. Not needed to recreate the master interrupt list.
INTER46F.ZIP164513Jun 3 1995WINHELP foratting routine for Ralf Brown's comprehensive interrupt list. Not needed to recreate the master list. Part F of six parts.
INTER47A.ZIP359805Aug 13 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive listing of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part A of 6 parts.
INTER47B.ZIP360869Aug 13 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part B of 6 parts.
INTER47C.ZIP361207Aug 13 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third part interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part C of 6 parts.
INTER47D.ZIP143739Aug 13 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, and third party interrupt calls; both documented and undocumented. Part D of 6 parts. Parts A through D contain the master interrupt list. Parts E and F are formatting pro
INTER47E.ZIP343962Aug 13 1995Hypertext formatting programs for Ralf Brown's interrupt list. Part E of 6 parts.
INTER47F.ZIP165411Aug 13 1995WINHELP format programs for Ralf Brown's interrupt list. Part F of 6.
INTER48A.ZIP361547Oct 29 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive listing of MSDOS, BIOS, third party interrupt, and FAR calls. Part A of 6 parts.
INTER48B.ZIP360142Oct 29 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, third party interrupt, and FAR calls. Part B of 6 parts.
INTER48C.ZIP361629Oct 29 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, third party interrupt, and FAR calls. Part C of 6 parts.
INTER48D.ZIP247765Oct 29 1995Ralf Brown's comprehensive list of MSDOS, BIOS, third party interrupt, and FAR calls. Part D of 6 parts. Parts A through D will recreate the master list.
INTER48E.ZIP350161Oct 29 1995Utility and hypertext formatting program for Ralf Brown's interrupt list.
INTER48F.ZIP165748Oct 29 1995WINDOWS help file conversion programs for Ralf Brown's interrupt list. Part F of the 6 part suite.
INTROK52.ZIP356860Sep 13 1995How and Where to buy Computer Equipment and Parts at genuine DEALER PRICES. Note: This is privileged information, and requires registration or proof of reseller status. Enjoy!.
INVB602.ZIP395431May 29 1995The Ultimate Anti Virus Protection - Invircible - English. Anti.
ISPY.EXE87040Oct 20 1995INDUSTRIAL SPYWARE Reverse Software Engineering Program uses a secondary monochrome monitor to output 'Real-time' Assembler code about any real-mode application program or O/S. Stores data to mono card. Review after crash!
ISSUE07.ZIP187934Sep 5 1995Political magazine--tecnology related.
IYAGI5_3.ZIP733490Nov 15 1995Korean Communication Program.
IZM102.ZIP129024May 27 1995IceZmodem v1.02 Zmodem file transfer protocol with chat, dos shell, editor, ... Shareware.
I_M251A.ZIP371382Jul 23 1995An optimize virus and integrity scanner that run under OS2 ,windows95,win nt etc. very nice program SHAREWARE.
JAM125SW.ZIP209649Mar 10 1995On-the-fly or real-time compression program. Compresses files and uncompresses them as they are used. By George Reznik and others, Kiev, Ukraine.
JAM211.ZIP19325Dec 20 1991Compressor for EXE and COM files. Exe only, no doc file. By Eugen Vasilchenko, Moscow, Russia.
JE102.ZIP112775Sep 17 1994WWIV Conference editor.
JETCOL35.ZIP85335Nov 4 1994Prints up to six pages per page in small print to conserve paper for HP lasers.
JGWINMAG.ZIP8244Apr 15 1992Windows magnifier that zooms any area that mouse arrow points to.
JJXMAS95.ZIP1431783Nov 16 1995JAZZ JACKRABBIT HOLIDAY HARE 1995: From Epic MegaGames comes the All-New 1995 Holiday Hare. This holiday version of the award winning Jazz Jackrabbit features new levels and music for your holiday game playing pleasure! Re
JLISP103.ZIP72195May 5 1995JLISP 1.03, a lisp for use as an embedded interpreter, easily interfaced with C/C++, easily extended. FREEWARE with full C source code.
JMD311YF.ZIP82753Aug 6 1994JModem 3.11y(f). Protocol driver w/full BCC\MSC source.
JMOD120M.ZIP51678Aug 4 1994JModem 1.20m. Protocol driver w/asm source. Compatable Jmodem 3.11.
JMPGATE1.ZIP362774Jul 10 1995Adds Stargates to VGA PLANETS.
JOKIWN10.ZIP26072Feb 10 1995Joki v1.0: MS-Windows utility that makes your joystick emulate a keyboard so you can play your favorite Windows gameswith your joystick instead of a keyboard.
JUKER55.ZIP575376Mar 5 1995Jukebox for CD's.
JX30-06.ZIP49443Jan 7 1994Update Micronics JX30-VL motherboard flash bios. self-extracting file, downloaded from Micronics BBS. This motherboard was used in Micron computers and no doubt other brands as well. Obviously, use with caution from a clea
KCHESS20.ZIP154680Mar 16 1995Good program for learning the game of Chess.
KENL10.ZIP1157550May 3 1995KENNEL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - Excellent for keeping track of your clients and their pets. Version 1.0 Shareware...
KITTY.ZIP49663Aug 10 1995Here Kitty is Windows Screensaver. Before activation girl calls "Here Kitty". Animated kitten runs all over screen.
KQ7PAT.ZIP71148Nov 14 1995Kings Quest VII patch for v. 1.4 and 1.51. It is supposed to fix all known bugs, but it can not be used for version 1.1.
KRISMAS4.ZIP266793Feb 4 1994A neat Christmas card generator.
KSLOG22.ZIP36773Jan 1 1980A logging program for your computer.
KSLOG23.ZIP76455Aug 17 1995KEVINSOFT diary program. Second addition--Shareware.
KWS145.ZIP30077Sep 22 1995Search for keywords within text & binary files. Grep, boolean, prefix, suffix, whole word, case-sensitive & fuzzy searches, onscreen highlighting, line numbers, totals, @filelists, subdirectory scans, more.
LANDON.ZIP27609Mar 28 1995Very handy software bridge for joining various LANtastic network topologies together. Particularly useful for joining LANtastic Z connections to Artisofts 2mbps or 10mbps networks. Highly recommended!.
LATHE.ZIP72072May 25 19923D modeling tool.
LATIN.ZIP411549Apr 8 1995QSD's Latin Dictionary 1.0 for Windows. Features include context sensitive help, looking up words, adding words to a custom dictionary, online registration, and more. Please download and distribute it.
LAWJOKES.ZIP31226Jul 2 1993Lawyer Jokes, not bad, but some are tasteless.
LCDGRID.ZIP6030Mar 27 1995TrueType Windows font that looks like an LCD Dot Matrix Grid.
LCTRIAL.EXE691000May 1 1995LCTRIAL.EXE is a self-extracing file that contains a FULLY FUNCTIONAL copy of LogiCASE, the NEW, C-Code re-engineering and design development tool. Place in new directory on hard disk, type lctriLCTRIAL, then INSTALL then
LDS135A.ZIP60495May 26 1995Lord Development System 1.35a.
LDS_11.ZIP95874Oct 19 1993Lossless Datacompression Sources 1.1. Acompilation of source code (Borland C++ and some asm) for 9 types of data compression including Huffman, LZW, LZHUF, Arithmetic, Splay Trees, etc.
LENGTH.ZIP64483Sep 18 1995A program that converts cm to in and vice versa... I programmed it myself in C++.
LHA213.ZIP44416Jan 3 1993LHA compression program.
LHA255C.ZIP97486Feb 25 1995Latest file with japanese and english docs...
LIFE11.ZIP47736Mar 15 1995V1.1 version of LIFE, with ASM source. Macros/720x720 grid.
LINES20.ZIP84201Jun 29 1995LINES Copyright 1995 AbreuSOFT Company. This is a logical board game for Windows 3.x. Point and click-- the object is to be the Boss. Very colorful, building to higher challenges as game progresses. Shareware version 2.0b.
LINUS2.ZIP2441Jan 17 1995MIDI file of the Peanuts theme song ("Linus & Lucy").
LIST91K.ZIP111317Jul 1 1995LIST v9.1 V.D.Buerg - file viewing & browsing utility.
LIST91M.ZIP113544Sep 15 1995Buerg's List utility v9.1M.
LLIST31.ZIP179627May 22 1995Little Lists v3.1: Small,bu but useful, database program.
LMX22.ZIP29544Jun 1 1995LETTERMARKS Rev 2.2. Macros for use with Ami Pro for entry of special characters required in international languages. Shareware. Uploaded by author.
LNK100.EXE208433Jul 14 1995Microsoft Linker.
LNK100.ZIP208433Jul 14 1995MICROSOFT LINKER. Upgrades Link.exe.
LNK562.EXE195023Jul 14 1995Microfoft linker patch.
LNK562.ZIP195023Jul 14 1995Microsoft 32 bit linker.
LNK563.EXE281082Jul 14 1995Microsoft 32 bit linker for Windows NT.
LNK563.ZIP281082Jul 14 199532 BIT linker for Microsoft Windows NT.
LOANPLS1.ZIP482889May 30 1995Loan*Calculator! Plus 1.0s [MS Windows 3.x] 6 easy to use calculators in 1 program: Loan, Interest Due/Calendar Math, Remaining Balance, Accelerated Payment, Refinance and Balloon Payment. Run multiple copies of a ca
LOCATE1.ZIP8986Dec 17 1987Mouse support.
LOGST218.ZIP1044933Mar 21 1994Satellite logger & tracker for WIN31 - Version 2.18.
LOTTO150.ZIP67172Apr 18 1995SBBS online lottery door for fun or user d/l credits .
LST75F.ZIP90446Oct 26 1990List/Browse utility (Very Nice).
LVIEWP1B.ZIP312571May 12 1995LVIEW Pro v.1.b - Great Windows Graphics viewer and a "MUST HAVE" for Internet Graphics viewing.
LZKSHMIR.ZIP5156Mar 15 1995MIDI rendition of the Led Zeppelin classic, Kashmir.
M4W110SL.ZIP329632Feb 21 1994A very good MOD player for windows. Customizable and easy to use.
