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Gold Wave Version 3.0 - Full featured Windows Wave Editor.
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Gold Wave Version 3.0 – Full featured Windows Wave Editor.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

## ### ########
## G o l d W a v e ## ## v3.02 ##
## ## ## ##
## ### ## *** ## ## *****
## ## ## ## ## ##
## ## ## ## ## ##
### ### ### ***** TM

Table of Contents

1.0 GoldWave Features
2.0 Installation, Uninstall
3.0 Important Additional Notes
4.0 Shareware, Copyright & Distribution, Warranty
5.0 Contacting the Author
6.0 Statistics

1.0 GoldWave Features

GoldWave is sound editor, player, recorder, and converter
for MS-Windows.

* Supports all MPC sound cards (SB, SB16, PAS16, GUS, ...)
* Native 8-bit or 16-bit stereo editing
* Configurable storage: direct to disk or RAM
* Opens huge files in a 'flash'
* Multiple resizable sound windows with time axis and
"Overview" box.
* Independent left/right channel editing and viewing
* Detailed zoom to magnify to a sub-sample level for extra
accurate editing
* Direct editing with the mouse
* Standard editing functions: undo, cut, copy, paste,
trim, mix, delete
* Intelligent editing that automatically converts
sampling rates, bits, and channels when copying and
pasting to different file formats
* Tool Bars for editing, zooming, opening files, and effects
* Over 40 bitmapped buttons
* Status bar with configurable time and range displays
* Standard effects: echo, volume, reverse, envelope shaping,
panning, filters, resample, transpose, doppler, distortion,
noise gate, mechanize, flange, and more...
* Ability to save paramaters and shapes for effects
* Detached and resizable Device Controls window with
dual oscilloscopes, LED meters, and controls
* Play, pause, stop, rewind, fast forward, record, volume,
balance, and speed controls
* Realtime playback during rewind and fast forward
* Realtime amplitude, spectrum, spectrum bar, or
spectrogram oscilloscopes
* Flexibility to choose input/output devices
* User configurable play control
* Built in support for WAV, VOC, IFF, AIF, AFC, AU, SND,
MAT as well as the ability to open RAW files as
8-bit, 12-bit , 16-bit, mu-Law, A-Law, and IEEE
floating point
* Ability to set and describe reference/cue points
* Expression evaluator for any type of sound generation
and manipulation
* CD-ROM controls for playing audio CDs
* Complete on-line help
* Shareware, with NO FEATURES DISABLED!

2.0 Installation, Uninstall

2.1) Installation

Use Program Manager to create a new icon for GoldWave.

Copy the following files to your WINDOWS directory:

Search your system for the file BWCC.DLL. If you find any
copies, check the date. If the BWCC.DLL file included with
GoldWave is newer, replace all old copies with the one
included with GoldWave. You should restart Windows to remove
any old copies from memory.

2.2) Uninstall

Delete the following files from your WINDOWS directory:
Other files are listed in section 4.0.

Generally, BWCC.DLL should not be deleted from the
WINDOWSS\SYSTEM directory as it may be required by other

3.0 Important Additional Notes

3.1) GoldWave requires a minimum of a 386 processor. A 486
processor is recommended.

3.2) VOC files are saved using version 1.20 format.
GoldWave will only use the older VOC format if the sound
is mono 8-bit with a sampling rate less than 23000Hz.
If a VOC file saved by GoldWave becomes incompatible with
your Sound Blaster driver:
1)Open the file in GoldWave
2)Make sure the sampling rate is less than 23000Hz.
If it is not, use Effects | Resample to convert
to a lower sampling rate.
3)Use File | Save as to save the file as mono unsigned
8-bit VOC.
If possible, you should get a copy of the latest Sound
Blaster drivers (

3.3) GoldWave now makes use of more of the RIFF WAVE
standard file format. New chunks such as the 'cue ' and
LIST 'adtl' are included to store cue points. These chunks
are stored at the end of the WAVE file to minimize problems
with some programs that do not correctly read/ignore WAVE
chunks. Cues are stored only in Wave files. If you
encounter problems with other programs, report the problem
to the developers of the other program.

3.4) In RAM storage mode, the largest file you can open
depends upon how much RAM you have for Windows. This does
not include virtual memory. Use Hard disk mode when
editing large files (Options | File).

3.5) Colour configuration has been removed temporarily.
It will be reintroduced in a future version.

3.6) In order to get the scope working correctly, you might
have to change the positioning method in the Device Setup
dialog box.

3.7) GoldWave includes a recent version of BWCC.DLL
from Borland. GoldWave checks for this version of BWCC.DLL
(or a newer one). If you get an error message, you should
delete any older copies of BWCC.DLL or replace them with the
one included with GoldWave. You may have to restart Windows
to remove the older BWCC.DLL from memory. Only one copy of
BWCC.DLL is needed and should be kept in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM

3.8) If GoldWave crashes during playback or recording,
contact your sound card manufacturer to obtain an updated
driver. Some drivers are available from the World Wide Web.
The GoldWave WWW home page has links to some sound card

3.9) Updates for GoldWave can be downloaded from the GoldWave
WWW home page:

4.0 Shareware, Copyright & Distribution, Warranty

4.1 Shareware
GoldWave is a shareware program. To register and encourage
further development, please follow the directions in the
ORDER.TXT or ORDER.WRI file included with this program.

4.2 Copyright & Distribution
GoldWave v3.02 ("the package") includes the following software
and documentation:
GOLDWAVE.EXEGoldWave application file
EXPRESS.EQXEvaluator expressions
GWPRESET.INI Effects presets and shapes
ORDER.WRIOrder form (in Write format)
ORDER.TXTOrder form (in ASCII text format)
README.TXTImportant notes/information
WHATSNEW.TXTA list of new features
BWCC.DLLBorland's Windows control library

The package is copyright (C) 1993-1995 by Chris S. Craig.

You may copy and distribute the package through BBS and ftp
sites. Only the unmodified "zipped" file may be distributed
or copied.
You are prohibited from:
charging a fee or requesting donations for the package;
distributing/including the package in commercial products;
modifying the package.

The package may be distributed on CD-ROM in the case where ftp
sites issue CD-ROMs of their collections. This includes
SimTel, Garbo, Sound Site, CICA, and other similar large

All trademarks/registered names acknowledged.

4.3 Warranty
The package is provided as is, without warranty of any kind.
The author shall not be liable for damages of any kind. Use
of this software indicates you agree to this.

5.0 Contacting the Author

E-mail: [email protected]
Please refer to the on-line help for further information.

6.0 Statistics

Version 3.00 Statistics
Compilier:Borland 4.5, C++
Environment: Microsoft Windows 3.1
System:90MHz Pentium
Total hours:2418

Source code:
Bytes:682991(~30000 lines)

Documentation (in bytes):

Version 2.10 Statistics
Compilier:Borland 3.1, C++
Environment: Microsoft Windows 3.1
System:20MHz 386
Total hours:1428

Source code (in bytes):
Total828344(~30000 lines)

Documentation (in bytes):

Version 2.00 Statistics
Compilier:Borland 3.1
Environment: Microsoft Windows 3.1
System:a slow 20MHz, 386
Total hours:1266

Source code (in bytes):
*.H 76850
Total718641(~26000 lines)

Documentation (in bytes):

Version 1.00 Statistics
Language: C++
Environment: Microsoft Windows
Hours required: 657

Source code (in bytes):
*.H 48037
Total433407(~15000 lines)

Documentation (in bytes):


Chris Craig
[email protected]

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