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Paradox Win menu maker utility, written in ver 4.5, recompile for use in ver 5.0.
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Paradox Win menu maker utility, written in ver 4.5, recompile for use in ver 5.0.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Menumaker Utility - Final Version
Uploaded by: Arun Rao CIS Id# 73234,3175
This form is designed in Paradox for windows 4.5.
Recompile all forms and libraries if you are using ver 5.0

Do you find writing code to create menus and changing your menu structure
at a later date is boring and painful? Then Menu maker is a utility makes
this task a snap. You can change the menu structure as many times as you
wish, without spending hours changing each menu constant, addtext statements
in each part of your code:

A. Unzip to any directory and make it the working directory
for this session. Open Menustart.fsl.Select Pulldown or PopUp menu,
which ever one you want to create.
B. Type your menu structure in the tables- Items in main menu bar in
the master and related dropDown menu items in the detail.
c. Select "Create" from pulldown menu item "Menu".(Use pulldown items to
set up a new menu table, create form with your menu and review code
generated in a text file. Use buttons or menu items to design your menu)

The utility writes the menu building and menu action code for you,assigns
Menu constants and loads the code,necessary variables and constants into a
form and displays your custom menu. You can build your uiObjects on this
form or cut and paste the code to your form ( to other methods if you wish)
or to a library. All you do is specify your procedures for menu actions
against the switch statements already written to the menuAction method.

When you see the form with your custom menu, go to design mode to review
the methods loaded. Methods are loaded at form level.


*You can Create both Pulldown and PopUp menus without
any OPAL writing code
*Can add separator , Break or Bar to your menus
*Can insert an item before another , without affecting
the logical order of menuId constants.
*Can delete menu items any time.
*Can review the code,variables, constants
*Specify any menuChoice attribute or Static Text
*Go back and forth between pulldown menu maker,popUp maker and the menutemp.fsl( created)form with custom menu.


Additionally, you can also review the code in the text files stored to
your PRIV directory, delete when not needed. Your system should have Windows
Note Pad.

Simple Rules to follow in naming your menu items :

1.BackSlash in a name should be typed as "\\" (two of them).Pdox interprets
the first backslash as an escape character and reads the second as literal
backSlash.So it displays only one backslash on the menu.

2. Quotes (" ") are not acceptable in names.

Your comments will be highly appreciated. Code is not heavily commented.
I did provide comments to a large extent but pls feel free to EMail me if
you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks.

Please send a check for $0.00 to:

Arun Rao

CIS ID#: 73234,3175


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