MACBLA11.ZIP19442Nov 6 1995Macblaster 1.1.
MAGIC#1.ZIP304425Feb 1 1995Learn to be a magician.
MAKEWORM.ZIP9968Jun 6 1994Makes the wormhole.txt file for VGA PLANETS wormhole utilities.
MANGO21B.ZIP51514May 31 1995Mango Menu. Freeware task switcher/menu program for Win31. Menu easily customized with text file; can be used as Windows shell.
MANUAL.ZIP42167Jul 31 1995Documentation for Falken 7.06.
MATRIC.ZIP41049Dec 4 1994Matrices multiplier via C++ w/source code.
MAX_OPT1.ZIP57589Jul 23 1995Automatically optimize your startup files for best use with MS-Memmaker.
MBTI.ZIP133504Jun 10 1995Windows 3.1 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test.
MC312EMB.ZIP226014Apr 17 1995Micro-C compiler for embedded microcontrollers.
MCC201.ZIP14282Mar 24 1992For programs that do not have mouse control.
MCLOCK.ZIP63159Sep 7 1994Mouse Clock for Windows. Clock becomes part of your mouse pointer.
MCOMM6.ZIP41045Jul 6 1995Async Comm Lib for C/C++ - up to 4 ports, 115.2k baud, FIFO, etc..
MCOOK132.ZIP244820May 10 1995Recipe program can import Meal Master files...
MDOCTOR.ZIP62781Jul 26 1994Mortgage Dr. for Windows. Ammortization Program.
MEDIT212.ZIP137069May 26 1995Mega Edit v2.12 Windows text editor for up to 20 large files at once with split screen. Import/Export UNIX, Mac, and DOS ascii file formats. Files can be as large as Windows virtual memory. Variable sizing of display
MEDIT214.ZIP136247Oct 20 1995Mega Edit v2.14 Windows text editor for up to 20 large files at once with split screen. Files can be as large as Windows virtual memory. Import/Export Unix, Mac, and DOS ASCII file formats. CUA compliant. From WinN
MELODY25.ZIP236547Dec 3 1994Compose music and use it in programs. Will save in several types, example.
MENUS.ZIP67053Sep 17 1995Paradox Win menu maker utility, written in ver 4.5, recompile for use in ver 5.0.
MEXICAN2.ZIP201435Oct 19 1995Mexican recipes for mastercook 2.
MFPAT1.ZIP153044Jan 15 1995This is Quarter Deck's 01/95 patch for Manifest 09/94 & 10/94 release dates..With QEMM 7.5..
MK2FAQ21.ZIP28838Nov 26 1994Mortal Kombat 2 FAQ, version 2.1 (mk2faq on this board is 1.5). Has all moves for MK2.
ML104A.ZIP218402Jul 2 1995This is a somewhat old (1992) Windows Telecommunications program that seems to work quite well. Good graphics and indicators, configureable.
MLIST4.ZIP26760Jan 16 1994Visual Basic Multi Column ListBox control.
MM800.ZIP199928Mar 31 1994Meal Master verison 8. Pretty good DOS meal program.
MNM2A.ZIP654477Feb 17 1995Midnight Modeller 2.0, a modeller for POVray.
MOD50.EXE40558May 10 1995This is an updated modem file for Norton PCAnywhere 5.0 DOS 04/95.
MOM.ZIP577056Nov 10 1994School MOM, latest version for teaching children...
MOMV13.ZIP645447Feb 22 1995This is an update to Masters Of Magic, by Microprose software. This ZIP file contains all the files (not a patch - straight executable replacement). Copy.
MOONCAL.ZIP159945Mar 24 1994Windows 3.1 calendar and PIM which also keeps track of phases of the moon.
MOO_ED.ZIP54370Dec 2 1993Master of orion cheat.
MORAY153.ZIP550248Apr 17 1995MoRay 1.53, another modeller for POV.
MOS20B1.EXE1119225Apr 16 1995NCSA Mosaic version 2.0 Beta 1. Requires a winsock.dll and win32s version 1.25 with OLE.
MOSAIC20.ZIP2149516Nov 8 1995Mosaic 2.0 for windows.
MOVERS.ZIP78651Jun 17 1995This is a basic programming project, not a finished file. Ref thread Lurking vs Activity posts in the basic area.
MOVERS1.ZIP97687Jun 23 1995This is a basic programming project, not a finished file. Ref thread Lurking vs Activity posts in the Basic msg area.
MOVERS2.ZIP108226Jan 1 1980This is part of a programming project, not a finished file. Ref Lurking vs Activity in the msg posts of the basic area.
MPDEMO.ZIP2321370Apr 28 1995Machiavelli from microprose, playable demo. Strategy.
MR2_224.ZIP286393Jul 12 1995Version 2.24 of MR/2, the OS/2 off-line mail reader. Text mode.
MSCODE.ZIP104115Aug 2 1995MORSE CODE MADE EASY 3.0 is a complete menu-driven learning tool that allows the user to set the pace. The 3 major modes are LESSONS, PRACTICE and WORD LIST. The program tracks the user's progress and displays a score at t
MSCODE32.ZIP108071Oct 13 1995MORSE CODE MADE EASY 3.2 is a complete menu-driven learning tool that allows the user to set the pace. The 3 major modes are LESSONS, PRACTICE and WORD LIST. The program tracks the user's progress and displays a score at t
MSD300.ZIP175088Oct 1 1994Microsoft Diagnostics version 3.00! New and improved features of the previous version.
MSDOSVIR.ZIP194308Sep 1 1995**B0600000000cd85.
MSKMT314.ZIP731106Jul 17 1995May '95 release of MS-DOS Kermit 3.14, replaces buggy 1/95 releases. Obtained by ftp from
MSOFT17F.ZIP27589May 5 1995Format 3.5" Floppy using MicroSoft's New Disk Distribution Format that allows 1.7MB of data storage on floppy.
MSPACLT.ZIP117031Oct 15 1994This is a arcade type games complete with sound arcade type sound almost exactly like the old version of ms pacman.
MSQ320.ZIP484679Sep 14 1995Msged reader for squish and *.msg, v 3.20, os/2 and dos.
MSTUD31.ZIP149420Jul 8 1995A simple notation-based Windows musical editing/creation program.
MSVIBM.ZIP731167Sep 22 1995Latest and Greatest Kermit for MS-DOS (and windows via .pif) directly from Columbia University (circa June 1995).
MSWCALC.ZIP27423Mar 18 1995From Microsoft: This is an updated version of the Calculator accessory that is shipped with Microsoft Windows 3.1x and Windows for Workgroups 3.1x. Previous versions of Calculator display simple subtraction errors when you
MSWL40.ZIP885504Apr 27 1995Logo for MS Windows, v4.0. Freeware Logo with TurtleGraphics, DLL calls, much much more...
MTGDEM0.ZIP684106Aug 1 1995Magic:the Gathering demo game.
MUFFINS.ZIP12804Oct 19 1995Mastercook 2 recepe book of muffins.
MVTOOL10.EXE40604Oct 31 1995MS Word for Windows anti-virus system. Protects against the new Word Macro virus now going around. Not a TSR. Just loads When using word for Windows. Excellant.
MYCMM230.ZIP156645Dec 8 1994MyComm v2.30 data communications program. Powerful, yet small (190K). Supports Zmodem, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, Kermit, and of course ASCII file transfers. There are slots for up to 6 external protocols. Suppor
MYCMM231.ZIP173265Nov 6 1995MyComm v2.31 data communications program. Powerful, yet small (175K). Supports Zmodem, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, Kermit, and ASCII file transfers, and up to six external protocols. Supports TTY, ANSI, VT-52, & V
N1612B2.EXE1646308Jul 15 1995This is the 1.2 bs the 1.2 beta 2 of Netscape Navigator. It is the 16 bit version (Win 3.1). Seems pretty stable and the bookmark handling is much better.
N16E122.EXE1665780Nov 2 1995Rz.
N16E20B1.EXE1942632Oct 16 1995Netscape Navigator - Version 2.0 Beta for Win 3.1, 16 Bit Version.
N32E11N.EXE1198241Jul 24 199532bit version of Netscape Navigator Ver 1.1 for Windows.
N32E122.EXE1788627Nov 2 1995Rz.
NBUST12D.ZIP193593Mar 6 1995Nag Buster v1.2d - removes "nags" from a good selection of dos/windows shareware programs. Shareware.
NDIR220.ZIP101924Feb 5 1995Dir lister - files color coded by extension - very configurable - fast - Free.
NEOPT31C.ZIP667832Sep 3 1995NeoPaint Version 3.1c.
NETCD.ZIP266972Dec 31 1993This is an enhanced disk cache program that has some nice bells and whistles.
NETSOUPS.ZIP44834Oct 19 1995Soups menus of mastercook 2 .
NEVER.ZIP39293Mar 23 1995This is a doom2 wad that is very taxing on your system i recommend a 66mhz or better it is very busy and hard ti get through .
NEWSTART.ZIP56382Apr 18 1995Modifies your Windows WIN.EXE to show a new screen at startup. Comes with 6. Create your own! Requires Windows 3.1.
NH311OS2.ZIP706125Jul 8 1995NetHack v3.11 for OS/2.
NMODM236.ZIP135572Jun 29 1995Nmodem protocol. Like Jmodem.
NORT80.EXE595458May 5 1994This patch updates the norton 8.0 utilitys only you must have the version 8.0 to use this patch.
NVBAR11.ZIP322829Mar 3 1995NV's Button Bar 1.1 -- Application Launcher for Windows 3.1. Features include: Launch menus, import from program manager, comand line, file selector, Drag and Drop launch, always on top.
NVL9504.ZIP204262Apr 1 1995_._._Shareware NeverLock SPRING 95_._._._._._._Unprotects over 400 games_._._._..Registered unlocks Everlock & SmartCAM.
NWT101.ZIP48500Nov 24 1994A Doom/Doom2 WAD tool. Extract graphics and sounds. other stuff!.
OALRS100.ZIP55677Aug 15 1995Assembly language help file for all processors from the 8088 to the "586".
