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Front door 2.2 update. file 2 of 2.
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Front door 2.2 update. file 2 of 2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
-FILES.LST 1597 676 deflated
FD.EXE 49933 49234 deflated
FDNC.EXE 45900 45281 deflated
FDSETUP.EXE 69984 69358 deflated
NEWS.220 9191 3555 deflated
PATCH.EXE 78129 44624 deflated
PCP.DAT 77468 15288 deflated
PCP.SCR 4164 1629 deflated
README.FD 19718 6158 deflated
TECHREF.FD 47382 13788 deflated
UPDTO220.DOC 1414 622 deflated
UPDTO220.EXE 11579 11376 deflated

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Contents of the UPDTO220.DOC file

File....: UPDTO220.DOC
Date....: 93-06-11
Re......: Manual update of FrontDoor 2.10 to FrontDoor 2.20

Before you run the program, copy TERMPHON.FD, SETUP.FD, and ROUTE*.FD
from the FrontDoor SYSTEM directory to another directory. In the event
of an error, simply copy the files back again.

UPDTO220.EXE must be invoked to convert some of the FrontDoor 2.10
system files to the format used by FrontDoor 2.20. It will search for
SETUP.FD in the directory pointed to by the FD environment variable.
If it is not set, the program will search for SETUP.FD in the current

The program will convert some fields in SETUP.FD, convert TERMPHON.FD
in the FrontDoor SYSTEM directory to the new format used by 2.20, and
finally process all ROUTE*.FD files it can find in the SYSTEM

The program will insert a % character in front of all nodelist flags
found in the ROUTE*.FD files. It will preserve comments and empty
lines. It will not attempt to convert nodelist flags that are already
prefixed with the % character.

Make sure you read the README.FD and TECHREF.FD files before you start
using FrontDoor 2.20.


Absolute Solutions

Copyright 1993 Joaquim Homrighausen; All rights reserved.


// end of file "updto220.doc"

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