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VGA PLANETS sim modification program. Allows realistic simulations.

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Karl Eric Beisel presents:
Pro /\/
/\/ Sim
Enhancement for the VGA Planets Combat
Simulator, SIM. Gives you the ability to
factor in damaged ships and reduced crews,
as well as support for the Host 3.1 Engine
Tech Shield Boost feature. Greatly im-
proves the accuracy of combat simulations.
Requires VGA Planets 3.0 and SIM.EXE.

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VGA PLANETS sim modification program. Allows realistic simulations.
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Pro /\/
/\/ Sim

Combat Simulator Enhancement for
VGA Planets 3.0

Copyright (C) 1994

Karl Eric Beisel

- Version 1.0 -

What is Pro Sim?
I created Pro Sim because I felt the current VGA Planets Combat Simulator
program, SIM, was not completely accurate due to the newest changes in the
game starting with Host version 3.1. Most important was the addition of
engine tech shields boosts, in which gave ships additional shields and armor
based on the cost of the engine it was equiped with. I also had the need to
run simulations against damaged ships, something that SIM also is incapable
of. I had been using a hex editor and a calculator to customize the ship
masses for simulation tests, but that became tedious, so I wrote Pro Sim.

Pro Sim is an enhancement for SIM that gives it the two features mentioned
above: Engine Tech Boosts, and Damaged Ships. As a result, you will achieve
much more accurate simulations.

Easy Setup
Copy PROSIM.EXE to your main VGA Planets directory. This is the directory
that holds PLANETS.EXE. You must also have a copy of SIM.EXE in the same
directory (If you don't have SIM.EXE, see below to find out where you can
get a copy). To run Pro Sim, type:

PROSIM /N, where N is a number between 0 and 100 that specifies
the engine tech boost percent. This value is set by
the Host using HCONFIG.

Typing PROSIM by itself defaults to 0% engine tech


PROSIM /100 : Sets engine tech boost to 100%
PROSIM /25 : Sets engine tech boost to 25%
PROSIM : Sets engine tech boost to 0% (disabled)

For more information on Engine Tech Boosts, see documentation for Host
version 3.1.

The first time you run Pro Sim, it will ask you if you wish to modify SIM.EXE
to work with the program. You must answer yes to the prompt for Pro Sim to
work properly. This is a precautionary measure for those who may have have
a different version. Pro Sim only works with SIM.EXE dated 5-22-93. If
you have a different version, Pro Sim probably won't work. Otherwise,
Pro Sim will copy SIM.EXE to a backup file, SIM.BAK, before any modification
takes place. If it does not work correctly afterwards, you can restore the
original SIM.EXE from the backup file.

Running Pro Sim
Pro Sim gives you the option of choosing the engine type, damage percent, and
crew aboard any of the VGA Planets hull types. Use the arrow and tab keys
to move between fields and select the appropriate values. When you have
configured the battle as you want it, press to run SIM. You can only
select between the ships that you configured with Pro Sim. The remaining
ship stats are blank. When you have finished viewing the outcome of the
battle, pressing will return you to Pro Sim, where you can configure
more battles.

Pro Sim tricks SIM by calculating new hull masses for ships based on what
you select from Pro Sim. Note that the "Damage" displayed in SIM is not the
same as Damage in Pro Sim, but the overall hull mass is such that it has the
same effect as though "Damage" in Pro Sim was exactly the same as "Damage"
in SIM. Crew, however, is readily visible in both SIM and Pro Sim.

How to Obtain SIM.EXE
You can download SIM.ZIP from either my BBS, (703) 491-2272, or
The Tim Contiuum (209) 877-4921.

Pro Sim is a cheesy little program, so I don't expect any money for using it,
but I must insist that all files in the original archive remain intact. If
you wish, you may send a $5 donation so I can continue my programming
efforts, which includes the ultimate gamer's utility for playing VGA Planets,
The VGA War Room, due in February. Other than that, I hope you enjoy
Pro Sim!

How to Contact Me
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please leave me e-mail
at one of the following addresses:

BBS: (703) 491-2272 (Karl Beisel, user #1)
Internet: [email protected]
Compuserve: 73223,612

VGA Planets and Sim are trademarks of Tim Wisseman.
Pro Sim (C) 1994 Karl Eric Beisel.

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