OBLIB.ZIP67283Sep 17 1995Paradox Win utility that stores objects in a table as binary blobs for pasting to clipboard and the to your form or report.
OCCPS32.ZIP16415Apr 23 1995Credit card online verifier for BBS programs.
ODAY200.EXE382874Apr 23 1995A windows diary program.
OF612.ZIP102609Feb 17 1995Optional application for Federal Employment. This replaces the SF 171.
OLB6AV01.ZIP361590Jun 15 1995ONLINE BIBLE text file 1.
OLB6AV02.ZIP361590Jun 15 1995ONLINE BIBLe text file 2.
OLB6AV03.ZIP361590Jun 15 1995ONLINE BIBLe text file #3.
OLB6AV04.ZIP361590Jun 15 1995ONLINE BIBLe text file #4.
OLD_DOG.ZIP131408May 13 1995Old_Dog is a program that address adult learning.
OMF2_21.ZIP298865Nov 16 1995OMF 2097: v2.0 to 2.1 Upgrade: This patch updates Epic's One Must Fall version 2.0 (required) to version 2.1. Version 2.1 fixes several bugs in v2.0, and is the final release of OMF 2097.
OMFUP20.ZIP889062Jul 8 1995OMF 2097 Net/Modem Patch V2.0: The future of fighting from Epic just got better. Now you can bash your friends and enemies over the modem or a network! Upgrades both the Shareware and Registered versions of Epic's: One Mus
OMFUP21.ZIP979304Nov 16 1995OMF 2097: Version 2.1 Upgrade: This patch upgrades any version of Epic's One Must Fall 2097 to version 2.1. OMF v2.1 features all of the same steel-bending action in older versions of OMF, and includes Network/Modem/Serial
ON.BAT242Aug 14 1991Cool bat forope operation neptune.
OPSTACK.ZIP8512Oct 31 1995Program and source for beginners to learn stacks in pPASCAL. simple. documentation incl.
OPTICALJ.ZIP90740Nov 9 1994Optical Jukebox is a neat little CD player with lots of bells and whistles.
OPTWIN95.ZIP2860Sep 19 1995Here it is straight from the quarterdeck bbs the qemm help file for windows 95.
ORIDERTH.JPG175590May 1 1995Rather Good picture of Earth. I use as wallpaper on Windows 95.
OS2MORIA.ZIP178328Mar 8 1995Moria for OS/2.
OSC-223E.ZIP446338Jul 10 1995VirusScan for OS/2 by McAfee, Inc. Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for known and new viruses. Requires OS/2 2.0GA or above. Version 223 (9506) 06-30-95.
OUTRIDGE.ZIP1011792Apr 17 1995OUTER RIDGE - Fully Rendered 3D Action! The newest action packed 3D game to hit the scene. Fly your spaceship through asteroid belts, destroy anything in your path. Avoid the Enemy Patrols and try to stay alive. Supports S
OWLCOM.ZIP10676Nov 27 1993Some more rs232 C++ code using BCC OWL.
OXCC1400.ZIP1143899May 15 1995Multipass, interpreting C compiler. Generates Architecture Neutral output. Includes sample back ends and byte code interpreter. Compiler can also regenerate source after interpreting input.
OXCC1411.ZIP1142877May 29 1995Update to multipass interpteting C compiler which generates Architecture Neutral Format output. Back end source code supplied. Regenerate source after compilation and interpretation. Now reentrant and callable as subroutin
OXCC1420.ZIP1199860Jun 10 1995Update to interpreting C compiler that generates Archicecture Neutral Format output. Source code for back ends included. The compiler is now callable as a reentrant subroutine or class as well as useable from the command l
OXCC1430.ZIP1268977Jul 9 1995Update to Interpreting C compiler which generates Architecture Neutral Format output.
OXCC1432.ZIP1267037Aug 8 1995C compiler generates Architecture Neutral Format output. Can interpret its' input and regenerate source. Sample back ends + source. Compiler is reentrant and can be called as a subroutine or a class, pgmr access to AST sym
OXCC1433.ZIP994348Nov 6 1995Interpreting C compiler, generates Architecture Neutral Format output. This upgrade increases compatibility for WIN and OS2. Also several enhancements including long double and no-name structs for reading WINNT headers.
P210211.ZIP265227Mar 5 1995Procomm for Windows update from version 2.10 to 2.11.
P6DYNEX.ZIP958845Feb 17 1995A Windows executable animation depicting the Intel P6 processor's utilization of Dynamic Execution. DL'd from Intel's Web site (
PA60.ZIP1119553Apr 15 1995Printers Apprentice v.6.0 - great font viewer/manager.
PACK2.ZIP93628Aug 10 1995Keleido Pack 2. The Ultimate kaleidoscope which features the color NEON. Freeware.
PAPCW10.ZIP339029Mar 5 1995Programmable arbitrary precision calculator for windows with date and financial calculators and virtual memory. shareware, uploaded by author.
PARWIN.ZIP114430Apr 25 1994Parents v4.0 for Windows make it easier to coolect and store data of family geneology.
PASCAL_Q.ZIP9097Nov 7 1995Pascal source and doc's on using queue's for beginners. freeware.
PATCHV64.ZIP28664Mar 23 1995The Patcher v6.4 unprotects 169 games, incl. Mortal Kombat II.
PATCHV65.ZIP28079Sep 5 1995The Patcher v6.5; includes new MK II & IndyCar Racing patches.
PATHWIZ.ZIP23994Nov 10 1994Change your path from the dos prompt.
PBEZ!.ZIP181161Oct 21 1995PBEZ Library for Power Basic 3.0c.
PCGPE.ZIP758552Aug 23 1995Personal computer encyclopedia assemble langauge course.
PCQUOT11.ZIP7347Jun 28 1995Update to PCQUOTE.WAS, a Procomm Plus for Windows 2.0 Aspect script that automates quoting messages on The Programmer's Corner BBS. Uploaded by author.
PCTBAR.ZIP11307Sep 23 1995PdoxWin example for a progress percent bar.
PE210.ZIP76777Feb 15 1993This is a very good editor for programmers!.
PERCENT.ZIP36357Feb 8 1995A vbx for VB shows a % bar.
PFA50S.ZIP1013736Sep 13 1995PRO FOOTBALL ANALYST(tm) V5.0S - (Custom Computing & Analysis) Rev: 31 Aug 1995. A Windows 3.1 program for predicting the scores of Pro Football games, using a variety of methods, based on the performance of the two teams
PFE0601.ZIP443700May 21 1995Programmer's File Editor v0.06.001 -- awesome FREE programmer's editor for Windows 3.1. Templates, MDI interface, auto-indent, lots of features.
PFEDGE95.ZIP476325Aug 11 1995$$$ PRO FOOTBALL EDGE! 1995 VER 4.0 $$$ Sports Bettors: Handicap/Track the NFL. New: National Sports Book contest! Use offline to handicap games and make bets then auto upload into a weekly contest against hundreds of oth
PGP20OS2.ZIP184357May 9 1995PGP for OS/2 operating system.
PGP262.ZIP283063Oct 22 1994Current freeware release of Phil Zimmerman's Pretty Good Privacy. Secure encryption, authentification for e-mail and files. Freeware for non-commercial use, comparible with commercial version. NOT FOR EXPORT.
PGPW121A.ZIP68450Aug 21 1995PGP Wave ver 1.21 for PGP Encryption Program.
PGPW122A.ZIP68956Aug 22 1995PGPWave PGP Interface Program ver1.22a.
PHRACK1.ZIP10488Sep 2 1995Prhack magazine, issue 1.
PHRACK45.ZIP368886Sep 9 1995Phreaker hacker magazine--issue 45.
PHRACK46.ZIP407916Sep 22 1995Phrack magazine--issue 46.
PHRACK5.ZIP43761Sep 2 1995Phrack magazine, issue 1 volume 5.
PIANO21.ZIP18880Feb 21 1994Paino for windoes.
PICLB192.ZIP180371Apr 2 1995Piclab 1.92, image processing for DOS. This is the first update in years for this program. Improved video support.
PICLB193.ZIP180316May 1 1995PicLab er 1.93. DOS based image processing software.
PIT201.ZIP257665Apr 23 1995The pit online game.
PITALK26.ZIP299094Aug 23 1995Talking Clock for Windows 3.1 or 95 -- your computer TELLS you what time it is. Requires PLUG260.ZIP. The female voice has been redone since version 2.5x. Neat!.
PKLTE150.EXE53888Jul 24 1995PKLite version 1.50--New!.
PKZ204G.EXE202574Feb 1 1993Latest version of Phil Katz's GREAT Pk-UnZipper. You MUST have this to unzip files downloaded from this BBS. PkZip and PkUnZip.
PL192SRC.ZIP124020Apr 2 1995Source for piclab 1.92.
PLANTOOL.ZIP42941Sep 13 1995VGA PLANETS graphic utility.
PLANY15.ZIP32258Oct 29 1995Play Any File - Version 1.5 - DOS Audio file player, Plays VOC,AU,Etc.
PLSRC193.ZIP123267May 1 1995PicLab ver 1.93 Source Code.
PLUG252.ZIP461995May 23 1995Great enhancement to WIn 3.1 Prog Mgr. Custom icons for groups, mem & resource info in title bars, alarms, sounds for events, handy menus via right click, and much more. Just Plug it In!.
PLUG260.ZIP479828Aug 23 1995Plug it in to Windows 3.1 OR Windows 95! Great enhancement for Win 3.1: custom group icons, sounds, title bar displays, resource alarms, quick run menus, nested groups, and more. I love it and registered it!.
PLUGIN21.ZIP430045May 31 1995Plug-In for Win 3.1, set of award winning utilities.
PMAK200.ZIP27105Jan 9 1995ProoMak 2.00. Makes C/C++ prototypes from source with many options.
PMAK201.ZIP27171Feb 10 1995ProtoMak 2.01 C/Cpp source file prototype generator! Cheapware!.
PMJPG163.ZIP206541Jul 6 1995PM JPEG 1.63. OS/2 PM graphic viewer/converter. Supports JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.
