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Simulator for Dallas C320 microcontroller.
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Simulator for Dallas C320 microcontroller.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This directory contains a "demonstration" version of EMILY320, which is
an 80C320 simulator/emulator from Dunfield Development Systems.

This demo version is is fully functional, except that it does not provide
support for the hardware emulation or serial redirection options, and will
not load more than 1K of code at a time (You can load a larger program if
you break it up into files of less than 1K each). Also, the EMSETUP program
for customizing EMILY and MONICA is not supported. See the file EMILY320.DOC
for information on using the simulator.

When ordering EMILY320, you will also receive MONICA320, a PC hosted debugger
with the same user interface as EMILY. MONICA interfaces to the target system
using the same kernal as EMILY, however instead of simulating, MONICA
downloads your code to the target system, and runs it on the actual 80C320
CPU. Since both EMILY and MONICA have the same user interface, and interface
to the same kernal program, you can easily switch back and forth, using
whichever program is best suited to the debugging at hand.

See our CATALOG file included on your distribution diskette for ordering


The first time you run the demo program, it will create within itself
a "signature" which identifies your system and date of first execution.
This will take approx. 10 seconds, and will occor only the first time
you run the program. After that, the DEMO will function normally for a
30 day trial period, after which it will cease to work.

To insure that the signature will work correctly, you must always
install the ORIGINAL files from our distribution archive. If the file
content, attributes or date/time stamp have been altered, the DEMO may
not be able to initialize itself.

Should the program report that the signature is invalid, even when you
have just installed it, it may believe that your system clock has been
tampered with. The most likely cause of this is that it has noticed a
file on your system with a datestamp which is LATER than the current
date (as reported by the DOS clock). Check that your clock is set
correctly, and that your files have correct dates, then re-install our
ORIGINAL archive. A copy of the program that has already been in use
on another system will NOT work!

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