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The Ultimate Anti Virus Protection - Invircible - English. Anti.

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The Ultimate Anti Virus Protection -
Invircible - English. Anti virus suit,
Generic Integrity Check & Restoration,
ResQdisk Recovery Toolkit

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The Ultimate Anti Virus Protection – Invircible – English. Anti.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The Ultimate Anti Virus Protection -
Invircible - English. Anti virus suit,
Generic Integrity Check & Restoration,
ResQdisk Recovery Toolkit
InVircible Disaster Recovery and Anti-Virus Protection Suit

Files List:
This package should contain the following files:

IVINIT.EXE boot time integrity check.
IVTEST.EXE virus activity probe and sampler.
IVMENU.EXE main menu shell.
INSTALL.EXE installation and licensing utility.
IVB.EXE on-line file integrity checker and file restoration.
IVX.EXE viral-code analyzer and hyper-correlator.
RESQDISK.EXE boot block maintenance and recovery utility.
IVSCAN.EXE virus scanner and remover.
IVHELP.EXE hypertext file viewer.
IVLOGIN.EXE auto-installation from server to workstations.
IVHELP.H! hypertext data file, compressed text.
IV.PIF command file for Windows.
IV.ICO InVircible's icon to use in Windows.
IVB.NTZ authentication signatures of the *.EXE files.
FILE_ID.DIZ ID for bulletin board systems.
AGENTS.LST List of Agents.
README.1ST this text file. News about the last improvements.
HISTORY.TXT List of past improvements.

A Quick Starter
Open the package into a floppy in either drive A or B, or into a dedicated
directory on the hard drive, preferably C:\IV. Login to the floppy drive, or
into the directory on the HD and run INSTALL/FAST. InVircible will install
itself with the default settings in directory C:\IV. A search path to C:\IV
will be added in the AUTOEXEC as well as the commands IVINIT and IVB DAILY.
InVircible will run these test on subsequent bootings.

It is highly recommended to prepare a ResQdiskette immediately after the
installation of InVircible. Insert a formatted floppy (720K/1.2M or 1.44M)
in drive A, go to InVircible's directory and run INSTALL/R. A search path
should exist to the SYS.COM file (usually in the C:\DOS directory).

Other than plain / standard configurations: If your computer requires
special drivers in order to recognize a hard drive or partition at boot, or
if you have difficulties in making the rescue diskette then proceed as
follows. Format a bootable floppy in drive A, copy the necessary drivers,
create and edit a CONFIG.SYS file on the floppy, and copy the IV files to
the floppy. Now log to drive A and run INSTALL/R. The following drivers will
be recognized by IV's rescue disk procedure: DoubleSpace, Stacker and Disk
Manager (if present in the config.sys).

For quick familiarization run IVMENU and press F1 to open the on-line
hypertext help.

Freeware version and Licensing
InVircible in its Sentry mode is freeware to the private user, and may be
used at no charge, provided the PC on which InVircible is installed does
not serve for business or profit.

The recovery functions of InVircible are NOT available in the Sentry mode
and are enabled only after licensing your copy of the software, or
purchasing a licensed copy. There is one exception, though. The disaster
recovery functions of the InVircible ResQdiskette are fully operational in
the Sentry mode too.

The IV Armor (copyright and patent pending) passive protection is enabled
only after licensing your copy of IV.

Businesses, corporate, administration and institutional users are accorded
a 30 day "try before you buy" evaluation period. After which they are
requested either to purchase a site license to continue using InVircible,
or remove all copies of InVircible, sentry included, from their computers
and network servers.

Downloading InVircible from the Internet
InVircible is regularly uploaded by the author for ftp through the Internet.
The main InVircible site on the Internet for anonymous ftp is The author's ftp is

For InVircible support you can e-mail to [email protected]

The current version is identified in the file name, e.g. INVB601A.ZIP is
version 6.01 revision A.

The manual, in both plain ASCII text and in Windows Word 6 format is
available from the same hosts. Look for IVMANUAL.ZIP.

For more details run IVHELP. It will open the full featured hypertext
on-line help.

Copyright Notice.
InVircible, ResQdisk and IVA (c) 1990-95 are the copyright of Zvi Netiv
and NetZ Computing Ltd., Israel, all rights reserved.

IVA is patent pending to Zvi Netiv, NetZ Computing Limited.

The author can be reached by e-mail to [email protected]

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