PMMPEG30.ZIP125791Jul 6 1995PM MPEG 3.0. OS/2 PM MPEG player. Supports DIVE.
PMUUE121.ZIP51732Jul 4 1995PMUUE v1.21. Smart UU encoder/decoder for OS/2's PM.
POVZINE1.ZIP537313Jul 24 1995Quarterly Magazine About Raytracing.
POVZINE2.ZIP1123334Apr 23 1995Issue 2 of Povzine, an electronic POV-Ray magazine. Requires Windows.
POVZINE3.ZIP1206035Jul 16 1995Quarterly Magazine About Raytracing.
POWERBAR.ZIP307533Jul 7 1995PowerBar v.1.0 is a toolbar type thing that can replace Program Manager. It is a lot easier to use and v2.0 has great features V1.0 and Program Manager don't have more info on v2.0 is in program. I'd try it.
POWERTOY.ZIP125489Oct 29 1995This folder contains a series of "PowerToys"-- UI enhancements for advanced Win95 users-- that can be easily installed on any recent build of Windows 95.
PP5FW.ZIP226434Sep 20 1995Examples from Programming Paradox 5 for Windows by Carey Jesen and Loy Anderson.
PPRD100.ZIP182390Jul 27 1995Utility to turn an XT or AT running DOS into a dedicated LPD printer server.
PPROF.ZIP1158663Sep 30 1995Piano Professor for Windows 2.0. Music education...Ziff-Davis award winner.
PRGCORPR.ZIP11953Apr 22 1990Will allow searching ALLFILES.LST file for keywords and then produce formatted file which can be printed. C source included.
PRGCORSR.ZIP82380May 18 1989Allows you to search through the ALLFILES.LST off-line. Written by Gary Blatt. This will save you a lot of on-line time.
PROGCR.ZIP49389Oct 31 1994Strips comments and prepares source files for copyright submission.
PROSIM.ZIP37060Sep 13 1995VGA PLANETS sim modification program. Allows realistic simulations.
PSB99B16.ZIP780161Feb 27 199516 Bit Version Of Scene Builder for POV-Ray raytracer.
PSB99B32.ZIP549395Feb 27 199532 bit Version of scene builder for POV-Ray raytracer.
PSIEVE.ZIP35264Dec 17 1991A little math ... primes via the sieve algorithm.
PS_V48A.ZIP190953Feb 3 1995Power Scanner V4.8a - Dir/File Manager. Allows the user to copy, rename, delete, touch files. Provides various levels of help and includes a built in screen saver. Program has over 50 tital options.
PUFF10.ZIP183264Jun 4 1995Puffer is a shareware Windows file encryption program that is based on the public domain Blowfish algorithm. It's export-legal, but if you register you get a stronger version that is for domestic use only.
PW1118.EXE1284608May 29 1995Microsoft Windows 32S file which must be used to config Netscape 1.1N (5/28/95).
PW211.ZIP1248730Jan 1 1980Upgrade ProComm for windows 2.0 to 2.11. Downloaded from DataStorm BBS on 3/31/95. Read Readme file..
PW2MDM.ZIP154182Mar 1 1995This is a new MODEM.DAT file for Procomm Plus Win 2.X from the Datastrom BBS and is dated 03/01/1995.
PXPASS.ZIP90614Oct 16 1995Demo to crack Paradox passwords on tables with 20 records or less, also cracks scripts.
QBMMATH.ZIP685300Jan 30 1995A machine math tutor with QB4,5 source and exe.
QBS_0102.ZIP127145Mar 24 1993Small library of QuickBasic subroutines.
QCOM320.ZIP445150Jun 29 1995QCOM v3.20. A DOS communications pgm. Supports ANSI, TTY VT100 emulations. X/Y/ZModem built in and can use other external protocols. Includes QMP v0.15 offline mail reader. Apr/95.
QCOP51.ZIP160194Oct 25 1995Quick file and diskette copier for DOS.
QMOD12.ZIP3901Nov 30 1994Some modification suggestions for Quincy and Dflat.
QPAT3.EXE1078098Jun 7 1995Updates QEMM v.7.5 through 05/12/95.
QPV16C.ZIP493915Apr 4 1995Quick Picture Viewer - graphic file viewer for GIF JPEG PCX BMP TIFF PNG ...
QTXT100.ZIP18965Feb 24 1995Converts *.QWK packet to ordinary text files.
QUAKEPIX.ZIP1390821Aug 5 1995Screen shots from Quake, include two 640x480 TIFF's.
QUINCY40.ZIP88734Nov 27 1994Quincy 40 w/source.
QUOTE1.ZIP124633Nov 17 1995Bitmap for Win 3.1 from Bob Dole '96 web site!.
QUOTE2.ZIP131106Nov 17 1995Another bitmap from the Dole '96 web site for Win 3.1+.
QUOTE3.ZIP145551Nov 17 1995Yet another Dole '96 bitmap for Win 3.1+!.
QUOTE4.ZIP127757Nov 17 1995Last of 4 .BMP's for Win 3.1+ from Dole '96 web site! For you die-hard Republicans.
QVIEW10.ZIP41401Feb 28 1995QVIEW V1.0 - graphics viewer for dos.
QWKP9504.ZIP57017Apr 21 1995All about QWK -- file formats, directories of latest (4/1/95) versions of readers for DOS, Win, OS/2, Amiga, Mac, ..., and where to find them and how to contact the authors. A great resource, updated monthly.
QWKTXT46.ZIP26477Mar 25 1995Convert QWK message bundles to Ascii file, with C source. Version 4.6.
RADSW1.ZIP3839835Nov 16 1995Radix: Beyond The Void 1.0 From Epic MegaGames and Neural Storm: Fly the Radix super fighter through massive steel trenches in a gruesome tale of alien invasion. Modem, Network, & Serial play. Requires 486-33MHz, 4MB RAM,
RAPLAY09.EXE253184May 29 1995Real radio is for real time internet listening - bug to be fixed soon.
RAR155.EXE269885Aug 30 1995Version 1.55 of the RAR File Compressor / Archival Program.
RARS03.ZIP111710Feb 7 1995This game lets you program "computer" controlled cars that race around a track. .
RBARLB12.ZIP19415Sep 19 1994Bar index program for clipper.
RBCKLB1D.ZIP62740Jan 18 1995Clipper Backup and Restore functions.
RBCOM345.ZIP118811Jan 22 1995Lean and mean DV aware comm program by Ralf Brown. Requires either DSZ or PCZ as the external file transfer protocol driver. Do downloads in a 65K DV window.
RBOX340.ZIP210938Jul 9 1995Recipe Box for Windows.
RCEPLUS1.ZIP379959Apr 18 1995Race advantage enhancer for VGA PLANETS.
RCKFRD40.ZIP195667Aug 26 1995Latest update to the best business card maker ROCKFORD 4.0! Fresh from the .
REALEXAM.ZIP96220May 15 1991Help prepare for real estate exam.
REG14UP.ZIP558705Jun 4 1995Upgrade the registered version of Descent from v1.0 to v1.4 with this patch. Fixes assorted bugs, adds new features.
RELAXED.ZIP4771Jul 18 1995This Is another FONT, deigned to relieve the eyes of the "SQUARING" effect that comes with the standard DOS font. DOCS incl. -UNiT- 002 .
RESALE94.ZIP239885Jan 1 1994How to become an vender.
RFC1006.ZIP8161May 4 1995Internet Request for Comment 1006.
RFC1121.ZIP4024Apr 13 1995Internet RFC 1121.
RFC1221.ZIP32699Apr 13 1995Internet RFC 1221.
RFC1349.ZIP20228Apr 13 1995Internet RFC.
RFC791.ZIP22446Apr 13 1995Internet RFC 791.
RFC793.ZIP43643Apr 13 1995Internet RFC 793.
RFC959.ZIP37558Apr 19 1995Internet RFC 959.
RIPCPP10.ZIP38711Jan 1 1980Allows you to hook into the QRIP/TSR to show RIP graphics.
RIPSK101.ZIP115189Dec 11 1993Ripscript graphics drawing program.
RIPSK104.ZIP139484Jul 13 1995Ripterm Sketch program. Simple drawing program with many features.
RISETRD.ZIP1822Feb 15 1995This is a list of all the special codes for rise of the Triad.
RM131UP.ZIP486798Oct 24 1995Robomail Version 1.31 (New Version) Upgrade Files.
RNE_3D.ZIP3289848Nov 1 1992Sound Blaster/VGA BBS Demo.
ROADHOG.ZIP1399846Sep 16 1995This is a high rez racing game that put sega and nintendo to shame.
ROADMAP7.ZIP111131Jan 22 1995Roadmap to the Internet for Windows.
ROBOM131.ZIP848752Oct 24 1995Robomail Version 1.31 (New Version) Full Release.
ROBOTO!.ZIP50208Nov 30 -0001Fun little fast-action arcade game written in c and assembly.
RRR6-95.ZIP4992Jun 16 1995Randy's Rumor RaG June 95--Computer news.
RRR7-95.ZIP5504Jul 8 1995Randy's Rumor RaG July 1995-Computer news.
RSXWDK2B.ZIP282788Apr 17 1995Build 32bit Win apps with GNU-C/C++ (1/2) bin.
RSXWDK2S.ZIP300774Apr 17 1995Build 32bit Win apps with GNU-C/C++ (2/2) src.
S4UP.ZIP310199Oct 18 1994Stacker 4 update. Primary feature is support for smaller footprint under QEMM 7.5 or higher. From
SAR100.ZIP24660Mar 6 1993Streamline Archival Utility. Produces archives by same algorithm as AR002 or LHA. It looks like the code was lifted from AR002, which is legal.
SARG03.ZIP57912Jun 3 1995SHAREWARE AUTHOR'S RESOURCE GUIDE - 3rd ed. Whether you're a veteran shareware author or just starting out, you'll find this concise, menu-driven guide EXTREMELY helpful to running a PROFITABLE shareware business. Effectiv
SB38TEX.ZIP275302May 5 1995Public domain TeX for the PC.
SBI0695.ZIP63499May 25 1995List of BBS's accessible via Internet.
