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Web Weaver is an editor-like program which facilitates the coding of HTML documents and pages for the World Wide Web.
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Web Weaver is an editor-like program which facilitates the coding of HTML documents and pages for the World Wide Web.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Web Weaver 2.0 Full Unregistered version
Copyright 1995 by Mark McConnell

Web Weaver is an editor-like program which facilitates the coding of HTML documents and pages for the World Wide Web. Toolbar buttons and dialog boxes make it easier to create the code that links your text and graphics to the rest of the world.

This program is SHAREWARE. That means that it costs $8 (U.S.) to register and use it rightfully. The user can evaluate this software for 21 days to determine its usefulness and whether or not to send payment to fund future development of this and other products. Distribute this unregistered version freely. This version (2.0) is the "full" version of Web Weaver. It contains the following main features:

- Easy hypertext creation (linking text to URLs, images, sounds, etc.)
- Easy inline image creation (linkable to external images, URLs, etc.)
- Easy Anchor creation
- Easy List creation (Bulleted, Numbered, Descriptive)
- Easy Address information creation.
- Helpful buttons for common tasks (bold, italics, headers,

, etc.)
- Help files are not included (yet).
- Eventually I'd like to include a viewer so you can see what your coded document will look like.
- More HTML features will be added in later versions.
- In this unregistered version, the registration/introduction screen pops up in the beginning to let you know that the product is for evaluation only (until it is registered and paid for.)
-Also in this unregistered version, after you save the document you have been working on, a message is tagged on the end of the document.
Neither of these nuisances are included in the registered version.

Put the file WEBWEAV2.EXE into any directory.
Put the files CMDIALOG.VBX, THREED.VBX, and VBRUN300.DLL into your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. If VBRUN300.DLL is not included in this zipped file, then it is because the FTP site has copies of it for you to download. They have asked me not to include it.
Run WEBWEAV2.EXE from Windows and you are ready to go.

Open the file REGISTER.WRI in Windows Write and print out the registration form. Fill out the form and send it along with $8 (U.S.) made payable to Mark McConnell in the form of a check or money order to the address at the bottom of the form. Those Registering from foreign countries can send cash (US$) or some kind of payment that won't cost me an arm and a leg to deposit (some foreign checks cost $20 to cash). I am not responsible for cash lost in the mail, though. Seal it in a security envelope so no one can see the cash inside. The $8 fee will license ONE copy for use on ONE computer at any ONE time. Specify whether you wish me to email the program to you. It's much faster!

You will receive a full legal, registered copy of the software. If I have updated the program by the time I get your request then I will send you the most current version I have. I will mail it to the address noted on your registration form. Also, you will receive any subsequent versions or software updates, a license to use the software legally, help files, written documentation, and free technical support via email.


IMPORTANT!!! When opening an existing HTML file that was downloaded from your UNIX system, the carriage returns may not be recognized. Open the file in Notepad first, save it, then open it in Web Weaver.

The program is relatively straightforward. Creating HTML elements is simple. For example, suppose you want to bold a certain word/phrase in the HTML document. Just select the word/phrase to be bolded with the cursor and click on the BOLD button. This will place the HTML bold symbols around the text you have selected:

Text or phrase here.

OR, you can begin by clicking the bold button. This will place both beginning and ending HTML bold symbols at the insertion point in the document and the cursor will be placed in between them so you can begin typing the phrase you wish to have bolded.

Most of the other formating commands work the same way.

Paragraph and Horizontal Rule commands place the respective HTML symbol on the screen and then perform a carriage return to the next line.

Inserting graphics and Hyperext are self explanatory.
Methods of inserting Anchors and Lists are explained on their respective dialog boxes.
Cut/Copy/Paste are standard.

Mark McConnell is a structural engineering grad student at Tufts University in Medford, MA (in the Boston area). I like photography, food, and programming on the side.

If you have any comments, suggestions, bugs, etc. please email them to me at

[email protected]

I would be glad to hear them.

Check out the Tufts Home Page on the Web at
and my home page at

Mail Registration form and checks to:

Mark McConnell
32 Ossipee Road
Somerville, MA 02144

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