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A WP file of a role-playing game I have invented. It's great, harder than Basic D&D but less difficult than Advanced. Read the file README.TXT before starting, please, it's important.
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A WP file of a role-playing game I have invented. It’s great, harder than Basic D&D but less difficult than Advanced. Read the file README.TXT before starting, please, it’s important.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

This is a README I have made for this game. It includes help with the file,
aknowledgements, etc. First OFF: Did I spell "aknowledgments" right"?

Really, first I would like to thank the true heroes of the game, the good
friends who helped me made this game, supplying ideas, drawings
(even though you can't SEE them!), and other things. So far,
it is my good friend Mike Kreiple, an AD&D Dungeon Master with more
books of AD&D than you can count. He has even made his own campaign,
OCEANIA, a war-torn world where ethics, morals, and evil co-exist,
the Law has no meaning, and peace is dead. Nice place to live, huh?
I know you've read campaigns that say that, but I *REALLY* mean it...
even the "Police"(called Rangers here) visit whorehouses! It's
legal! Women have to do what men tell them to, and men can have 5 wives!

Second, my sister Beth who... um... well, she had a few ideas...

If you E-Mail me and give me Ideas, I'll put your name here, handle,
what you did, how great you are, etc.

Secondly, the RPG I made is in Word Perfect form... ya don't got
Word Perfect, you can't play.. sorry, it's just there are so many
things you can do on WP that you can't do in a text file.

FRET NOT!! If you want a copy, give the file to a friend with WP, or
if you can't, E-Mail me... I'll send you a copy. WARNING! There IS A
FEE!!! Sorry, but there are *23* pages of high quality paper, printed
from a Desk Jet printer, it's not cheap! But, don't worry, if you give
me a REALLY and I stress REALLY good idea I use that is a huge part of
the game, I'll give ya a free copy... The fee is 3.50, which is the
price of paper and stamps. YOU ARE LUCKY if I included the price of
ink, you would be poor. ONE LITTLE REFILL bottle if black ink about
1" long and 3" wide is 50 dollars! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! And if I
included the countless hours of typing, re-typing(I've gone and re-typed
the game file twice), changing messed up rules, play testing, converting,
studying(I went through tons of mythology books, a book called
The Bestiary, and a book called The Tolkien Bestiary), more typing,
revising, more play testing, falling asleep and dropping my head on the
keyboard... Man, my head pressed against it for 3 hours, and symbols all
across the screen like
gvlkklseanhqg;lemthlekrsjgl;sdfjkglsdfkj;lgdsfjg;ldsfjg;ldsfjkgl; vnehbv e
from keeping my head there... you won't BELIEVE how long it took me to
hold BACKSPACE to erase it all... and then, I stopped paying attention and
erased game info! So I used UNDO to undo it, and had to erase all the junk
again!!! Boy, I just realized how much this dslf'fs'l'vmv ewqtopi esqjqes v
WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED?! Oh.. sorry.. fell asleep at the board again...
It is right now 12:27 at night on Saturday, June '95... I had to put that...
Some day in the future I will look back and remember today... then again,
I may say "Saturday, June '95? What the h*** does that have to do with
anything?". Anyway... I'm just tryin' a' make you realize how much this
game is worth your measly 3.50. (MONEY ORDERS ONLY!!!)

I am making a BESTIARY with monsters, a book on religion and beliefs
in my RPG world, and Novel/Stories based on the game, not unlike
the popular "DRAGONLANCE" novels. The novels will be in .TXT form
so everyone can read them. They are just stories, so you don't need
to like or understand my RPG to enjoy them.

I know for a FACT I am writing the stories, but the only way I will
write the gaming books is if you help: If no one reads or plays my
game, what's the use! If you play, E-Mail me and tell me. If no one
does, then there is no use... Then again, if no one reads this stupid
README file, then I don't even need to do anything anyway!

So, the gaming things are up to you... But, since ANYONE can enjoy my
stories, I will be making them even if no one plays.

AGAIN if you even READ this file, E-MAIL me and tell me! I want to know
everyone who is interested! I have SECRET PLANS for it only YOU will know!
First one who E-Mails me get's a free copy even if they don't pay,
just for E-Mailing me, *and* they get thier name in the "Aknowlegments"
section! It's all worth it, right?

Last, I would like to scream in pain

I would also like to say the two greates bands/artist are
"Weird Al" Yankovic just eat it!
And The Beatles! I wish I had hair like them!

And last I would like to say I have the all-time coolest
smiley(emoticon for you fanatics!): $}8-)

IT R00LS!!! YESSS!!!

-The RA\/EN

Heheheh... you know me! You were smart enough to look down here! Congrats!
You knew I would sneak something in with no meaning(then again, this whole
README file has no meaning! So there!).
Thanks! Oops... then again, if you PRINTED this file, then you will
ALWAYS find this... oh well it still r00ls! Bye, for real.

Haha I lied again! I would like to take this moment to tell our viewers at
home my views on spam....

Okay, I swear, bye for real. See, I'm gonna put my tag to prove it:
By the way, it is now 12:43 in the morning.

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