SCANZIP2.ZIP15633Jan 23 1995Scans ZIP files. Decompresses first, I think.
SCL120.ZIP310143Nov 30 -0001A complete set of C lib functions. Screen Generator/Coder avail upon registration, as well as med large compact and huge libs.
SCMINTRO.ZIP105533May 7 1995Introduction and tutorial on the Scheme programming language (docs are in post-script, TeX, and laser-jet formats).
SCN-214E.ZIP363771Jan 11 1995VirusScan for DOS new version 2.1.4 (214) 01/11/95 by McAfee, Inc. Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for known and new viruses. Requires DOS 3.0+.
SCN-216E.ZIP375236Feb 23 1995McAfee Scan Program from their BBS.
SCN-220E.ZIP398826Mar 31 1995McAfee's virus scanner for DOS.
SCN-221I.ZIP1086041Apr 20 1995McAfee's Scan, Clean, and Vshield for Dos. The latest antivirus stuff dated 04/13/95. Vshield protects as a TSR and will autoload above 1 meg. Scan and Clean are the old favorites updated.
SCN-223E.ZIP408406Jul 10 1995VirusScan for DOS by McAfee, Inc. Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for known and new viruses. Requires DOS 3.0+. Version 223 (9506) 06-30-95.
SCN-225E.ZIP422498Aug 15 1995SCAN from McAfee dated 8/9/95.
SCN-226E.ZIP448442Sep 18 1995VirusScan for DOS by McAfee, Inc. Scans.
SCN_222E.ZIP407889Jul 5 1995McAfee's SCAN for DOS version 2.22.
SCORCH15.ZIP706934Jul 24 1995Scorched Earth ver 1.5, June 95 release.
SCP.ZIP37885Nov 23 1995Scientific Conversion Program....Really neat.
SCREEN1.BAS316Feb 6 1995Interesting GW-Basic Screen Saver, pretty cool!.
SCRMT301.ZIP291476Apr 17 1995Scream Tracker.. Awesome mod composer and more...
SCSIHLP.ZIP161762Jul 25 1995Windows help file about scsi equipment.
SELL.ZIP122149May 5 1995A file on selling computers for profit. Good for buying cheaply.
SERPORT.ZIP44638Feb 19 1995Very detailed tutorial on async communications and programming serial ports, .
SETMODE1.ZIP17661Nov 29 1993Rz.
SHERL273.ZIP115342Sep 10 1995Compare two texts files line-by-line on the screen.
SHERL300.ZIP152573Apr 24 1995Sherlock v3.00. C in a display window.
SHEZ106.ZIP261355Feb 24 1995Shez Archive shell v. 10.6.
SHEZ107.ZIP424037Aug 13 1995Shez archive shell version 10.7.
SHEZ108.ZIP391509Sep 10 1995Great front-end program for file archivers like plzip, arj, etc.
SHOWPROP.ZIP2894Sep 20 1995Form tool for Paradox Win that shows properties of a form object.
SIMPLE3.ZIP251956Mar 20 1994Simple Door programing kit for Turbo Pascal.
SIO142.ZIP198933Jan 13 1995Ray Gwinn's Replacement Comm Drivers for OS/2 v1.42.
SIO150.ZIP202934Jul 9 1995SIO 1.50 replacement COM drivers for OS/2. Provides better DOS & WIN control.
SKID1.ZIP154730Nov 6 1995Skid1 40 percent of a Hypertext Novel v1.2: A Sci Fi Novel where members of outwardly similar Western cultures encounter a vastly different one far out in space on the weird and wonderful Planet Skid. This novel will appea
SLACKFAQ.ZIP41665Jun 9 1995Slackware 2.2 Linux. This contains install info and rawrite.exe. You'll also need an MSDOS version of GZIP.
SLNOT113.ZIP1466964Oct 15 1995SlipKnot is a graphical World-Wide-Web browser for PC users running Windows 3.1+ or a higher level of Windows. Access WWW via shell account without need for SLIP/PPP. Uses the host system's lynx or www. [upgrade to 25/52
SLOD.ZIP2269Aug 27 1995Simple little re-boot program, that lets the computer say it's final good-byes. Includes Assembly keyboard and TSR source code.
SLVIT43.ZIP423616Jun 20 1995SolveIT! 4.3s [DOS/WIN] 32 easy-to-use financial calculators, among them: Future Value, Loan, Amortization, Present Value, Time-to-Withdrawal, Accelerated Payments, Budget, Net Worth, IRR, NPV many, many more. Sharew
SMTDOC.ZIP47530Apr 28 1995Convert Windows HLP file to ASCII text file.
SNAGIT25.ZIP130177Aug 25 1995Windows utility to capture screen image and direct to a file, printer or to the clipboard.
SNIP9503.ZIP589720Jan 1 1980March '95 version of the C source snippets archive.
SNOOP330.ZIP177499Jun 9 1994Snooper, the dos computer examination program. Shows DMa and IRQs.
SNPD9503.ZIP237983Mar 14 1995C Source Code Snippets (Changes Only) March 95.
SOLSYS11.ZIP98780Sep 8 1993Solar system simulation--space flight added in.
SOUNDX.ZIP26168Apr 21 1995SoundX gives your program Soundex, Extended Soundex, and Metaphone information.
SOWNEW.ZIP30287Jun 16 1995A WP file of a role-playing game I have invented. It's great, harder than Basic D&D but less difficult than Advanced. Read the file README.TXT before starting, please, it's important.
SP100.ZIP311645May 13 1995FLI animation player for windows. Turns fli files into screen savers.
SPEED200.ZIP295548Jun 19 1995Excellent DOS based .QWK reader and database.
SPHSHELP.ZIP73887Apr 19 1994USR Sportster V.34 Tech Reference Windows Help format.
SPYDOS12.ZIP58314May 3 1995DOS Software Interrupt Analyzer. Allows interrupts in program to be monitored.
SP_WORD.ZIP60927Jul 7 1995Tech Manual for U.S. Robotics Sportster 28.8 Modem direct from USR BBS.
SS111.ZIP329329Jan 15 1995Solitare Suite 1.11 - a number of solitare card games with good graphics.
STARWAR2.ZIP307015Oct 22 1994Doom 2 Wad file.
STAT108.ZIP917659May 16 1995OverStat 1.0 is a Windows-based shell for SAS. It allows you to edit and view data directly, open multiple programs, logs, outputs, etx at once.
STAX94E.ZIP638139Jan 2 1995Wanna do your taxes the fast easy way? this shareware is the answer.
STTNGWLK.ZIP23796Jul 16 1995STAR TREK - A FINAL UNITY: Game walkthru.
STUFF.ZIP23664Dec 19 1994Faqs.
SUF303.ZIP1001159Jun 17 1995Setup Factory 3.03 for Windows. Using a visual "object-oriented" project approach, Setup Factory gives you the flexibility and power to create an installation program and disk sets without writing a line of code or filling
SUPDATE3.ZIP17514Jan 18 1995Another revision of supdate. Now allows use of . for destination directory if the currect directory is the destination.
SVGAPV21.ZIP231018May 9 1994SVGA modes for VBDOS, Qbasic.
SVGAPV23.ZIP187454Jan 19 1995A superVGA library for Microsoft Basic PDS.
SWAGSNEW.ZIP4420576Feb 28 1995ALLSWAGS - Turbo Pascal source library. DL from GEOSOFT BBS 3-3-95.
SWDISKA1.ZIP1146155Jun 10 1995Slackware 2.2 Linux! ap1-ap4 build a minimal setup. Get,,, and msdos version of GZIP, and you're all set. (1 of 4).
SWDISKA2.ZIP1404005Jun 10 1995Slackware 2.2 Linux. (2 of 4).
SWDISKA3.ZIP1372661Jun 10 1995Slackware 2.2 Linux. (3 of 4).
SWDISKA4.ZIP509407Jun 10 1995Slackware 2.2 Linux. (4 of 4).
SWIN_0_1.ZIP32043Mar 29 1993Winding routines for turbo pascal.
SYMBOL56.ZIP132311Apr 21 1995Symbolic Math package ... solve equations exactly, not numerically.
SYNTHGS.ZIP509536Feb 22 1994Synth GS Sound Font Bank.
SYSTIP.ZIP14705Aug 23 1995SysTips is a small utility designed to help those new to the Windows 95.
SZQUOTES.ZIP38456Aug 10 1995Screen saver with interesting quotes from the Bible and the Talmud. Quotes shown in English and Hebrew with some animation. Free Torahware.
T-ROBS30.ZIP98905Jun 27 1995Ed T. Toton's robot fighting program. Program robots to fight each other... Supports most graphic cards(VGA, EGA, CGA, MCGA, etc.) Includes more, better robots to fight with, then the original version.
TANK11.ZIP60712Jul 16 19941-3 player tank game w/C src.
TBAV633.ZIP282613Mar 22 1995ThunderByte anti-virus system v6.33.
TBAV650.ZIP319850Oct 25 1995ThunderByte anti-virus system v6.50.
TBAVW631.ZIP205984Jan 7 1995ThunderByte anti-virus system for Windows.
TBAVW650.ZIP422663Oct 26 1995ThunderByte anti-virus system for Windows v6.50.
TBAVX631.ZIP90719Jan 8 1995Processor optimized utilities for ThunderByte ant-virus system.
TC406.ZIP414959Mar 20 1995Time & Chaos Personnel Information Manager (ver 4.06) excellent.
TCPY203C.ZIP52073Sep 10 1995Turbo Copy - Fast file copy program - Shareware - Can have multiple source anddestination specs - Built in floppy writeback cache - Can "slice" files - Nice.
TEK_SUPP.ZIP29622Mar 18 1995Three dialing directories for ProcommPlus Win2.X loaded with technical support phone numbers. The smallest dir is tech support A-Z and includes fax numbers. The two longer dirs A-M and N-Z are very complete but lack fax #'
TESS524.ZIP12146Aug 8 1995Tessellation Times - newsletter for AutoDesk 3-D Studio.
TESS525.ZIP14073Aug 15 1995Tessellation Times #525 - newsletter for AutoDesk 3-D Studio.
TESS526.ZIP15189Aug 22 1995Tessellation Times #526 - newsletter for AutoDesk 3-D Studio.
TESS527.ZIP13842Aug 29 1995Tessellation Times #527 - newsletter for AutoDesk 3-D Studio.
TESS528.ZIP19096Sep 6 1995Tessellation Times #528 - newsletter for AutoDesk 3-D Studio.
TEXLOT34.ZIP133476Oct 13 1995Texlotto 3.42 is a complete Texas Lottery data analyzer. All past winning numbers and test numbers from machines 1 and 2 and ball sets A,B,C,D and E are analyzed. Includes data files of past winning and test numbers. Share
TEXLOTTO.ZIP127837Aug 2 1995Texlotto 3.4 is a complete Texas Lottery data analyzer. All past winning numbers and test numbers from machines 1 and 2 and ball sets A,B,C,D and E are analyzed. Includes data files of past winning and test numbers. Sharew
TEXTEDIT.ARC30720May 8 1995Interactive program to convert case and CR/LF in text files.
TFW101CR.ZIP1221332Feb 1 1995Patch file for registered versions of Telix for Windows. Upgrades any version to 1.01c.
TFW101DR.ZIP1245229Feb 17 1995Updates registered version of Telix for Windows to v1.01d, fixes flow control bug which caused problems in v1.01c.
THEM.ZIP41885May 18 1995.FLI of a flying saucer hovering over a computer-generated Stonehenge.
TIGER21.ZIP1190947Apr 20 1995Flying Tigers distributed by HomeBrew Software is a fast paced shoot-em up game with multiple weapons, power ups, enemies and bosses. In this episode you will be thrown into the middle of 1942, where the techno bosses are
TIMEL100.ZIP164597Jun 11 1994TIMELESS - colorful screen saver for WINDOWS by Tran.
TIMELESS.ZIP155742Feb 26 1994TIMELESS - a colorful screen saver for DOS by Tran.
TIMHNT10.ZIP1490683May 10 1995Time Hunters distributed by HomeBrew Software is a game where you travel back in time and shoot dinosaurs to rack up points. Requires: 566K RAM, VGA, mouse. Sound card optional. (v1.0) .
TIPNTRK.EXE320123Mar 16 1994MS Word tips and tricks from MS BBS.
TKC250.ZIP491500Jun 3 1995SmartTracker Coins V2......5 (win 3.1) Track, Organize and Catalog your coin collection.
TKH250.ZIP494953Jun 3 1995SmartTracker Inventory V2.5 (win 3.1) Track, Organize and Catalog your home inventory.
TKKB250.ZIP500595Jun 3 1995SmartTracker Books v2.5 (win3.1) Track, Organize and Catalog your books.
TKS250.ZIP511360Jun 3 1995SmartTracker Stamps v2.5 (win 3.1) Track, Organize and Catalog your Stamp Collection.
TKV250.ZIP501825Jun 3 1995SmartTracker Videos V2.5 (Win 3.1) Track, Organize and Catalog your video collection.
TM420-1.ZIP165663Jun 17 1995Telemate 4.20. Excellent DOS communications Program.
TM420-2.ZIP230570Jun 17 1995Telemate 4.20. Excellent DOS telecommuncations Program. 2 of 4.
TM420-3.ZIP170535Jun 17 1995Telemate 4.20. Excellent DOS telecommunications program. 3 of 4.
TM420-4.ZIP228524Jun 17 1995Telemate 4.20. Excellent DOS telecommunications program. 4 of 4.
TM420.ZIP797609Aug 4 1995Telemate 4.20 this is the latest version.
TMPGP160.ZIP27349Aug 6 1995TerMail PGP ver1.60 - PGP interface for Terminate Termail.
TMX31.ZIP28766Jun 1 1995TYPOMARKS Rev 3.1. Macro for use with Ami Pro for entry of typographical symbols (quotation marks, apostrophes, em and en dashes, etc.), or conversion of existing documents to proper typography. The intelligent alternati
TOLKFAQ1.ZIP14455Jun 7 1995TOLKIEN: FAQ file on the author and his stories of Middle Earth. One of Two.
TOLKFAQ2.ZIP20166Jun 7 1995TOLKEIN: FAQ file on the author and his stories of Middle Earth. Two of two.
TOLKLFAQ.ZIP18336Jun 7 1995TOLKIEN: Lesser known answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding JR Tolkien and his novels The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
TOONZSCR.ZIP28922Jan 14 1994TT Fonts of cartoonish origins.
TPC15.ZIP100909Mar 1 1995The Best Dialer. Many Features. Even a hangman game!.
TPC20.ZIP101836Nov 2 1995The Phone Center 2.0. The BEST phone dialer! Newest version includes: an Area Code Search and Time Zone Search, Phone Directory Print, Name Find, Quick Memo, Log View, Calculator, & Even A Built-In Game! NEW FEATURES: Lon
TPG2_1.ZIP1408100Apr 20 1995The Perfect General II Demo - file 1.
TPG2_2.ZIP746473Apr 20 1995The Perfect General II Demo - file 2.
TRANS-1.ZIP281585Aug 14 1991DeluxePaint II animation of a transparent ball.
TREKNOLO.ZIP25256Apr 17 1995A description of star trek technology.
TRGRSTRG.ZIP1760Aug 27 1995The initialization headers to several transmission protocols.
TRIDV308.ZIP143610Dec 4 1993TriDoor v3.08 -- unit for Turbo Pascal that allows programming of doors.
TSDR02.ZIP43407Apr 27 1995Tag file sorter and Duplicate remover.
TSEJR4.ZIP199743Nov 1 1995TSE JR v4 (formerly QEdit) - Blazingly fast, multi-file, multi-window, compact DOS text editor, both powerful and EASY to use. Includes macros; column blocks; variable, smart, and fixed tab support; basic word- proce
TSHIRT10.ZIP1322854Jul 28 1995FREE SOFTWARE: T-SHIRT MAKER 1.0 lets you create custom T-shirts without leaving your computer: 1) DESIGN IT with TSM's special features and 100 graphics (or import your own), 2) ORDER IT via modem with a single click, 3)
TSHOT31.EXE32096Aug 25 1994TextShot shareware screen capture program. Captures screens to .PCX file format.
TTFSPEC.ZIP576738Feb 8 1994True type font specifications in windows .HLP format.
TTYCOON.EXE1042944Apr 17 1995A program for millionair want to be training. Game.
TUT1-9.ZIP97021May 14 1995Vga.
TV11SPT.ZIP513654Jun 23 1995Upgrade for Terminal Velocity.
TWGYRO.ZIP267286Jul 28 1994.FLI of spinning gyroscope.
TWSK21E.ZIP307343Jul 24 1995Trumpet Winsock Version 2.1E, by Peter R. Tattam.
TWSK21F.ZIP306884Jul 24 1995Trumpet winsock v21f: latest (7/95) version of this excellent winsock utility for internet access.
TWSKPS.ZIP94976Jul 25 1995Trumpet Winsock Version 2.1 Documentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
TWSWFWG.ZIP27590Jul 24 1995Automated Install of Trumpet Winsock TCP/IP with Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
TYRSW1.ZIP1722832Sep 13 1995TYRIAN 1.0 comes from Epic MegaGames and features intense arcade action with Multiple Parallax backgrounds, Enhanced Pentium mode, Awesome Soundtrack, Killer Graphics, HUGE heart-stopping explosions and Modem/Network su
TZ-MINI.ZIP2612997Jun 23 1995Miniature golf game for Win 3.1.
TZMOD20.ZIP92088Jul 22 1995Texas Zmodem multiprotocol freeware driver version 2.0.
UCLIB51A.ZIP81925Nov 30 -0001Unicorn C Library, Can be used w/ MSC or TurboC 1 Of 2.
UCTURBO1.ZIP111209Nov 30 -0001Unicorn Library Of C Functions Ver 4.0 1/2.
UCTURBO2.ZIP70865Nov 30 -0001Unicorn Library Of C Functions Ver4.0 2/2.
ULTGR101.ZIP23347Jan 15 1995UltraGrep 1.01 searchs any DOS file in all drives/directories for the specified string. Cheapware from Cactus Software Systems.
ULTGRP10.ZIP23188Jan 2 1995UltraGrep 1.0 Multidir grep! .
ULTIMO10.ZIP116021Mar 17 1994Ultimate MOD Player for Windows.
UNIQWK3A.ZIP512384Nov 28 1994A QWK mail reader very good.
UNP410.ZIP33320Jan 30 1995Executable file expander - decompresses compressed EXE's - nice - Free.
UPD8R.ZIP266715Nov 21 1994Windows Updater will transfer modified files to your laptop and back.
USBBS131.ZIP147795Apr 1 1995USB National BBS Listing for April, 1995. Listing of IBM-based BBS sys. The listing contains 4,252 entries with 175 new or modified entries t month.
USBBS133.ZIP150277May 27 1995USBBS National BBS Listing for June, 1995. Listing of IBM-based BBS systems. The listing contains 4,373 entries with 133 new or modified entries this month. Editor: Bob Breedlove. Send new entries, updates to BOBsBBS 916
USBBS134.ZIP151810Jul 5 1995Darwin's US BBS listing for July 1995.
USBBS136.ZIP155427Aug 29 1995USBBS Listings #136.
USBBS138.ZIP158706Oct 28 1995USBBS National BBS Listing for November, 1995. Listing of IBM-based BBS systems. Editor: Bob Breedlove. Send new entries, updates to BOBsBBS 916-929-7511. Questions or comments: [email protected]
USENTGRP.ZIP135449Jan 16 1995Over 7500 usenet newsgroups.
USR0705.ZIP244664Jul 12 1995Current U.S. Robotics Courier "V-Everything" SDL July 95 version. Upgrades to new V.34+ standard.
UVESA41.EXE45117Mar 28 1994Universal VESA BIOS extentions tsr/driver. Select(s) appropriate driver code for your particular video board's video chip. Self-extracting zip file (exe).
V14N07.ZIP103296Apr 7 1995PC Magazine Vol. 14, No. 7. Contains EXEPRO, BlankWP, EXCONV, and SPAD.
V14N08.ZIP31616Mar 31 1995PC Magazine Vol. 14, No. 8. Contains EXEPRO (revised and augmented!), AGE.AB, MMDD, SYSCAP, and NOBAT.
V14N09.ZIP29696Apr 12 1995PC Magazine Vol. 14, No. 9. Contains GUIToons, Pecho, and Dialer.
V14N10.ZIP49812May 19 1995PC Magazine Utilities.
V14N11.ZIP274160Oct 22 1995PC Mag Utilities, Vol14 No11.
V14N12.ZIP227276Jun 19 1995PC Magazine Vol14 14 No 12 - includes Chkdrive and Iconjack.
V14N15.ZIP208799Oct 20 1995PC Mag Utilities, Vol14 No15.
V14N16.ZIP219360Oct 20 1995PC Mag Utilities Vol14 No 16.
V14N17.ZIP141635Oct 20 1995PC Mag Utilities, Vol14 No17.
V14N18.ZIP164310Oct 22 1995PC Mag Utilities, Vol14 No18.
V14N19.ZIP187202Oct 22 1995PC Mag Utilities, Vol14 No19.
V14N20.ZIP203847Nov 29 1995PC Magazine Vol. 14 No. 20.
V14N21.ZIP3319Nov 29 1995PC Magazine Vol. 14 No. 21.
V14N22.ZIP238608Nov 29 1995PC Magazine Vol. 14 No. 22.
V2N3.ZIP9108Apr 8 1995WinNews Volume 2 #3. Windows 95 newsletter.
V2N4.ZIP13831Apr 8 1995WinNews Vol 2 #4, Windows 95 newsletter.
VANHALEN.ZIP287470Apr 17 1995Various files related to guitar legend Eddie Van Halen.
VBAMORT.ZIP137492Apr 21 1995Amortization Calculator and Table.
VBBSCOMP.ZIP21706Aug 9 1993Vbbs Compiler.
VBDLL.ZIP127956Jul 21 1995How to call a Delphi created DLL from Visual Basic.
VBHW18.ZIP1090625Dec 6 1994Visual basic help writer version 1.8 - shareware.
VBO102.ZIP181452Apr 21 1995VISUAL BASIC OFFICE 1.01 maintenance upgrade. VB add-on. Code Librarian for managing reusable code; ClipBoard File Manager saves Clipboard text for search/retrieval; ButtonBar access to EXE, HLP document, VBX and MAK files
VB_TIPS.ZIP95017Jun 29 1992VB3 Tips.
VDE18D.ZIP156305Nov 5 1995Video display editor v1.80d. Powerful text editor.
VDESKTOP.ZIP20787Jul 8 1995A simple, but useful Windows Virtual Desktop program.
VFAST13.ZIP52608Jun 21 1995Fast Zmodem protocol.
VFW11D.ZIP1401259Oct 4 1994Latest Video for Windows (ver 1.1).
VGAPWWIV.ZIP1143007Jul 1 1995A set up VGA PLANETS door. Just set it up, everything's included.
VH21I.ZIP417062Aug 16 1995Visual Help Version 2.1i - Windows Help File Development System. Create .HLP files in a WSIWYG, Drag and Drop environment. Requires Microsoft Help compiler and VBRUN300.DLL.
VIDVUE30.ZIP547235Sep 16 1994Vidvue 3.0, Windows multi-media player; plays nearly everything out there, including video with sound.
VIEW98.ZIP72885Jul 19 1995Viewer for many word processing formats, now including HTML.
VIEW99C.ZIP74417Sep 22 1995The FILE VIEWER for many word processing formats.
VIEW99G.ZIP76230Nov 20 1995The FILE VIEWER for many word processing formats. ver. 9.9g.
VIEWP18.ZIP297948Sep 4 1994LView v1.8 graphics viewer/printer program for windows.
VIP-72B9.ZIP133599Jan 11 1995VIP v7.2 b9 - Handles ZIP,ARJ or LHA files. Converts LHA,ARJ & ZIP to ARJ or ZIP files. Scan or test ARJ,LHA,ZIP files. Tag desired files for extraction. Delete or edit individual files within the archive.
VMAKER.ZIP135540Jan 12 1995This text to speech utility is easy to set up and use it only needs a soundblaster or compatible.
VMC180C.ZIP36403Nov 4 1995Macro Compiler utility for use with Meyer's VDE editor.
VMPEG16.ZIP465308May 3 1995VMPEG Lite v1.6 - Windows MPEG player.
VMPEG17.ZIP537705Aug 2 1995VMPEG v1.7 - MPEG player/viewer.
VOL14N13.ZIP308695Jul 19 1995PC Magazine volume 14, number 13 - FileHunt for Windows.
VOL14N14.ZIP218032Aug 4 1995PC Magazine volume 14 number 14 - contains WComp.exe for Windows 3.1 - allows multiple text file comparisons.
VPIC62.ZIP1151492Jan 13 1995Latest picture file viewer from Bob Montgomery.
VPROM20.ZIP91849Mar 1 1995TelePrompter For DOS. Commercial Quality.
VPROM21.ZIP93307Oct 1 1995VideoPrompter Demo! 2.2. Great TelePrompter! Uses CGA/EGA/VGA video. Fast, smooth-scrolls in both directions. Easy-to-use text editor. Commercial version has remote joystick/mouse control, 5000 line editor, Hercules supp
VSELET01.TXT8737Jul 31 1995Virtual storm electronic letter.
VSELET02.TXT30282Aug 10 1995Virtual storm electronic newsletter.
VSELET03.TXT15029Aug 18 1995Virtual Storm electronic newsletter.
VSELET07.TXT14478Sep 16 1995Virtual storm e-letter number 7.
VSER10.ZIP46487Feb 27 1995Serialization, Append serial numbers to .EXE files.
VSH-214E.ZIP493537Jan 11 1995McAfee's TSR anti-virus system.
VSH-216E.ZIP507814Feb 23 1995McAfee's TSR virus scanner version 2.1.6e.
VSH-220E.ZIP542972Mar 31 1995McAfee's memory resident anti-virus system.
VUEPR041.ZIP279089Sep 6 1995Vue Print Pro 4.1 (was Vue Print) 32 bit version for Win95 - view, convert, print most graphics formats - from author's web site.
VUEPRI33.ZIP217428Nov 21 1994MS WIN 3.1 shareware graphics viewer - VuePrint ver 3.3.
W32POV08.ZIP447409Apr 4 1995WIN32S Version of POV-Ray Raytracer. This version lets user raytrace in Windows Enhanced mode not a dos shell. It runs about 2.5 times faster than the Dos based version.
W32SOLE.EXE2287315Apr 29 1995Win32s OLE. Required for Mosaic and other 32 bit applications on Windows 3.11 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
WAD1TO2B.ZIP47314Nov 9 1994COnverts Doom 2 wads to 1.
WARCASH.ZIP1289Feb 26 1995WarCash edits save game files for the popular strategy game WarCraft. It augments gold and lumber reserves, giving you so much senough stuff so that you will never run out during a level. Needs DEBUG.EXE, but it is a bat
WARPSLP1.ZIP577572Dec 12 1994Series of Postscript files describing Warp's TCP/IP. Part 1 of 3.
WARPSLP2.ZIP554888Dec 12 1994File 2 of 3 (see
WARPSLP3.ZIP764784Dec 12 1994File 3 of 3 -- see
WASHMONU.ZIP21784Nov 28 1994Fun wad for doom 2 reg version.
WASM2.ZIP26194Feb 20 1987A shareware compiler.
WASTE13.ZIP238748Jun 26 1995This utility will show the actual disk space used versus the wasted space the "slack space" you will be unpleasantly sursprised.
WAVE1.ZIP41723Feb 8 1995Wave playing vbx.
WAYFARER.ZIP250735Sep 29 1995Wayfarer 2.2; -- innovative freeware shell for Win31. Highly graphical, most functions invoked with single click, very customizable. Highly recommended.
WCHAT02.EXE2691100Apr 27 1995Worlds Chat client. Virtual reality style multi-user chat on internet. You need a TCP/IP connection, and windows in 256 color mode.
WCMD2PRE.ZIP550495Aug 21 1995WINDOWS COMMANDER 2.0 'preview' for NT/95/3.1.
WDLLF1.ZIP59308Apr 11 1995Discovers usage of Windows DLL's, VBX's, etc.
WEBWEAVE.ZIP77475Jul 12 1995Web Weaver is an editor-like program which facilitates the coding of HTML documents and pages for the World Wide Web.
WHEREM01.ZIP10725Jul 10 1995VGA PLANETS wormhole modifier.
WHIZN213.ZIP532762Oct 5 1995WhizNotes for Windows: Version S2.13 Super-notepad with powerful topic management features to organize your text. Use it to take down random notes; to do research; to organize your tasks; to study any subject; to mak
WHIZN214.ZIP545693Oct 24 1995WhizNotes for Windows: Version S2.14 Super-notepad with powerful topic management features to organize your text. Use it to take down random notes; to do research; to organize your tasks; to study any subject; to make
WIDEOP.ZIP40726Aug 23 1995WideOpen for Word 6 and Windows 95.
WIDOW2.ZIP58220Mar 12 1995Cool doom2 wad file.
WINAP21E.ZIP169362Jul 24 1995Trumpet Winsock 2.1E, Additional Applications.
WINAVI3.ZIP89588Jul 9 1995AnPoCODEC III - MMPM/2 add-on. Supports Video1, Cinepak, & RLE.
WINFAX30.ZIP719646Dec 6 1994Windows FAX program version 3.0. .
WINGEN12.ZIP259076Sep 13 1994Window geneology program with visual trees for input.
WINJP231.ZIP271683Jul 3 1993Windows JPEG/GIF/etc(about 2 more file formats) VIEWER, also allows you to .
WINJP243.ZIP302164Nov 13 1993JPEG viewer for Windows. Version 2.43.
WINMON20.ZIP172367Aug 29 1995A debugging tool for Windows programmers w/source code & examples.
WINNEWS.ZIP41985Mar 20 1995Microsoft Windows 95 newsletter Volume 1 No 1 to 5.
WINOCR.ZIP280123Sep 16 1993An opticle recognition program for windows. Saves on typing. Shareware, please register.
WINWHE.ZIP224747Dec 23 1992Wheel of Fortune for Windows.
WINZIP56.ZIP285919Jan 24 1995WinZip 5.6 w/Built-in ZIP TAR gzip & Compress.
WINZIP95.EXE345015Sep 11 1995Winzip ver 6.0 for Windows 95.
WIZ33.ZIP77025Jul 10 1995Super fast file finder.
WMODEMS1.ZIP158209May 17 1995Procomm 2.0 Windows updated modem list. File date is 04/95.
WMPLUS10.ZIP147662Feb 20 1995WinModem Plus 1.0. This is a follow on to the WinModem 1.x-4.x products. This program allows viewing of internal modem lights. It now features a new smart-sensing capability that knows when a com port is active. Works v
WNCOD266.ZIP618686Nov 14 1995Wincode: Multi-purpose Encoder/Decoder for Windows. Converts 8-bit BINARY (EXE,COM,GIF,etc.) files to 7-bit ASCII (Text) files (and vice versa) through a process known as bit-shifting. This allows you to send and receive
WNMAI251.ZIP977383Jun 7 1995WinNET 2.51 has integrated mail and news readers, a dial-up scheduler, on-line help, integrated uuencode/decode, built-in news subscription tools, a text editor for files of any size, user-definable folders, and includes a
WNMAI260.ZIP1157938Oct 20 1995WinNET is a Super Fast Internet Software and Service Provider with a Flat Rate Package throughout the US and Canada which includes Toll-Free 800 Access, a Web Site, an FTP site, UUCP, PPP, 28.8, v.34 and ISDN access. Works
WNVN9905.ZIP285470Jun 7 1995WinVN Internet Newsreader - latest version dated 06/06/95.
WOLF-SF2.ZIP602018Mar 1 1993Wolfenstein 3-D and Street Fighter II mixed !.
WOLFSRC.ZIP576904Aug 5 1995Yes! Source code for Wolf3D from
WONLIU.ZIP115081Nov 28 1995A martial arts 2-d maze game. Help Master Won Liu escape from Dr. Chang's Dungeons. Shareware.
WOODSCHD.ZIP235423Nov 13 1995This is a windows program to calculate the proper amount of water to safely remove from wood while drying it in a dehumidify kiln.
WORDIA.EXE1117931Mar 29 1995Internet Assistant for Word! From Microsoft BBS.
WORDWEB.ZIP3887354Nov 7 1995WordWeb for Windows v1.5 - nice little thesaurus/dictionary from Princeton Univerity. Freeware.
WORLD!.ZIP238595Aug 12 1994Moraff's World, 3-D dungeon adventure game.
WORM1B1.ZIP11627Jul 20 1995A Reasonably Stable Wormhole program for Vga Planets. This program is uploaded by the author, who was unhappy with the instability of WORM31.ZIP. This is a Beta--No messages are sent-yet.
WORM1B2.ZIP32000Aug 1 1995FREEWARE wormhole generator for VGa PLANETS (STABLE).
WORM1B3.ZIP7668Aug 6 1995Third beta release of the freeware wormhole program for VGA PLANETS.
WORM1B4.ZIP31973Aug 15 1995Add wormholes to VGA planets. Races can now claim wormholes and charge tolls for their use by other races.
WORM1B4B.ZIP39271Aug 29 1995Freeware wormhole for VGA planets. NOW stable.
WOT.ZIP670093May 4 1995Wings of Thunder v1.0. Flight Simulator where you battle Mandroids. Complete Game, not a demo. Only $10 donation requested.
WP20B2.EXE815385Aug 24 1995Update Led Lasermaster Winprinter Drivers for Windows 95 (Beta).
WP6LAB.EXE23151Aug 10 1995*.LAB file for WP6.0 & 6.1 users that contains addt'l new prods from Avery incl Laser tags, Remove'Em laser labels, worksaver inserts & mini-sheets.
WPBETA2G.ZIP616070Jul 8 1995Beta update 2g for the VGA PLANETS windoes program.
WPCNV.EXE961373Sep 19 1995A self extracting file from microsoft that allows you to convert word perfect 6.0 and 6.1 files to msft word 6.0 (self extracting .exe archive).
WPIPZIP.EXE1720205May 31 1995Word Perfect Internet Publisher for Windows (for WP 6/Windows)--the.
WPSFW150.ZIP617655May 23 1995Work Place Shell for Windows 1.5, Gives Windows an OS/2 look and feel.
WPSWIN.ZIP521550May 17 1995IBM's freely distributable WorkPlace Shell for Windows [Program Manager replacement]. Works on Win 3.1 and up [3.11, WFW 3.11, etc.].
WRLDPH.ZIP670446Feb 9 1995World Philatelist v1.15a Organize your worldwide stamp collection with this mouse-driven inventory and identifier program. .
WRMKR_13.ZIP61930May 20 1994Wormholw utility for VGA PLANETS.
WRPIN112.ZIP24640Dec 19 1994OS/2 warp ver 3 installation tips and instructions.
WS302P.EXE1110780Aug 26 1995From Calera BBS. Maintenance upgrade for WordScan V3.0 to V3.02.
WSC-214E.ZIP543522Jan 11 1995McAffee for win 2/95.
WSC-215E.ZIP555481Feb 14 1995VirusScan 2.1.5 for Windows by McAfee.
WSC-216E.ZIP555443Feb 23 1995McAfee's Windows Virus Scan Utility Version 2.1.6e Downloaded from BBS.
WSC-220E.ZIP577642Mar 31 1995McAfee's virus scanner for Windows.
WSND.ZIP72397Jul 16 1994Allows you to call wave files via this DLL from your source code.
WSPING.ZIP55983Aug 23 1995Internet Ping program for Windows 95.
WSR5_0.ZIP502287May 20 1995WALL $TREET RAIDER v5.0 : The corporate takeover game and simulation-- the ultimate in gritty realism. It's a "real-time" stock market, with stock ticker and teletype as you react to a fluid economy, investing in any
WT2.ZIP29838Dec 31 1994Wad Tools version 2.0 direct from id software's FTP site! ( It edits WAD files from Doom, Doom 2, and Heretic. Imports/exports to BMP and LBM. Can also view frames one after another (animations).
WTRSPO.ZIP56238Aug 23 1995Water Sposts screen saver for Windows 95.
WTWSK10A.ZIP167601Jul 24 1995Trumpet for Windows is a Network News Reader for Microsoft Windows.
WV1160.EXE1422653Mar 29 1995Video for Windows v.1.1E.
WW1138.EXE41573Jan 9 1995Fixes the fault in Window's 3.11 calculator.
WWIV1.ZIP1788Jun 28 1995Text on setting up com programs with wwiv.
WWIVHACK.ZIP3414Sep 18 1995HOW your WWIV BBS CAN be hacked> important information.
WXPRS.ZIP1150048Nov 9 1994Word Processor for Windows.
WZIP60B.ZIP363965Jun 2 1995Winzip6.0 beta release for Win95. From
WZIPBT56.ZIP293292Jan 28 1995Beta version of updated WINZIP.
WZIPSE10.ZIP110982Feb 27 1995Make self-extracting ZIP files under Windows.
WZNT56.ZIP301397Jan 24 1995WinZip 5.6 w/built-in ZIP, TAR, compress and gzip for Windows NT and Windows 95.
XASM240.ZIP175653Oct 24 1994Assembler for microcontrollers 805x, 68xx, etc Dunfield Development Systems.
XCOM_NUM.TXT1085Oct 27 1995Quick reference chart of password numbers used for XCOM (speeds play).
XENOBL10.ZIP1526770May 10 1995XenoBall distributed by HomeBrew Software is an action puzzle game where you lay down different pieces of track which allows the player to finish a preset path. Requires: 536K RAM, VGA, mouse. Sound card optional. (v1.0)
XFILE.ZIP79260May 15 1995Low profile multifunctional desktop utility designed for Windows 3.1.
XLIB50.ZIP59715Jul 6 1995XMS/EMS library routines for TC++ [has file_id.diz].
XM198DOS.ZIP484396Feb 22 1995Xenia Mailer for DOS - Evaluation Version 1.98.
XPSW1.ZIP3105002Nov 16 1995EXTREME PINBALL 1.0: From Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes comes the next level in pinball. Features Ultra-Realistic table dimensions, arcade style scoreboard, multi-ball play and a new music and sound system. Req. 386-
XRAYOD.ZIP218401Sep 11 1994Windows-based util that traps the calls to the ODBC driver(s) in use. Let's you see what's "really" being sent to the driver.
XSUM11.ZIP34963Feb 8 1995Calculates 32-bit CRC.
XXX.ZIP127313Oct 1 1995Winapp.
YODA-FX.ZIP27500May 27 1995WWIV language file fix. Corrects error in BBS.STR.
YODA-STR.ZIP29029May 21 1995Yoda language strings for WWIV.
ZCOMEXE.ZIP230210Jun 29 1995Multiple modem protocols including kermit/zmodem.
ZILCH118.ZIP212047Jan 12 1995Zilch v1.18 - Uploaded by author. Zilch is a rapid debt repayment program. You enter the Name, APR, Balance & Payment for up to 30 creditors and Zilch does the rest. Zilch develops a repayment schedule that saves you th
ZOC203.ZIP542746Mar 1 1995OS/2 communications program, includes support for zmodem, multitasking and m,uch more...
ZOC2052.ZIP570360Jun 23 1995ZOC 2.052. Excellent fully featured com. application for OS/2.
ZORK3UHS.ZIP20212Jul 11 1995ZORK III: Universal Hint System file.
ZPRO218.ZIP441979Jan 26 1995ZIP'R Professional For DOS v2.18 - The Hard Disk Tripler For DOS.
ZPROW209.ZIP437874Jan 27 1995ZIP'R Professional For Windows v2.09 - The Hard Disk Tripler For Windows.
_CHESS.ZIP113810Mar 29 1993Chess Door game.